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Our Last hope (can be set to Led Zeppelin's Achille's Last Stand)
Posted By: John Gurule, Jr.<d3jsgurule@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 December 2004, 5:54 AM

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In the early morning,
Our friends lie dead in the wake
And as I turned around, there we smiled again
Just for smiling's sake.

Oh, as the smoke surrounds, we are left to contemplate
Oh, the sights that day, and the ruling of our fate.

Sending off with a hiss, starting with a bang
Below, the Earth, a jewel in mist,
Was waiting for its day

Oh, to fail that day, To leave the land in war's decay,
The thought destroys my dreams, the thought inside kills the way.

Into Hell, to and forth, we met our foe and swept their course
The peices of Halo's ring, fell with them and quaked.

Oh, the cleansing wind, the fire that was to come again
On to turn that cloud, death dealing as I fought aloud

To seek him out through the burning sand, I stood alone
Without the guidance of the sword, none to die except for me

The fight went on and we went on, one way to shoot or search, Far away and distant, command now has no role

Oh, our loving God, so my path to you remains
With pain and death, so one day to rise again

They keep coming and never stop coming, I can't rest again
Untill my task is done, and so sets the sun.

Untill my task is done, and then sets the sun.

There is no way there is no way there is no way,
there is no way there is no way there is no way.

Oh, I'll keep on fighting, untill my task is done.


The end.