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The Little Library of Horrors
Posted By: John Gurule, Jr.<d3jsgurule@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 November 2004, 6:44 AM

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My own little tribute to the giant venus-flytrap-looking thing in Halo 2. Imagine it being sung in a Broadway show.

I've killed elites, I've killed Prophets
Shot Flood eyes from their sockets,
even killed my ooowwwn,
But nothing really scared me
Not even contrary
Like the big giant plaaant.
Call him what you like but he'll prophesize
Even with his size he's still the braaaaiiiiin,
Your destiny awaits you
The Fates congregate you,
you Arbiter and IIIIIIIIII.
Stop the key from turning?
I hope you are learning
Not to piss off something twice your siiiiiiiiiiiiiizze
'Cause even your hatred
for me and the sacred
Prophets will not save you
Frooooom yooooooooouuuur FAAAAAAAAAATTTE!