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A Last Stand
Posted By: John Gurule, Jr.<d3jsgurule@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 October 2004, 4:15 AM

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There is no reason for reason,
no where or why.
They sound their trumpets with hatred and fear,
redeeming their sins for another crime.
Blood of the innocent is strewn,
We cry.
Lamb will be sacrificed, our blood for its
Our tears and sweat for this?
I fell at his feet as dead,
he lifted my head.
Risen again, our faith renewed
the tattered remains of our life
below us.
The Seven signs risen on high,
we march for the blood of the new.
The keys of Heaven and Hell
life and death
pure and corrupt
through his blood we are anew.
Through his eyes we see the 7ru7h.