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Chapter 1& 2
Posted By: Jin1<jjevans@verizon.net>
Date: 24 April 2004, 9:39 PM

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Title: Alcatraz
Author: Jin1

Chapter 1: "Get up, scum!!" Shouted a guard as he walked past the multiple cells in building AB, cells numbers 300-450.

The prisoners awoke from their 4-hour rest, while some just stayed in bed enjoying what was left of their miserable and pathetic lives. "Joe, wake up guards coming around..."

The lump under the blanket twisted and turned, then climbed out of the cot. The man yawned and then smiled. "Will, why didn't you wake me up later..."

"Shut up, get ready the guards coming around for their annual check." Snapped the man named Will. "If I didn't wake you, you would be on mop duty again for the fifth time in a row."

William K. Pierce was an old marine, and one of the most inspirational fighter pilots in his time, he was a black hair man, tall with dark brown eyes. Alcatraz was his new home after he crashed his Longsword fighter into a UNMF (United Nation Military Forces) building, surprisingly he survived and after four weeks in coma he awoke and the military court transferred him to Alcatraz.

On the other hand was Private Canis 'Joe' Major was a Rebel activist, more like a terrorist I should say, he was a dark man his blue eyes and his brown hairs did not make him look like he was tough, but he is hard as nails. He was sent to the planet after he tried to plant a hazard tactical nuke in Sydney Australia, the UNMF head quarters, but he failed after one of his allies told the authorizes, but most of the files regarding the incident were lost, so now he calls the planet of fear home, for life.

Joe yawned widely. "You know who are not worthless after all... you can be helpful."

Pierce sighed. "A little? You must be on something because without me, you'd be guard food."

Before Major could get another word in a guard appeared in front of the bars, disrupting the evenly casted shadows of the bars. "Pierce. Major. Shut up in there you can wake up the dead with your chatting." The guard lightly kicked one of the two-inch titanium bars letting the noise ring out.

The guard stepped back and continued on his rounds of the cells of the building. Building AB was light lockup for the weaker and more petty criminals, but really it didn't matter all the inmates were treated the same, two people to a cell. Three meals a day, a shower a day, a bunk beds in the cell and that was what the criminals called life.

"Well that was close," Joe smiled as he began to climb back to the top bunk.

Will slumped onto the bottom bunk. "You got that right..."

"Well at least it will be five minutes before they open the gates and let us go to breakfast," Joe said. "And then the whole day at the metal yards..."

"The metal yards... working in the thick clothing next to metal iron...." Pierce gives a fake smile.

Joe grunted in disapproval. "Other than being help full, you can be extremely annoying."

Before Will could respond, the jail doors slid opened, releasing hundreds of inmates into the cramp and crowed hallways of building AB.

Chapter 2: "Releasing prisoners... now..." There was a slight pause. "All cells have been emptied... Closing cell gates." Guard 112, Jane Williams turned from the small screen that lay in front of here and turned to the other 4 guards in the room. "This system is soooo out of date."

Jane Williams was working the guards at Alcatraz for three months; she was a short skinny person, a long face, and a pointy nose. Smart, but constantly complaining about the jail's standards, making her one of the most unpopular people at the jail.

"We don't get much funding you know..." Replied a security guard with a deep voice. "We only got $two hundred thousand dollars, this year, and the year before that we go three hundred thousand. Most of the cash is going to the war helping to fight the rebels." The man sighed. "Well as long as that outdated system keeps those men in the jail... I'm happy."

Jane rolled her eyes. "Its still not right that they only give us a outdated system."

"Well you'll survive," The man said, he was guard 001, Cleveland Russ. A muscular black man with a calm and clear attitude. Mostly cheerful unless it came to his job, which he ran the inmates like slaves. He was promoted twice but still wore the standard issue uniform, a pure blue shirt that read UNSC GUARDS and then bore the symbol on the back a bald eagle with a olive branch in one talon and seven arrows in the other. On the right arm bore the Latin words of semper eripio, Always Free.

Williams rolled her eyes and turned back towards the screen, watching the hundreds of inmates make their way down the hallway to the cafeteria. Will Pierce walked down the crowed lines to the breakfast counter, guards lined the sides of the room with the outdated, way outdated, AK-47s. None of them loaded with stun rounds however but everyone had live shredder rounds, enough to kill an inmate in two shots.

He grabbed a tray and walked to one of the may crowed tables, and saw Joe eating his breakfast as fast as possible and the he glanced at Will's plate. "Well it looks like you got the international breakfast..."
He then looks at Will. "Are you going to eat that?"

Will frowns. "Knock yourself out..."

Major grabs the food and instantly starts to gulp it down. "Well any way for the exchange of food, I'll give you something in return, the latest news and a pack of the wardens cigars..." Joe gives a wide grin as he hands Will the box.

"How in the hell did you get these?" Will asked shocked. "The warden pays fifty credits for one box!"

"I have connections..." Joe says. "But back to the news, anyway I've heard that the warden is trying to hide the disappearance of two guards when they went on patrol."

Will wasn't paying attention, he was still looking inside the cigar box. Joe sighs and starts back to his eating.