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Ode Tae Bungie
Posted By: Jillybean
Date: 3 December 2004, 12:28 PM

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Author: Jillybean

Ode Tae Bungie

Like a swaddlin bairn
Ah, ma mammy'd dae her nut
If she saw me like this

That's naw ma braw lass,
She'd say
And skelp me roon' the heid
Ah'd deserve it tae

Outtae ammo,
For christ's sake
An auld snipey heid up there
Jes' waitin' for ma surrender

A dinnae think so
Onwards! Upwards!
Righ' up and awa'!

Respawn in seven seconds
Aw ma mammy'll dae her nut
Wis ma job tae guard yon flag
Noo she's on her ain

Aye, and thankin yous Bungie
Tha's another family fallout
Sae whit, ma sister's sportin'
Wan rare shiner

Game stats
She won, ah lost
Family fun,
Frae Bungie

Authors Notes: Should it be poets notes? Anyway, that's for the Ode to Bungie competition Junk Yard are running. I'm posting it here so you may all see and revel in its crapness.

It's in a Scottish/Glaswegian/Highland dialect, so if you don't understand it - hey, it's all good.

Em - nothing much else to say really. Stuntmutt's is better