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Godsend ~ Prologue
Posted By: Jillybean<jbean_gotmuse@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 28 January 2005, 12:23 AM

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Author: Jillybean
AN: Ahh!!! Forgive me!


P7X-241 Military Calendar 24:09:1201 Second Age of Discovery

"What is it?" Expedition Leader Sol 'Ganamoss stepped backwards, regarding the object they had unearthed.
       The Unggoy tugged on the ropes, squealing at the exertion. Their thick, paw-like feet feet sliding in the dirt.
       It rose from the ground, blocking out the low sun for only a moment, before, like an eclipse, the light flared from behind the arch.
       'Ganamoss stared, all of his jaws slack.

P3X-107 Covenant Homeworld Solitary Star Military Calendar 01:01:1202 Second Age of Discovery

The Prophet Hierarchs stepped aside to allow the congregation their first proper look at the Sacred Ring.
       "These," and Noble Mercy sounded awed, "we shall find seven Sacred Rings in our galaxy. We must not rest until we find them."
       He stepped closer, reaching out to touch one of the revered symbols. "Our Great Journey hasn't even begun . . .

Covenant Research Facility, Deep Space Military Calendar 17:06:1352 Age of Conversion

Hoa peeked through the door to his friends lab, and sighed explosively. He swept his palm over the lock, waiting for the door to hiss open.
       "Wake up!" He banged his fist on the desk and laughed as Kay 'Arumoss leapt to consciousness.
       "Hoa . . ."
       "Kay . . ." he mimicked. Taking pity on his colleague, he headed for the bottle of rymash sitting on the countertop. "Drink?"
       "Please," Kay rubbed his mandibles, yawning. "I thought I'd cracked it."
       "Oh no," Hoa laughed again. He brought his friend the warm beverage and glanced up at the Sacred Ring. It sat, casting a shadow over the lab with an air that was almost mocking. "Still chasing after your theory?"
       "Still," Kay said wryly. He stared up at the circle that had fascinated him since he was a Hatchling. "Thirty nine symbols. Nine chevrons. I can make it spin, I can make it light up . . ." he stood, crossing over to the metal. "Why can't I make you talk?"
       Hoa shook his mandibles. "Maybe you should try asking."
       "Oh, she's stubborn, all right." Kay yawned again, stretching his neck. "I'm sure it's co-ordinates, I'm sure it is Hoa. But I'm missing something."
       "Common sense," Hoa muttered.

P7X-241 Military Calendar 12:03:1905 Age of Conversion

"Priestess, what's that?"
       The Priestess glanced at the Hatchling, then followed the finger it pointed to the stars. "It's a constellation," she replied. "A pattern of stars, see?"
       The Hatchling frowned. "It reminds me of something."
       "What would that be?" The Priestess eyed the rest of her class, aware they were getting too far ahead. "We should hurry onwards, dear."
       "Something I've seen in my studies. Don't you think it looks like the patterns on the Sacred Ring?"
       "The Gods have a plan for everything, come on now Saia."

Covenant Research Facility, Deep Space Military Calendar 01:02:2003 First Age of Doubt

Saia 'Nulamoss pelted through the corridors, clinging to the files in her arms. "I've got it!" she shrieked. "I've got it!"
       "Got what?" The Unggoy researcher on duty glanced up at the Sangheili, blinking from behind his mask.
       "The translation," 'Nulamoss gasped, dropping the files onto the floor.
       "Translations!" Jan 'Talsamoss vaulted over the workstation to help her. "What do they say, what do they say?"
       Saia rocked back on her heels, handing him the paper in question. She was breathless, her brown skin tinged with orange. "They call it - the Stargate."
       "My . . . Gods." Jan crowed in triumph. "A 'gateway to the stars', it's brilliant, Saia'!"
       The Unggoy grunted as the two Sangheili bounded up and down in each others arms.
       "The Forerunners must have used it to travel between planets," Saia said. "Six co-ordinates to define a point in space and . . ."
       "One for the point of origin." Jan sat down on the floor, his rump hitting the deck hard. "All these years . . . all those researchers, so close."
       "They never thought to go back to the plant and only look up," Saia shook her head.
       The Unggoy coughed. "Will it help us defeat the Goa'uld?" He shrunk back from the glare directed at him by the two researchers. "I was just asking."
       "Can you believe this?" Saia grinned. "We did it. We figured it out."

High Charity Construction Site Military Calendar 05:12:2004 First Age of Doubt

The fleet of Ha'Tak were being slowly eliminated by the cunning slipspace techniques of the Arbiter. Staying true to his orders, the Covenant fleet were winning this final battle.

The Arbiter was silent as he crept through the hallways of the mothership. Ancient writing peered out at him from the walls, the beautiful Goa'uld architecture casting shadows where the enemies could easily conceal themselves.
       He heard footsteps marching towards him and ignited the energy sword.
       "Jaffa! Kree!"
       He allowed himself a small smile and lunged forward.

High Charity Construction Site Military Calendar 31:12:2005 First Age of Doubt

"We may have lost an Arbiter, but we have won the war. The Goa'uld is no more! Their Unholy, Blasphemous bodies have been burnt from this plane. Do not fear, Brothers, for we are the Covenant. No enemy has ever withstood our might. No enemy ever shall!"
       The Prophet of Truth gazed up at High Charity, their new city forming in space.
       "We are the Covenant, Brothers. We have understood the Stargate and it has taken us to our enemies homeworlds. We have annihilated all who have dared to affront our Gods. The Goa'uld and their Tok'ra slaves. I proclaim this Age, the Age of Doubt! And I proclaim it to be over! Let the Ages of Reclamation begin!"

Earth Military Calendar 02:01:2006 First Age of Reclamation.

       General O'Neill turned away from the Stargate, facing the archaeologist.
       "Yeah?" He sighed at the reproachful look coming from Daniel and attempted a more pleasant, "Daniel, hi! How are you? Wondering where the Hell everyone's gone?"
       "Sam says to tell you that the impacts have stopped." Daniel glanced down. "Whoever was trying to get through . . . stopped."
       Jack thought briefly about the poor souls that had met their untimely deaths against the iris.
       "It wasn't your fault, Jack."
       "If we get a clear for longer than an hour, we're heading out," Jack said. "I want to find someone." He turned back to the gate. "Anyone. I don't want to be the only race in the universe again."
       "Logically," Daniel came to stand beside him. "If something destroyed all those planets - then we won't be alone."
       ". . . thanks."
       "You're welcome."

Covenant Research Facility, Deep Space Military Calendar 03:01:2006 First Age of Reclamation

Saia 'Nulamoss, heavy with child, was dosing lightly when she felt the station shake.
       "Researches to the Stargate!" the AI was calling through the address system.
       She struggled into a robe and hurried, as best she could, through to the Stargate. It was spinning and glowing, the last chevron locking into place and incoming wormhole whooshing into position.
       For the first time since the Stargate expeditions had started, Saia was glad for the military presence.
       Out trundled a little robot. It regarded her, then turned and trundled over to their Accessory Dialling Device.

The event horizon rippled and four humans stumbled out. The wormhole dissipated behind them.
       "Damn!" the human in the front grinned. "We are glad to meet you guys! You wouldn't happen to know what happened to everyone else, would you?"
       Any moment now half the Covenant Army would come crashing through the doors, but right now it was just Saia and the humans.
       "You are an affront to the Gods," she said, confused.
       "Uh . . ." the male turned to one of the others. "Daniel, what'd she say?"
       "It's no language I've ever heard." Daniel stepped forward, tapping his chest. "Daniel."
       Saia's brain caught up with her mouth and she nodded. "I'm Saia 'Nulamoss . . ."
       And in came the warriors.

Earth Military Calendar 24:06:2006 First Age of Reclamation

Excerpt from General George Hammond's personal notes:

"I felt a great personal sadness when we closed the file on SG-1 and dismantled the 'Gate. It was clear to the government that the Stargate program was too dangerous to run, but I felt sure our best defence was a good offence.
       The NID, the Trust, ONI, whatever they're calling themselves these days . . . they felt differently. Politics were changing.
       I guess that part of me always hoped we'd find Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter and Teal'c on another planet, surviving.

I hope that somewhere they are. Even though now they can never come home."

Covenant Research Facility Military Calendar 24:062006 First Age of Reclamation.

Saia 'Nulamoss watched the humans be frozen and placed in storage.
       "Heretics," Jan said to her, cradling their daughter in his arms. "I'm glad to get them off our hands."
       "I too."

Their capsules were taken away by some fierce looking Honour Guard.
       To where - she didn't know.