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Halo (in a nutshell)
Posted By: Jenova<jenovasbirth@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 April 2002, 10:45 pm

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Nice deep sleep
With a quick thaw
Into the fray
Bare of all arms

And hand grenades
Out of Autumn
And into the belly of the beast

Flying Swords
And dead marines
With the all but invariable Hunters
One well placed shot
And a quick escape

To the Silence
For directions
Locked doors
And one big hole

Through the honeycombs
Into the canyons
Fighting ghosts
With scorpions
Control Rooms
And 343s

Finding Popcorn
With bad attitudes
And numbers to match

A good plan gone wrong
Cortana VS the Monitor

Floating lasers
Exploding heads
Reactors gone critical
And one last hurrah

Into the pig
Over the hills
Of metal and convent
And maybe some flood
To the stingray
To watch the Autumns
Bittersweet victory

Friendly Enemies
For the best of heroes

Lets all hope
That flying boxes
Have limited battery supplies