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Fight for Death (part1)
Posted By: Jenova<jenovasbirth@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 April 2002, 10:19 pm

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Succubus 0700
Briefing room
     "Hey James, how's your first mission briefing treatin' ya? Wet urself yet?"
     "Can it marine." I said. New recruits had it hard enough thinking the war was over with the destruction of halo. After they heard the news that the Spartan II destroyed halo and the covonent armada they all joined right up, thinking it was easy cash.
     "Hey commander, what do they have us doing this time, emptying this trash heaps sewage tanks?"
     "Close, we have to take out a few small groups of covonent scouts in the H-A3 sector. More missions that could be done by a child."
     I had no idea then how wrong I was.
     "But sir, that's section 9's field of operation, why don't they take em out?"
     "Section 9 has gone rouge, it will all be in the briefing."
     The room came to a sudden hush as the general walked into the room.
     "Be seated."
     With one smooth sound every one in the room sat. I thought it to be amazing that my squad could act like that, they didn't very often.
     The general looked over them, and me, quite a scruffy bunch, assigned most of the clean up jobs, this one we thought was no different. He didn't care for us at all. It was obvious, from his looks to the way he spoke to us.
     "This is a basic mission, one that could be done by a child, I believe is how you put it." I had a hard time not showing him my 'hurt' finger. "All you have to do is go in and kill a few covonent scouts, and of course as always we are giving our best equipment to do the simplest jobs." That was one good thing about this job; you never get screwed on the weaponry. "You leave at 1300 hours, any questions ask your commander." All that said he simply left. I saw a hand rise from the back row.
     "Marine what's your question" I asked, knowing it wasn't going to be legit.
     "Sir, can I kill him sir!" The group laughed.
     "Careful, that kind of talk can get you a faulty grenade. I trust there are no real questions."
     "No sir, we have been through this thousands of times."
     "Good. Do what you have to do to get ready, and meet up at the launch bay at the designated hours. No drunks this time."
     "Sir, I would just like to point out that the last time Tim here was drunk he killed 3 covonent, sir."
     "Not before he slept with em," I replied. "If you wanna sleep with the enemy do it on your own time, no drinking!"
     "Sir, yes sir!"
     Every one shuffled out of the room, making me think that the silence we just had was a figment of my imagination.
     I did what I always do. Took the picture of my daughter out of my pocket and reminded myself of why I was there.
     "Sir." A lone marine standing by.
     "How is she sir?"
     "I'm sorry sir."
     "Don't be, that's why i'm here."