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Ode of Ends
Posted By: Jehkoh<Jehkoh@aol.com>
Date: 14 April 2002, 5:49 pm

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Let it begin that the heathen will pay for their sin
They claim to feel no remorse, this I feel is coarse
A coarse and false description of intimidation
One that will no doubt lead them to damnation
Inside their mind they are right, yet Earth exists outside
They are wrong, they will fall against our Wall
Sweat, tears, and blood is what should
Reign this world from beginning to end
Or coming from the heavens a messenger to send
A hymn of destruction, ruin, and demise
That was laid brick by brick by the heathen lies
This angel is not the last hope of man
This warrior is the final ban
Of threats made against the Milky Way
One to a million he will slay
This is merely the beginning
The first score of our winning
Talley them up and lay them low
For we will give them the last show
Bullets and fire surrounded by barbed wire
In the line of my sight they will take to flight
From this planet, because I am hell-bent
For I am the messenger that was sent
To Earth to act as guardian of all
And I will become the Wall

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It is critical to read the Order of the Seraphim chapters in order to understand these poems.