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Journals of Diego
Posted By: Jehkoh<Jehkoh@aol.com>
Date: 14 April 2002, 4:14 am

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Date: 5/25/2558

     Today was unlike any other. The regular occured, of course, but at the same time everything was different. That veteran Spartan, the Master Chief, is supposed to help us out in a battle. What kind of statement is that? Do we need his help, an expert's help? Aren't we supposed to be experts? I sometimes wonder if our superiors really trust us, treating us like children by having this elder come along and help us out, some guy who was lost in space for six years. That's brilliant. He's somehow made it off some alien construct and survived space for six years on rations. Makes you wonder how he did it. I guess they were right to send him to us. Anyway, I'm getting off of the subject. Me, Cyril, Janus, and Bruga all woke up this morning at the usual early bird time, eating breakfast after a good ten mile run. I think Wolfgang was trying to out-do me. Usually him and me tie. I wonder if his sole purpose in life is to beat me. Lately he's been putting in extra hours at the training facility, saying he's only doing it to "perform" better. Like hell, he wants to beat me and I know it. Always having to stay in shape.
     We're stationed at Machakos, Kenya, which is good for camoflouge training, all the grass and such. Amazed how they've come along so far from the past, actually being able to clean this water from milleniums ago that once contained deadly diseases. Me and my squad were later deployed into battle. The battle consisted of a normally larger than average force, but that was fine. We all felt an earthquake though, which was odd. Without worry our forces beat the Covenant. Then something happened that finally separated the boys from the men, something I've been waiting so long for. Cov-reinforcements were so large that they more than doubled the amount of space taken up by the original number of forces. It seem like a desert of them. I was ordered, along with my comrades and lessers, to pull back, but a few of us didn't. But that's fine, because they never really were us to begin with. Another squad under a former Liuetenant-Colonel McGrath were not asked to leave, they were the ones we were leaving behind. It makes sense to leave him behind. What if he tried something that no one liked?
     Wolfgang finally broke, the weakling. And that Master Chief. What Master Chief? Just an insubordinate and nothing else. I'm ashamed, though. Two members of my own team defected. Several others of my kind turned over as well. Why would they follow those rebels? Those fools would have a better chance against the Covenant with us. I can only imagine what they're up to. They want to ruin us, I'm sure of it. I'll get them all back for my own integrity. Being taken for fools, trying to make a mockery of us. Next time I see Wolfgang I'll strike him down where he stands.

Always waiting,