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Posted By: Jehkoh<Jehkoh@aol.com>
Date: 12 April 2002, 3:53 am

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The morning star of our kind, the Iroquois of hope.
As I look into the sky I saw a bright blue star
One that lies so far away, yet still as close as day
It rains courage on us and pride as well
Coaxes us to come out of our fearful shells
Leads us to the light when everything's right
Leads us to the end of the tunnel - Always
The circle in the sky has got us asking why
A question I presume will follow soon
Of how and what and how some more?
Don't blink at all, you'll miss everything -
The instant brilliance is sparked

Just look at the sky and don't ask why
When you see the Covenant falling
Just hold your ground and stand still
When you see the Covenant crawling

If time would tell that the future is well
I'd wish to know -
But if not then let the Iroquois guide me
Guide me to home of my fathers,
Guide me to love of my mothers,
Guide me to dream of my brothers,
Just let it guide me
The maw of our oppressors is open for us
Exposing itself to defeat by the bold of our kind
The same of us with a like mind
Those who follow the magnificent beast
Will feel the sorrow of loss the least
Hey - look now! Don't blink at all!

Just look at the sky and don't ask why
When you see the Covenant falling

A red nova exploding above, the Iroquois a single dove
Commanded by Keyes to let it be -
That fate shall leave us to live another day