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Unexpected Surprises
Posted By: JediKnight114<JediKnight114@aol.com>
Date: 28 August 2002, 7:58 pm

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Message Alpha
Code *red*
Classification Urgent**::**
:date://\ 5227

*:reads :*

As of 17:30 standard military Earth was destroyed- list of dead-, 2 billion and rising. The outer realm planets must unite and colonize a new world. This is Humankinds only hope for survival, anyone who receives this message please send delegates to rendezvous at  Fegahn 6::coordinates:: ****Juliet by **.*** Alpha:: outer realm headquarters. UNSC is to be vetoed out and new government in.

008epec7\42 }{  UNSC forces are scattered thin and we are in the process of persuading members over to a new unity. Forces are massing we have now 20 billion units total. We have allied with a new alien race the Criags, a highly powerful race one of equal status to the covenant and now are successfully holding the covenant at bay.

John looked at this message through a crackling and fuzzy screen. He wondered how long it really had been that he was in the Long sword, Cortana delightfully chimed in " well lets see my count is 2 years".
"Thanks Cortana I didn't need to hear that". . John kind of dropped his head and moved it in a way showing his intolerance at the moment. "Cortana when will our ship being range to send an omega distress"?
"5000m Chief", good at least we are close John thought. He continued to prep everything for his arrival to this new intervention, it seemed to him to good to be true but hey he's been in tougher situations before. He went back to the weapons locker in the rear of the ship, grabbed an MA 5B strapped it to his leg and pouched a few clips of ammo. Next he looked at the store of grenades there, quite a few he thought, and took the belt of 12. The ships vicinity alarm chimed "Chief we are within rage I did some tinkering and have boosted transmitter power to 125%, we can use the com system but not for long. Make it short and sweet".
"Right, Fegahn 6 this is John 117 radioing distress, repeat this is John 117 can I get a ride"?
Through the crackling and noises came a response, ":::we've::: picked **phshh**:: your signal:::: MC will be there ASAP"
"what's your ETA I've been in this thing for a couple years, I'm looking forward to getting out of this thing"
"26 hours and **shhpshh**minutes sir, might be longer". Great he had to wait another day what was he going do to pass the time sleeping was out of the question he had gotten plenty of that. Plus the fact of being picked up soon gave him that rush you feel as you ride a roller coaster.~28 hours later~
"we have a visual Chief" What? it was a UNSC cruiser named the Aquarius, questions blazed through his mind. He readied his gun and had a grenade in hand just incase, well he thought lets go with the flow. The cruiser loomed out of hyperspace (light speed) it was much bigger then he remembered them being, the missile pods were missing. Now replaces with large ball turret mounted duel laser barrels. He also noticed a slight glimmer to the ship as it moved closer, he was confused it looked almost as his own shields.
::Aquarius:: "Bring her in sir" John did as told and brought the long sword around, and the ships outside glimmered again and John radioed "what is that, are those shields?"
"y.:::::::" the radio transformer broke. Well he would find out later.
He then proceeded and docked on the port side under the aft section. Once onboard he proceeded to the locker room to find a MJNOLNIR model IX. Whoa he thought they must have come a long way in the 2 years he was on the bomber. Well he thought lets try it !. John took off the old battle torn armor he wore for the past years and donned a new shiny dark olive green suit. Feeling better to actually be able to move around the ship, he always hated being onboard a ship, he came to the bridge he saw the captain standing at the bridge window.
The captain fondly reminded John of Keys, rigid in stature and cool in manner, even sounded alike. John almost couldn't take it the surge of emotion he rarely felt, but this time it was running through him. The game he played with Hasly, the time he met keys, Halo, Keys' death. But he pushed them to the back of his mind, he had more important matters currently.
"sir" he sounded off as he brought himself to a text book position of attention.
"Master Chief, so you are real" said the captain as he captain turned to face John's towering figure, his cold eyes meeting John's. His name tag boasting Lewis John looked at him, sort of sizing him up, smiling behind the safety of his helmet at what a small man he was. Lewis was only a mere 5'3, short but still had a tenacious reputation as being one of the first OJST, who later disbanded.
"Chief, I'm going to be frank here. We received a message from the Outer Realms HQ, and we the UNSC have very little room to push them around. As for them they have all they need to wipe us out, we've figured out total number of humankind left-2.5 billion-. So Chief we are going to make relations and the UN will disband, and the UW (United Worlds) will be brought on. Thanks to Cortana we now know close to everything we need to know about the covenant. Just then Cortana popped up on the holo pad.

"What you didn't just think I was sitting around for my own pleasure did you"?
The Master Chief chuckled, he always knew there was something about her, but not what.
"well, John responded after a brief pause, how long till we reach Fegahn"?
"ETA 22 minutes sir!" shouted an Ensign from the Helm.
"captain Lewis sir, were there anymore Spartans made?", asked John
"why yes actually", he clicked on the COM "5th battalion, platoon 6, squad 4, report to the bridge". They all waited in silence as four figures walked in, they all were well built, the first one was named Mike he was quit tall with a military crew cut and ice eyes. The next who was Juan was slightly shorter, he had black eyes which could easily loose the bravest of men, and you could tell he was no one to kid with, he had that look (that I'll grab you by the neck and slowly twist my knife into your skull). The next two walked in and they all snapped to attention for Lewis. Until they saw John standing there, John was looking at the second pair Spartans only knowing too well who they were Fred, and Kelly. John un masked himself to the Spartans, then Fred and Kelly broke with emotion. Mike and Juan stood rigid, not knowing what was going on.
"how. . . It. . . Is it . . . . Really you?" John was too shocked for words. After a short reunion they all freshly snapped to attention. Lewis had a surprised look on his face.
"you ? Are ? Wait . . . . How?" the Captain was a tad confused. All the Spartans were explaining to Lewis, as the XO walked up and whispered to the captain.
The captain made a quick "eh herm", all quieted. "the vid link from MC's helmet is up and running, on screen".
For several minutes the entire bridge watched will awe at the footage of the covenant and the marines being senselessly slaughtered, blood flying everywhere grenade explosions flailing bodies, this all cut short by a warning alarm going off. John braced himself and readied for a onslaught. A jolt flew through the ship, john flinched but nothing happened, he looked at Fred with a quizzical look
"shields for ships?"
"yep came out as of 3 months ago" They both then turned there attention to two covenant Carriers staring down at them.
"Sir ! Depressurization in C deft block 12, we've been hit"
" Shields up!, casualties?"
"yes sir!,. no sir none so far!"
"evasive maneuvers now!, attack point India"
"acknowledged!" the ship lurched to the left and swiveled giving a broad side, the ship then awaited orders everyone on their toes form the adrenaline rush from the battle about to be unfolded.
"open fire!"
"yes sir" super bright laser bolts went flying through the gap between the human and covenant ships impacting and dispersing the covey's shields, Cortana then popped up again.
"serphs" coming in at 12 o clock, moving to defense point bravo" she immediately acted to bring up the laser gatling guns a tri barrel pulse laser full auto weapon, she fired them dozens of simultaneous explosions appeared on the vid screen
" none sir!" shouted an Ensign form the port side weapons control panel  .