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The First Step Into A Long Fall Part 2
Posted By: JediKnight114<JediKnight114@aol.com>
Date: 1 May 2002, 2:54 am

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Jake smiled contently he quickly  moved his sight up to a grunt in retreat round a corner Bam! Another shot straight through the grunts head, it immediately stopped and face planted the ground.
"another one down" shouted Jake
"this is Boomhower give me an ETA to move in we have a short window here"
"Happy Trails here go on my mark, set, time' now 4 minutes"
Jake again panned the area when he spotted his next victim, "you sorry bastard here is a present for ya!" with that he shot the defining sound cut through the rest of the barrage the squad was giving to the covenant. A couple grenades were tossed out near the 4 shade guns in the east corner which effectively took them out. Then plasma bolts peppered the vicinity where Alex was he then leapt up and ran 20yrds to relocate for the covenant had found him, once settled back down again he saw a gold elite. He shouldered his rifle and placed the sight right over the crest of the elites armor and executed two beautiful shots straight through the upper skull of the elite the force of the impact moved the elite back a couple steps until it fell over crushing three near by grunts, Alex chuckled to himself.
"Mark! Delta move through the south pass take a position to you left flank, we have right and your forward guard"
"Alright Delta lets move it  I want the scorpions to give heavy suppressive fire ! All warthogs take our right, watch for enemy air support!"
The tanks moved with a methodical rumble with they're rail guns coughing out round after round, which were drowned out by the chain guns of the warthogs that were riding escort. Than in one mighty salvo all four tanks fired in perfect unison all four shells impacting enemy gun emplacements. Plums of fiery smoke rose up from the ground once occupied by covenant.
"watch out ! Covenant mortar tanks inbound fall back to the east !" shouted a marine from Charlie squad. By this time the tanks had reloaded and were ready the first of the enemy tanks that  showed. It took fire from 2 tanks wedged into a rock formation immediately turning them to charred cinders and ashes.
"whoa six hunters advancing on you Delta, me and Happy Trails will intercept them enroute" now Jake and Alex were on the move each taking shots as they moved with a grace that none has ever seen before. Hurtling rocks and tree stumps while keeping their rifles shouldered. They managed to take out four of the six by shooting their backs clearly pointed out by solid white contrails. But by then the other two noticed Alex and Jake started to open fire on them. Jake dove to his left and almost off the cliff but rolled back over and pushed himself back up after the fuel rod charge had sailed over head, letting the rifle hang free around his shoulders  he continued forward . Alex had to jump back a step to avoid the blast, then the supersonic sound of a tank shell rocketed by followed by a huge explosion, they both looked to see a scorpion at the base of the cliff which had swung around by 90 degrees. Jake then recovered his breath and  noticed scorch marks on his side and leg where his armor once was , Alex was taking a quick drink form his flask which he always carries around with him.
"shit that was too close, lets go we have to stay on top of things"
Now either side's tanks were engaging each other, two scorpions were side to side firing at a mortar tank and the other two had gotten behind the mortar tanks and began to open fire everywhere covenant and marine alike was engaged in some form of combat. Delta had become spread thin, they did attempt to regroup but was cut short by the mortar tanks. They did however manage to take most of the elites out but a large number of grunts were left. Then something that was rather a morale boost happened Sergeant Hobbs had come over a comm. channel.
"ok take us in point blank I want to flip one of those tanks and keep our tank fire concentrated on their tanks anyway" then a brief moment of silence as everyone witnessed the hog blow up on contact with the tank. The explosion was so massive it spread to another mortar tank near bay and melted it away. The four scorpion tanks fired again then took out the last covenant tank. Then what was left of the three warthogs that made it in the base were leavening at full speed  and Hobbs' second in command corporal Christian came over the comm.
"Ok guys lets show Hobbs everything wasn't in vain, Delta lets go move it go, go, go  "
Jake and Alex joined up with the rest of the squad and moved out to the extraction point. While that was taking place the  ground shook tremendously and a mushroom cloud was seen rising over where they had just left as the marines boarded their drop ships the losses began to show Charlie squad lost twenty five people while Delta reported 2/3 casualties. The ride back to the base was a solemn  one for everyone gave they're own moment of silence for Hobbs' sacrifice. As they got back more bad news was to great them Delta was ambushed an suffered 90% losses including all four tanks. Jake had been taken to sickbay for burns and a fracture while Alex and the rest of the squad were in debrief .