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The First Step Into A Long Fall Part 1
Posted By: JediKnight114<JediKnight114@aol.com>
Date: 30 April 2002, 1:03 am

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"Well, there it is, Myth," remarked a marine from the drop ship. The drop ship neared the rocky giant, Jake turned to his new friend and companion Alex and remarked "you ready?" Alex replied "I hope so." Jake and Alex had joined up with the Marines after news got to earth about the fall of reach, both just happened to be snipers for the same squad. Both too eager to see action, Jake had adopted the name, showboat while Alex, was happy trails. Just then Sophie the drop ship's pilot came over the intercom "alrighty boys touchdown in 5" this woke some of the marines who drifted off during the flight down form the Centaury Dawn. The Centaury Dawn is the newest yet one of the only cruisers left in the UNSC's fleet. The 5 minutes had expired and sure enough they could now see a moderately sized installation with scores of troops on the move along with dozens of warthogs dotting the perimeter. To add to that were service bays with several scorpions in them. The drop ship proceeded to a large raised platform in the center of the installation, "ok boys head out I'm going to catch myself some coffee." With that the marines exited and retired to their barracks, "so Alex think we are going to see anything here?" "dunno lets hope so." Alex was moderately quiet while Jake was the outgoing one the two were like brothers they had developed a bond over the short months of bullshit they call basic training. Jake's interpretation of it was "here is a rifle this is how you shoot it, grenade pull pin throw ok now your read" things had gotten sloppy since reach was glassed. Night came and went now it was 3:30am military standard, the usual time the base became busy again with activity. The intercom squawked "Charlie team, Delta team report to briefing"
As Jake heard this he gathered his gear and help out Alex all the while having his platoon sergeant Benjamin Hobbs yelling at them to double time. They had gotten to briefing late, not good, Commander Dalton dismissed the tardiness, for now there were more important matters. "Ok listen up guys the covenant are getting to close to earth we cant let that happen fight for earth with everything you have, the covenant have landed and are currently occupying a broad area here near sector G cross section H, out by the big mountain ranges. We have a little surprise for them we are giving you 4 scorpions refitted with a refractive alloy that relays plasma back into the open air and the chain gun replaced with a more accurate rail gun. Delta will lead in with the tanks Charlie you give close anti troop support we need to decisively strike them down if retreat is the only open option use it wisely, we may not be able to re- supply you. Delta you will lead through this pass that stops short before a creek and Charlie I want you to take these hills here on the opposite side to flank the covenant, am I clear?" Alex though well this is it and he pulled out his dog tags and kissed them for luck. ŬLater in the weapons locker Jake was busy sculpting together his new rifle it had a carbon based barrel with a notch inside it to give the bullet a reverse rotation for distance, along with a steel foam molded stock and his own custom sight with thermal imaging. Alex came in a picked up a standard issue 52 AB slightly better than the older 52 AM, he gave a look of disapproval and decided to add his perks to it also. Alex refitted an aluminum alloy barrel onto the rifle they then departed to the drop ship. By now it was 6:50 military standard and Charlie had just reached their objective Jake took vantage to the North ridge and Alex over to his left on the East slope. "This is Showboat to Boomhower I have 2 elite patrols on the North sector along with various grunts station at the perimeters," "Happy Trails here I have the East looks to be the most heavily defended advise Delta to move it through the South pass "this is Boomhower safeties loose men fire when ready" "copy Showboat out, ŬI copy Happy Trails out." Just then Alex shot at an and it elite sucked all the lead out of the bullet falling over twisted as if his back had broke and then was a lifeless heap on the ground. Jake soon followed with dropping another elite which had slumped against a wall the covenant were in total disarray