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Unexpected Surprises Part 4
Posted By: JediKnight114<JediKnight114@aol.com>
Date: 15 April 2003, 1:35 AM

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With these turn of events, John spoke out coldly, but calm as he tried to grasp composure of the situation.
"now, now, no need to act so rash commander, we are merely here to discuss relations... you have decided among yourselves to do away with the UN and the UNSC so any talk that comes from any of us isn't exactly priority one....is it?" the Commander sat, looking past John, and responded lightly,
"well Master Chief those are some bold words for you to be preaching in this room, but I can see what your driving at, and am obliged to hear form you at any time, as for this interruption if it happens again I will have him detained is that CLEAR?" he motioned toward the Intel Officer in a way beckoning for him to answer, not John.

The Intel. Officer replied with a mumbled yes. Tension was eased a little and the procession continued, several points and objections had arisen but, stifled with more questions. The debate continued for what seemed to be several hours, until Captain Lewis cleared his throat, seeing he has something to say the commander cleared the floor for him. The captain stood looking at everyone preparing himself, then spoke

"it has come to my attention that there is very little if any order is left with us all, yes earth was a heavy blow.........Lewis paused for a long moment, too long, but continued, it is still hard to speak of I know I witnessed it myself but I think this organization has overlooked the performance of these warriors, he motioned toward the Spartans, their effectiveness has been stunning yes we have lost many but not in vein... humankind still exists I petition we re-think our outward goals and strategies to include these men, and women"

A clap started its way across the table as Lewis shook off the sweat form his brow; he sighed and thought deeply, now what? He just placed human kind back on the shoulders of the Spartans, he knew that if it weren't for the Chief's Persistent efforts on Halo the Covenant would have easily irradiated the Humans. He looked over at the chief giving an I'm sorry look, the Chief understood however and nodded. Then the Commander spoke

"The council has taken to consideration the usage of the Spartans and we have decided, yes we will use them but to compliment our own forces" Lewis interrupted

"then if you could I must request that my ship and any other loyal to my crew, our cause and I, must be the only pocket of UNSC that remains, strictly military, only because of the information we possess and the capability of us as a team" the commander seemed to be in heavy thought but answered,

"....If, you must, I'm sure we can compromise this and enlist you as a mercenary sanction, we will discuss payment later, all in favor of enlisting the help of this man and his subordinates answer"
A resounding Aye came from a good 2/3 of the occupants present, this was a surprise thought Lewis that he could so easily present his case and still preserve the UNMC, he knew the only fighting chance was through the leadership of these men, and if he played his cards right he'd be able to thwart anything the Covys had coming. Then he got a message on his Neural Comm. link, he wondered who would do that. It was Kelly she spoke softly even though it was a secure connection,

"sir I think you might want to listen to this radio message my AI intercepted" she played it and upon listening Lewis heard something he didn't like too much, an A-wall small UNSC Frigate attacked several civilian Outer World ships and was now being pursued. John looked over and saw the shocked look on the Captain's face,
"John we need to leave now, mutiny is being committed and it might bring down our own chance of survival"
"But sir who... wait Kelly jus patched it through, sir we need to offer assistance, if we act fast we may be able to snuff this out before any recognition goes out" stated John

"I concur, lets move, Lewis then whispered to Kelly, get my ship ready and alert the crew I want us combat ready before I return"
"Aye sir" came her short but delightful reply she radioed in, the XO answered
"Yes ma'am?"
"O'Malley get the ship up to combat status immediately, the Captain is coming aboard
"Yes ma'am I'm getting her ready as we speak ma'am" Kelly then messaged the Captain again,
"Sir O'Malley's got the preparations on the move"

"Good I'll be there in 10" Lewis got up and politely excused himself along with his party members and proceeded to leave the same way he entered, John quickly brought up schematics of the building and directed them out. Their exit of the building was smooth, until they reached the platform the Captain's ship was on, an elite forces guard stopped them by raising his hand and spoke shortly

"Halt, there will be no one departing this sector" John stepped up to the man

"These men and I are under specific orders to assist the UW in any way we can, we are going now"
"SIR no you will not SIR I am under,... his sentence was interrupted by John's fist thrust into the man's chest, this instantly broke three of his ribs and knocked the wind form him. The guard fell and his friends came over with their rifles ready in hand.
"What is going on here? Answer now!"

"I have no time for this" John said

"Rebel fool I can and will kill you if you attempt to leave" at this point Juan stepped forward, quiet for the whole time you'd of not known he was even there. He placed his left hand on the guard's shoulder and picked him up and brought his face to the visor of his helmet and spoke stern and forcefully

"you rat bastards haven't any clue what is going on if you continue to spit baby food all over my friends here I will make you look worse then the smell of my gym bag"
"The petrified guard stammered a,
"Y-y-y-yes sir"
"Now that's a good little rat go! Now, with the quickness" the guard ran over and chatted quickly with the deck officer and after a short while he motioned the group forward and waved them through. The Spartans sprinted lightly to the yacht, surprisingly the Captain kept up with them. As they got settled in the operation chatter began,
"Engines warming, prep stabilizers" squawked John as he regulated the cabin pressure and closed the doors, Kelly tuned in
"Ok guys, we're good to go, all atmospheric conditions met and life support is a green light" Juan spoke up as well giving his status
"Weapons check is a go, all systems operational"
The ship lifted off the platform swiveled and John brought the yacht to an extreme yaw angle, paused then slammed the throttle down and the yacht accelerated rapidly away. Everything creaked and rattled as the yacht sped almost straight up, it was as if you could feel the ship stressing until John asked for a little more power to the main thrusters, an appropriate
"Sure thing John" came from Kelly. The captain's yacht soon arrived to a busy Aquarius as they docked they could see several MP's moving about to their posts and several other ambient preparations. Lewis picked his communicator form his belt and requested a hot jump; this is a quick calculation to bring the ship's light speed jump into an area relevant to a specific object, in this case the renegade Frigate. After a short walk Lewis was on the bridge, and the Spartans off enjoying what little R&R came those days. O'Malley was chewing a young Lt. JG (junior Grade) Lewis interrupted and shunned the Lt. but pulled O'Malley aside and spoke quietly,
"Dan, we are in a bit of a pickle, leave these boys some slack ok? We need to be our best if we are ever going to be able to get on these guys good side, its bad enough we had to turn to these renegade groups" O'Malley simply showed a sign of compliance as the captain strolled to the comm. center on the bridge and opened a channel through out the ship.
"all hands, he blurted, er hem I should say Gentlemen, we are about to make a hot jump into what could be a friendly zone or it could be filled with hostiles, I want you all on your toes full alert, it seems some of the guys in the Mars 4th Naval Fleet didn't take to well to recent events, they have been strafing UW civilian ships and I have charged us with the initiative of going to assist the UW in their attempts to find them and detain them, though our friends here want them dead, I think we should pursue another route, do NOT hesitate if I give command to fire anyone who does will have me to deal with, and I will do so SEVERLY Lewis turned to O'Malley and gave the order "get us out of here"

O'Malley chimed in "calculations done take us out" the Ensign played with the control panel and eased the ship to full power and then initiated the light speed jump, the ship seemed to slip away into the abyss of light travel, a tech officer from the helm announced over his shoulder
"We should be entering target area in 15 minutes sir". Suddenly another tech officer shouted
"Covy sir, I counted 4 maybe less they popped in on our scanners I don't know if they've followed us sir but they looked to be in a hurry!" shit Lewis though not good, not good at all,
"Keep me posted" he found himself straining to say, he then thought of the ship's defense systems,
"Are the shield generators up and running?" O'Malley answered
"Yes sir, I made sure our teams jury-rigged them to do better this time, as well as adding a little extra plating over that hull area"
"Good man" said Lewis
"6 minutes until we're upon our target Sir" said the tech officer. The journey was near perfect, except for the scare when covenant ships passed by. The Aquarius reached it's destination and the ship melted back into real space showing no shift in momentum it kept a steady pace. The Aquarius moved about under full thrust as tiny dots scattered out from the sides and bottom of the massive ship like bees angrily flaring out from their hive. The Razor Tooth fighters moved vigorously about in delta formations around the Aquarius. Inside however John had fallen asleep and was moving about on one of the lounge couches in the officers galley, he woke suddenly and in one watery smooth swing of his arm rocketed his combat knife across the room nearly impaling another crew man the chef saw it coming and with luck on his side raised his cutting board and stopped the knife with some effort, he let out a sigh of relief as John looked around and ingested his surroundings, only taking him a second or two to realize he was still on the Aquarius. He rolled and tucked his legs, then planted them on the ground to stop his motion, and ran a hand over the back of his neck, then popped his head to the left and cracked his neck
"Better" he said, he then turned his attention toward the stunned members in the galley and apologized. Then the intercom sounded
"John get to the bridge now I need to speak to you"