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ONI Black Operations Part 2
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 29 April 2003, 6:19 AM

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(Well im back again, this is my second part to this series and I haven't written in a month or two. But enjoy the fan fic)

"YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH, YOU GET GOOD MEN KILLED AND WASTED VALUABLE EQUIPMENT" The Major screamed at my and threw a coffee mug at me, which missed and shattered against the wall.

"LISTEN HERE YOU POOR EXCUSE FOR A C.O., I KNOW I MESSED UP BUT I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING TO STOP THEM FROM DYING, SO GO TO HELL YOU STUPID MORON" I yelled back at the Major, I spat at him. I was ready to kill that man by any means necessary....but I was willing to save those thoughts for another time.

"Lt. Grayson, if I had the authority I would kick you out and send you back to that backwater post where you came from. But the higher ups wanted to keep you in this, they liked what you did BUT I SURE DIDN'T, Im transferring you to first squad since they lost a few men on their last mission. YOU BETTER GOD DAMNED NOT SCREW UP THIS ONE OR ILL KILL YOU BEFORE YOUR AND MY SUPERIORS GET WIND OF IT, NOW GET THE HELL OUTTA MY OFFICE AND TAKE YOU PIECE OF SHIT ORDERS" Major Thomson's face looked as red as a cherry and he was reaching for something under the desk.

"Fine SIR, I won't screw up and waste ANY MORE OF YOU GOD DAMNED EQUIPMENT" I said and bit off each word as I walked out of his office and slammed the door, saying a silent curse as I did.

I began to leave his office and made a stop at his secretary, she was smiling and I was wondering how the hell that piece of crap treated her. I grabbed the orders out of her hand rather forcefully, I was still mighty pissed off and I really wanted to kill something or even someone at that moment. I shrugged it off as I looked into the orders. I slowly scanned through the papers seeing who the hell I was under and where the hell was it. I scratched my head as I looked at my C.O.'s name, it was strange because they didn't put a name except for his rank. His rank was Lt. Commander and I guessed by the rest of his info that was covered in bold Classified letters that he was pretty special.

"Excuse me Lieutenant, the Pelican outside is the one that is going to take you to your new posting. I would advise that you leave right now" She said with a smile while pointing out the door.

I wanted to smack that smile off her face but I held back and gave an awkward smile that would scare the hell out of small children. "Thanks, by the way how the hell do you put up with that Major?" I added

"Lots and lots of caffeine and aspirin, now leave before I crack...." The smile was fading from her face

I walked out the door, muttering to myself and wondering if they had all my possessions on that tin can of an Air Craft. As I approached the Pelican I noticed that there was a trunk, my trunk sitting there along with two crates with the letters of O.N.I. painted on the side. The crates were probably my armor and my weapons, the latter was probably unloaded due to the Major's worries, most likely, that I would come back and kill him. I pilled myself in and sat down, the pilot just took off and the Pelican lifted off the air. The flight was relatively boring. The air was pretty turbulent, the clouds had been gathering and had begun to rain. The sky had been darkening and flashes of light brightened the sky.

"Yo Lieutenant, what the heck is up with this weather?" I screamed up to the cabin

"Air mail, its just usual but why am I getting a lot of military channels going off, I mean there shouldn't be any action here.....don't worry you don't need to know any more"

I sighed as the Pelican landed at the base, my new home. No one was there to greet me except for a tech who dragged my gear off the Pelican and went somewhere I don't know. I paced myself as I walked across the tarmac towards the only building on the site. Armed guards halted my advance only long enough to check my papers and let me inside the facility. As I walked through the gates of a new beginning I got stares from the soldiers inside. The talked to one another while taking brief glances at me,
I heard them use a nickname some of the soldiers had given me after my last incident, the "Cursed Sniper". It was lame but it worked pretty well. I walked up towards the CO of the squad's office, I gave a slight knock at the door and stood at attention. The door slowly opened and a man about my height walked out, he had scars over his body and they looked like burn scars.

"Lt. James Grayson, reporting here on assignment Sir" I said to the Lt. Commander and waited for a response

He looked at me for a moment and then the papers he held in his hands, he seized me up and just mentioned one thing "You'll do"

"Excuse me Sir?" I said back at him with a raised eyebrow

"You don't look too shabby, skills ok, and you aren't a complete moron like...Smith who likes to clean his weapons loaded" He smiled and said the last part out loud

"I'll take that as a complement Commander" Sgt. Smith yelled from the corner of the room

"Lieutenant, get your gear stowed and get your weapons ready" He said this part out loud "I want you and everyone here on the Tarmac in 25 minutes, gear n' all" He turned and walked back in his office

One by one, all the soldiers of 1st squad introduced themselves. There was five of them besides the Lt. Commander and Sgt. Smith, it seems that their number had dropped from 15 to 7 without counting myself. Sgt. Taylor, a tall man with black hair but looked like a new recruit. Lt. Ortega, a medium build Latino with burn scars showing that he was a veteran. Lt. Addison, I couldn't begin to describe him but I know he was big and I was sure he didn't like me at all. Cpl. Carlyle, He was the squads medic and was pretty short and I would guess that it would help him from getting hit. Last but not least, 1st squads sniper and my direct competition, Sgt. Peterson, a Petite female with black hair but the way she kept calm unlike all the other men told me that she had complete control over what she did, that made me really happy I was not going to be in her sights.

"Grayson, are you a sniper because you're too afraid to go directly into battle? No offense Samantha" Addison yelled across the room at me.

"No but at least I have brains, unlike you" I grinned and walked off, not giving the Lieutenant the time to fire up that spinning wheel he called a brain.

Location Unknown, 1645 hours

The Lt. Commander walked out onto the tarmac in his own style and timing, he was fully clad in his armor and weapons but the look on his face showed that he didn't seem to be enjoying the experience. The other members of 1st squad and I were all clad in our own armor with our weapons. I had no idea what so ever what the heck was going on, but I thought to myself "Oh well at least we have something to do"

"Alright Ops, since we our down quite a few men..." He corrected himself "soldiers, we are being sent out to stop a small upstart inside one of the large cities on this planet, about 150-400 participants using weapons taken from one of the Marines Reg. Military supply depots, shouldn't be too hard but make sure not to expose yourselves and do not kill innocents......Questions?" Lt. Commander stopped and eyed everyone of us.

"Sir, can't the marines handle this, I didn't sign up nor accept this position to kill civilians" Sgt. Peterson asked

"Peterson, the Major gave us this and I know how much all of us like his "special" work but this has to be stopped and since we aren't public, the military can't get any bad reputations about this, remember we are the people who work behind the scenes not on stage, Dismissed"

I began to walk towards the Pelican, but moving over to the sniper. I got right next to her as we sat down on the pelican. "God, most people would think snipers wouldn't have such emotions, I mean we are portrayed to be unremorseful killers who kill at the range most people would think as cowardice" I said to Peterson

"I would have to agree with you on that one, us snipers aren't treated fairly when we can do the jobs as anyone else can, we have it harder cause we see the expressions on the target's faces" She replied

The Pelican's engines flared up "We share a few of the same views" I stuck out my hand "Im James"

She shook mine "Samantha, but know that im not trying to make any bonds that would emotionally effect the way I work, I don't need the grief"

As the Pelican's doors began to close and lift off, I replied "I found that one out the hard way" I said looking at her and the doors closed as the Pelican lifted off into the cloudy afternoon.