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ONI Black Operations Part 4
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 17 December 2003, 2:38 AM

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Location Unknown,
Lancaster, Meridia

      The Lt. Commander in his mind went through all of the events of the day past, there were two conflicting reports and both were there in front of him. One was from ONI, while the other was from the Marine Corps Command here on planet. Both of them told of different accounts and events of the same incident. The ONI one described a civil uprising, the ODSTs and the Black Operations Squad One, which the latter was not mentioned, had been sent in to deal with the problem. The Marine's version on the other hand said that two squads of Marines had been guarding the Armory in Lancaster, were ambushed by at least four squads of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers belonging to the 281st Battalion, which was directly attached to the Black Operations Squads. He suspected that the head of the Black Operations had another project that had been running for some time.

      Ackerson, that thickheaded bastard, had disapproved of their involvement with the Spartans some years ago and of the Lt. Commander's morals. The project had not gone the way he wanted but whatever that new project was, it must have been some high profile crap that was worth more then human lives. It could of also been that the Lt. Commander had never become one of Ackerson's cronies, those damnable loyal ODST idiots, he was and would always be a Marine at heart.

      There was a rap at the door and Smith walked in. "Sir, I got rid of that damned surveillance A.I. implanted in our systems. I don't know how it got there or how long it has been, but from the amount of trashed code left in its wake I'd say it must have been awhile. It was listening to our voice conversations and monitoring our computer data." Smith sighed and he was perspiring quite much.

      The Lt. Commander sighed "Smith, get the contingencies ready if the brass decides that its time for direct force instead of "accidents" to get rid of us. Also are we ready for the rescue op?"

      Smith turned and straightened "Mendez said squad three would be in place in time" He walked off leaving him to his self. He stood up, grabbing his armored gauntlets and boots, strapping them on and walking off towards the armory while carrying a helmet with the name Ghost painted on the side in slanted white letters.

Marine Corps Field Hospital,
Lancaster, Meridia

      I struggled to pull myself out of unconsciousness, grabbing and tearing away at the webs that held me in my own mind. The light slowly filtered in and I could see all once more. My vision quickly sharpened and I began to immediately take notice in my surroundings all too quickly. I was hooked up to a machine on a tray next to the bed I was on. It showed my vitals and bodily conditions. I was in a hospital bed; I had restraints on my body holding me down. I tried to sit up even though I was restrained and my body flared with pain, it had felt that several million ants were biting me all over my person at the same consecutive moment.

      There was no one inside my room at that moment; the only other human beings were two armed Marines outside my door. There was also a Doctor and a Marine Corps officer arguing outside as well. I could just barely hear them.

      "I'm sorry Commander, I can not let you see the soldier yet. No matter what weight you have, physical or otherwise. You are not getting in here" The Doctor exclaimed

      "Doctor Edwards, I don't give a damn how the patient is. They killed my men and I want his head on a fucking pike". The Commander leaned on one foot, arms crossed.

      "Commander Sheffield, I know this might be hard for but I can't let you in" The Doctor slowly walked backwards.

      I was beginning to panic at the moment, struggling to get free as this very pissed woman was trying to get inside towards me. I didn't know what was going on but some thing rather big must of gone down and we, ONI Black Operations, were left out in the cold. I watched as the Commander finally got her way, pushing the doctor aside and ordering the other two Marines to move, they obviously didn't want to feel her wrath and quickly moved apart.

      She walked in and stood at the edge of the bed, she look down at all the injuries listen on my sheet. "So Lt. James Grayson. You have newly grafted skin, a new kidney, and a new right lung. You lost a lot of blood yet you are still with us, care to tell me what happened yesterday" She said that while the other hand was un-latching and latching the holster of her sidearm.

      "Ma'am, I have no idea what happened at all yesterday. I was out there for five minutes at the most maybe before I was hit. All I knew was that there was a civil uprising and we were sent in to help stop it. But I'm guessing that is not true is it? Or isn't what happened?" I sighed and waited for the inevitable.

      "You are damn right that's not what happened!" She exploded with anger "My men were killed out there and you are saying that you had no fucking clue as to what went on, you sick piece of -" The entire building shook and there was a roar in the distance of an explosion.

Marine Corps Field Hospital Perimeter,
Lancaster, Merida

      They fired another round of rockets at the compound from their hidden position. The shells streaked into the walls of the Marine compound, blowing holes and creating large craters along the perimeter. Lt. Mendez fired three shells and the sentry on one of the guard towers that was of the closest proximity fell over dead. She reloaded her rifle and activated her PSCS just as the last rockets left their tubes. They flew straight and true, hitting the generators near the motor pool.

      "Sir, this is Mendez. Base is un-powered and in chaos, ready for your squad. Black Operations 3 melting into the shadows" She said and walked with the rest of her squad into the tree line as the final few activated their PSCSs.

Marine Corps Field Hospital,
Lancaster, Meridia

      The Lt. Commander and the rest of squad one easily snuck into the damaged Marine base. The smoke and confusion made it all the more easier. Also the fact that they couldn't see them helped a great deal. They slowly trudged their way across the courtyard, making sure that no one got a good glance at the squad. They moved with a purpose and to anyone knowing what they were doing, it was as clear as a summer night. The Field Hospital had a hole in its side the width of a Warthog LRV; you could easily notice it. They crouched by the motor pool; Addison took the time to attach a block of timed C-12 onto the frame of the outermost Warthog, to cause the most confusion and to make the Marines think they were still under fire. Also, it would be pretty damning to the ODSTs under the eyes of the UNSC brass who got wind of this little problem.

      The Lieutenant Commander toggled his COM "Alright, lets move in. Do this like we have done a million times before, do not fire on anyone unless you are compromised. Get Grayson out alive, only objective, we need him alive . . ." He shut the COM off.

      They all shouldered their rifles and moved into the building. They broke off into small groups, combing the area for their wounded comrade. The Lt. Commander had Taylor and Smith with him as they moved quickly up the hall; it was going pretty well till the gun shots from a Marine's rifle discharged. He heard the muffled coughs and knew that the Marine wouldn't be causing any more trouble. Then they saw it, Taylor pointed it out down the hall. There at the end of the corridor was a room; it had two Marine guards posted outside and what looked to be an officer, a female one at that, conversing with the hospital patient.

      He raised his fist and they stopped, he risked toggling his COM "This is the Lt, Commander, all other groups secure the insertion point for my return" He shut it off and moved.

      As they neared the door he nodded towards Taylor and Smith and then at the Marines. The two of them walked up and smashed the butts of their CP-02s into the faces of the Marines. He walked up and kicked the door down; he noted the terror in the Marine officer's face and the grin that formed on Grayson's. The weird thing was that the Lt. Commander knew that face and couldn't hurt the person who it belonged too. He toggled off his PSCS but had his rifle shouldered.

      He appeared as nothing more then a Ghost appearing from the shadows "Hello Sarah, rising in rank while I have been gone?" He noted the terror; he lifted his visor up for good measure.

      She looked him straight in the eyes "J.D.? Is that you? Yes, yes it is you. You lying piece of fucking shit! You have been alive this whole fucking time! You are . . . err were dead!" Her eyes shown just more then anger, happiness showed and whatever they had, were still there.

      "Well, you know I was technically dead. I was in a Coma for a couple months, and then came rehabilitation and then some other shit which isn't important right now. ONI is a bitch though, but in all seriousness I need my Lieutenant back" He gestured his hand towards the bed "Taylor, Ortega get Grayson out of here" The two men appeared out of nothingness, un-strapping Grayson and carrying him out of the room.

      Carlyle came on over the COM "Sir? We found his gear and are freeing it right now. We'll be there in one second" It shut off, leaving only the hiss and them two alone.

      "Its just . . . just amazing that you are still alive. I don't know what to say?" Sarah stuttered out. She was a Commander; Commander Sheffield had a nice ring to it.

      "You don't have to say anything. I have to go now but there are two things I want to tell you. Firstly COM Channel E-8772185 and you'll get any answer you need from me, and secondly this" He walked up and dropped his rifle, giving her a hug. "That's it, I missed you but sorry" He toggled the PSCS leaving the Commander saying a faint and distant "Goodbye?"

      They gathered outside near the motor pool, the Warthog was now a flaming wreck and a beacon for their ride. The Black Operations squad watched as a Pelican dove in fast and landed, they all ran inside it and strapped down as it immediately took off. Lt. Grayson was getting re-acquainted with his gear and was also visibly in pain. The Lt. Commander thought the mission went well, that is not including the feeling inside him he got as a bonus.

(Hey, if you don't know some of the characters. Look up my name in the search on the website, look at the earlier parts of this series and also for The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine, then end parts of that series give some details towards this one, charactes n'such. Thanks a lot for reading it, its been at least 7 months since this was written and I'm happy to back writing again. 9th grade is just too boring. Lol Thanks