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Titan - Chapter 3
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 10 August 2002, 10:39 am

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On Titan's Surface 2 Miles From Research Station A

      "Where the heck is the rest of our assault group Lt. Webster, the other Grizzlies left us awhile ago"Yelled Pvt. Mackenize, "Don't you worry, we landed away from the rest of the group, we'll join them later on"Sgt. Griffin replied. The Grizzly proceeded over a group of large sand dunes. "Lt. Webster we are just about 3 miles from the Research Station, Its getting really dark out, and I ain't detecting any Titan forces yet", "Well thats what you said before those warthogs attacked us Pvt. Lee". "Heh well this time its working, I think the bullets did something to it". "Hey Lee, you say that there isn't any Titan forces", "Yeah Ishida Why". "Well theres just some Bunkers down there". The chain-gun Pvt. Ishida was on poured out bullets. The bullets impacted on a Titanium reinforced concrete bunker. The bullets barley scratched it. The sound of Ishida's chain-gun was replied with small arms and chain-gun fire.

      Lt. Webster reached into his side pocket and pulled out a small Starlight Scope. He removed a piece of the outer shell of the MA6B and secured it on. "Alright I've got an idea that might just work. Patterson, Ryan, and Sinclair. You're coming with me. We are gonna jump outta this tin can and take up postions on the dune. All of you fix a Starlight Scope to your MA6B first though. Pvt. Lee you keep moving to keep the bunker occupied. Get ready people, this is gonna be fun." Pvt. Chavez opened the rear doors and Lt. Webster, Cpl. Ryan, Pvt. Patterson, and Pvt. Sinclair jumped out. They rolled for a couple of feet while the Grizzly kept moving while taking fire. "Alright find a good spot spaced away from each other that can see directly inside the bunker", "Yes, Sir". Lt. Webster and Cpl. Ryan started moving one way while Pvt. Sinclair went the other. Pvt. Patterson dug in right there.

      Lt. Webster kneeled down and began to look through his scope. He saw 4 chain guns at different angles with 8 marines moving around inside. Lt. Webster spoke into his COM "Alright fire at will, I repeat fire at will". With that the marines opened fire. Pvt. Sinclair began to fire his MA6B in short bursts trying to hit any of the marines. Cpl. Ryan let loose four bullets and three kills were made. Pvt Patterson fired one rocket and blew the chain-gun that was firing and it's gunner to bits. Lt. Webster fired in bursts of three bullets and his shots impacted one another marine. Pvt. Patterson let loose another rocket and cleaned out the remaining marines inside the bunker. Lt. Webster spoke into his COM again "Alright good work, they didn't know what hit them. Pvt. Lee stop where you are we are coming towards you.

      The four marines ran towards the Grizzly which had stopped near the bunker. They reached it and climbed back in. "Lt. , im getting reports that the other marines have begun arriving at the Research Station", "Alright then, start driving" With that the Grizzly began to move towards the research station.

On Titan's Surface At Research Station A

      The Grizzly drove up to find 7 Grizzlies already there, firing on the Titan postions. There were Titan Marines posted on different parts on the outside of the Research station. On the top level were barriers with marines holding Jackhammers behind it, on the middle level were chain-gun emplacements, and on the bottom level infront of the entrance were more marines hiding behnig barriers. None of the other Grizzlies had exploded yet but they had serious scaring. "Lt. Webster im taking heavy fire", "Alright climb down, we need your MA6B-C, Pvt. Howard get on that chain-gun. Pvt. Lee find a good place to park this thing" While saying that Pvt. Smith finally got to fire the hull machine gun. His bullets impacted on the barriers infront of the door, but some of the bullets went through it and killed a couple Titan marines behind it.

      The Grizzly stopped moving, it was parked sideways towards the structure so marines could take cover behind it. "Alright grab all your ammo and prepare to get the hell out", a rocket impacted on the Grizzly. The explosion took out the hull machine gun and Pvt. Smith. "Damn it, Go Go Go". The rear door opened and Pvt. Chavez was the first out. He stepped into a hail of bullets caused by a chain-gun. He was killed almost immedatly. Pvt. Patterson who was out next stumbled back in and avoided being hit. "Pvt. Howard fire on the damn chain-gun" While the chain-gun with the Titan marine took fire the other marines hopped out. They ran behind the Grizzly to have more cover. Pvt. Lee climbed out and joined them.

      "Alright marines go to work". The marines opened fire on the middle level. AP rounds struck Titan marines and ripped them to pieces. Some shots went straight through their helmets others impacted on the chain-guns doing no damage. Pvt. Ishida held down the trigger for a long burst and emptied a couple of the chain-guns. Pvt. Patterson fired two rockets and two chain-guns wouldn't be working again. Cpl. Ryan finished off the stragglers up there. All the marines in the Grizzlies had it a bet easier now. 3rd Squad opened fire on the the top level. When they finished their clips they loaded EX rounds into them, they knew that even though those would mangle the bodies, it would work perfectly.

      The few Titan marines on top began firing at Grzzlies only to find out that they were empty and their cargo was behind them shooting. With in a couple of minutes there was no one left on the the top level to return fire. "Lt. Webster i've got 3 warthogs coming in". Lt. Webster turned and saw Major Bryant's and Major Carlson's(252nd Armoured Commander)warthogs firing on a titan warthog. The reason we could tell the difference was because that the Titan warthog was an older version and ours was newer. Ours had an armoured door over the seats for extra protection and more armor on the back to protect the gunner. The Titan warthog drove straight into the incoming fire from the Grzzlies and exploded.

      The warthogs drove up and their occupients except for the gunners got out. Major Bryant spoke into his COM "Alright 117th, the 252nd lost half its Pelicans on the way in and the Scorpians are having some trouble getting here. So we are gonna be with out heavy armor for some time. Every one stop firing excluding the gunners and load EX. Fire at the barricades on the bottom when I say to", "Yes, Sir". Marines began switching clips and Titan marines were wondering what the hell was going on. "Open fire". Hundreds of EX rounds were fired at the Titan marines. The bullets utterly destroyed the barricades and horribly mangled the Titan marines beyond reconition. The gunners climbed out of their vehicles and joined their squads. "117th lets move in", "Yes, Sir". 100 marines moved in on the Research Station and began to enter it.

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger In orbit around Titan

      "Captain, the re-supply ship the Bladivostok is almost complete with the transfer of supplies", "Thank you Angel". The Devil's Messenger had received major damage and two ships were repairing it at this time. The Bladivostok and the Casino a repair and refeit station. "Captain we lost about 9 longswords, that is what your officer is telling me", "Alright Angel". The engine was at 23% normal capacity and the carrier had about 13% armor left and no weapons except for 15 archer missile pods and 12% of their point defense guns. The ship had seen better days. "Captain im getting news from our marines", "Great I can talk to you instead of Angel, Lt. Mendel", "Captain we lost two pelicans from the 117th and five from the 252nd. The 252nd hasn't had any more casualties but the 117th has had appoximently 9 deaths. They are entering the Research Station right now", "Thanks Mendel keep me posted"

On the surface of Titan inside of Research Station A

      "Lt. Webster you take your squad inside the main room while the rest of the squads take out the Titan marines on the upper levels. "Yes, Sir". 3rd squad proceeded through the main doors checking their seals, just in case. They went through it and found 13 Titan marines trying to burn documents. They wasted them. Cause of death, seven MA6Bs and one MA6B-C. What seemed odd about this, was that the Research Stations were supposed to be developing new weaponds or ammo. There was nothing inside of here except a large pit and digging equipment. One Titan marine jumped out from behind a crate and fired. The bullets hit Lt. Webster and Pvt. Patterson. The bullets harmlessly bounced of them but one bullet went through the fabric and struck Patterson. Sgt. Griffin pumped the Titan marine full of EX rounds. "Pvt. Mackenzie get your ass over here"

      Pvt. Mackenzie began to look over thr wound, this inner room was sealed so you could take off your suit. "In she going to be fine", "Yes Sir, we aren't gonna lose another marine this way" Lt. Webster remembered one of his marines hit by friendly fire who died right in front of him. Pvt. Ishida walked over towards the hole and jumped in. "Ishida where the hell did you go?", "Sir, im in the pit. You gotta see whats in here, there is an alien artifact down here. Its laying down, it's a ring shape. Its about 15 feet across. Lt. Webster walked over and looked down 5 feet. Right there was Ishida with the object. "Get out of there right now Ishida", "Alright sir but theres some interesting writing on it, it was burned into this thing not carvered" Ishida said while touching it. Ishida turned around and climbed out of the pit, right behind him the writing glowed for a second.

      About 10 minutes later the rest of the Marines came inside. They didn't lose any marines while they were clearing the building out. Major Bryant walked up to 3rd Squad. "Give me a report Lt. ", "Sir, we hosed 14 Titan marines but they wounded one of my Marines. We also found something in the pit, it's an alien relic", "Alright thanks, 1st Squad front and center". 11 marines ran up and their Lieutenant walked up letting her sniper rifle dangle. "Lt. Mendez take your squad and check out that relic throughly. I want to know if it's safe.", "Yes, Sir". They began to walk towards the pit when a blue light began to emitt from it. Lt. Mendez ordered her squad back and they went back. Five huminoid forms appeared and climbed out of the pit. They were covered in metalic blue armor, they were 7 feet high, and carried a weapon on their left arms. A band of light shined around them for a second and disappered. They pressed a holo graphic button on their right arm and a blue shield appeared. It was much like the Jackal's shield but didn't have any hard points, it was entirly energy.

      Lt. Webster kneeled down. "Pvt. Mackenzie seal her up and make sure she can run", "Yes, Sir". Lt. Webster flipped on his squads frequency. "3rd Squad, prepare to pull back. Load EX rounds and be ready to return fire. I have a weird feeling". One of the Marines spoke over the opened frequency. "Major Bryant, im getting rising energy readings from the alien weapons", "Are they plasma weapons", "No sir, its much hotter. Nothing the Covenant have used so far can hold this. I'd say it''s probably a Fusion Cannon".
Major Bryant nodded. "Ishida, you touched it didn't you", "Yes, Sir", "If we die, it's all your fault". Major Bryant began to talk with the marines again when one of the aliens said something. "INTRUDERS" and they raised their weapons.