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Titan - Prologue
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 30 May 2002, 4:44 am

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United Nations Space Command Priorty Transmission 04592D-96
Encryption Code: Red
Public Key: File /Charlie-Delta-Yankee-Seven-/
From: Admiral Louis Reaves, Commanding Fleet Officer, EARTHCOM (UNSC Service Number: 00036-54901-EC)
To: UNSC vessels Devil's Messenger, Orion, Centurion, Thor's Hammer, First Light, Tsunami, Elemental, and Galaxy
Subject: Proceed To Titan
Classification: Classified (BGX Directive)

/start file/
You are to disengage from any battle you are commencing, retrieve your marines, and return to Sol System ASAP. The colony on Saturn's moon Titan has broken away from the UNSC do to increasing problems in politics and supply problems. We sent the UNSC Frigate Redemption along with some delagates to deal with the problem. The Redemption was destroyed and all hands were lost. Your job is to attack the colony and secure it. Kill all the opposition and the Titan leaders, but do not, I repeat do not destroy the colony because building it was too costly and we wouldn't want to lose it now. The colony has 10 MAC guns placed on its surface near the colony it self, 3 Frigates, unknown number of Titan Marines, and at least 5 Longsword squaderns. Good Luck
/end file/

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger In Orbit Above Epsilon 2

İİİİİThe Devil's Messenger dentonated it's port emergency thrusterİİİİİdodged an incoming plasma torpedo. "93%, 97%, MAC gun's hot, it's ready to fire Sir" yelled Lt. Sanders who was manning the weapons console. "Send them to hell, fire the MAC and Archer missiles" Yelled Captain White. The Devil's Messenger shuttered and a streaking white projectile exploded from the ship.

İİİİİIt streaked towards the unshielded Covenant Frigate. The round hit its side and sent it tumbling out of control. The archer missles streaked towards the Frigate and exploded in the hole in the side of the ship. "Plasma Torpedo tracking us Sir, impact in 20 seconds" Lt. Martinez the who was at ops told the Captain.

İİİİİ"Lt. Davis keep this heading, Im gonna have the Plasma hit a destroyed ship" Captain White told his navigation officer. "Sir, collision with a piece of a UNSC Frigate's hull in 15 seconds". Yelled Lt. Martinez. "Captain, Longsword squaderns still engaged with the Frigate"Lt. Mendel yelled from COM. "Tell them to keep it occupied". The Captain replied. The Plasma trailing behind the Carrier lurched closer. "Lt. Martinez push the engines as hot as you can" "Sir, the reactor can't go any hotter"Lt. Martinez told the Captain.

İİİİİ"Sir, collision with debris in 7 seconds and Plasma Torpedo impact in 11 seconds. Its gonna impact before we can reach the debris, Sir" Lt. Martinez told the captain. "Damn it, Lt. Davis detonate starboard emergency thruster in 4 seconds"Captain White screamed. "Plasma Torpedo impact in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1," Lt. Martinez said while shaking. A bang resided within the hull of the carrier as it lurched to the side. The Plasma Torpedo flew past and collided with the debris. The Carrier pasted mere meters from the melting hull.

İİİİİ"Lt. Sanders recharge the MAC gun one heavy round, arm all remaining Archer missile pods, Lt. Davis come about to heading zero two seven point one eight. Lt. Mendel recall the Longswords"Soon as Captain White said that, all the bridge officers went to work. The Longsword squaderns fired the last of their archer missiles and came around at full speed. The Covenant Frigate came about and started moving towards the Devil's Messenger at a slow speed all while pulse lasers were charging.

İİİİİ"Captain, MAC gun is hot and target lock aquired."Lt. Sanders said and looked at the Captain. "Fire Lt. Sanders". The ship shuddered again and another MAC round was sent towards it's target followed by hundreds of missiles. The MAC round went straight through the ship, bow to stern. The Archer missiles ripped apart the remains of the Covenant Frigate and it exploded. The bridge of the Devil's Messenger was full of cheers "Lt. Mendel tell the Marines on the surface to prepare for evac, tell them they have 15 minutes till the pelicans land. Also tell the longsword pilots to re arm and give the marines some support."Said the Captain

On The Surface Of Epsilon 2, grid fourty-five by eleven

İİİİİLt. Cory Webster's COM went off. "All marines prepare for evac in 15 minutes, Devil's Messenger out". Around Webster marines were firing their MA6Bs at a large Covenant force. Lt. Webster leveled his MA6B and fired sending a trio of EX rounds at a Grunt. The rounds ripped apart the Grunt. Plasma fire erupted all around his squad's postion. One of the marines near Webster took a plasma bolt to the neck. "Oh hell get a medic over here. 3rd squad fall back, lay down cover fire for the wounded as you retreat."Yelled Lt. Webster over the sounds of MA6Bs firing and screams of marines and Covenant alike.

İİİİİWebster ran up to where some of his marines were pinned down by a group of 5 Jackals holding their postions 10 meters away. Plasma bolts streaked all around Webster. Webster took a shot to the shoulder but his armor stopped it. The marines in a foxhole saw Lt. Webster coming and gave him covering fire as Lt. Webster jumped in. "Pvt. Sinclair, Pvt. Jones, and Pvt. Lewis get your asses out of this foxhole. Lob some damn grenades at the Jackals and pull back, god why do I think of everything."Said Lt. Webster while chuckling a bit.

İİİİİThe four marines primed some grenades and tossed them. The grenades landed right behind a couple Jackals and killed 3 of them. The marines climbed out and ran for their lives. The two Jackals fired an overcharged plasma bolt at the running marines. The bolts hit Pvt. Jones in the back and burned straight through his armor killing him. Lt. Webster didn't look back. What he saw next made him fell better. They had run in a sprint for a minute and came up where his squad was.

İİİİİOf his original squad of 25 marines, there was about 11 marines there and two were wounded. Lt. Webster saw Pelicans in the sky and knew that they had to keep the area secure before they landed. "3rd Squad this is yankee-723, I am inbound. ETA is about 1 minute thirty seconds."Yelled the Pelican's pilot over the COM. "Roger that yankee-723, nice to hear your voice again Rose"Replied Lt. Webster. Rose and Lt. Webster had been close friends since the first grade. "3rd squad keep the perimeter secured and kill anything that isn't human, got that marines". "Yes Sir" Yelled the marines in 3rd squad. "Cpl. Pyne do you still have ammo for your MA6B-LC"Said the Lt. as he walked over to a marine. The MA6B-C was essentially a MA6B except it didn't have a 60 bullet clip. The MA6B-C had a 240 bullet canister and a tripod. "Sir, I still have 2 un used clips"Said Cpl. Pyne. "Good, lie down on that rock and keep the Covies surpressed"Replied Lt. Webster. "Holy Crap Sir, the covies are charging us and there is a lot of them"Screamed Cpl. Ryan a sniper.

İİİİİThe Marines opened fire at the approaching covenant force. EX and AP rounds flew through the air and ripped apart Grunts. The Elite's shields didn't last long against the onslaught of bullets and soon ended up like the Grunts. Lt. Webster tossed his empty clip to the ground and loaded another clip. He leveled his MA6B and fired a three round burst at a Grunt and saw something that scared the hell out of him. 5 Hunters appeared in the distance, Fuel Rod Cannons charging. Cpl. Pyne's bullets were ricocheting off the Hunter's armor, while EX rounds from other marines were melting their armor. A sniper rilfe was fired and a Hunter fell with blood oozing from its open spot between its head and chest.

İİİİİThe Hunters fired their Fuel Rod Cannons and the bolts hit the rock Cpl. Pyne was on. The blast melted the rock and tossed Cpl. Pyne 20 feet into the air landing against a tree. Lt. Webster screamed and fired at the Hunters. The ground near the Hunters was ripped apart by bullet fire. The bullet's aim was corrected and it fired at the Hunters. Three of the Hunters fell with orange blood oozing from their bodies. Lt. Webster turned around and saw a Pelican hovering there. "Marines get your asses onboard, Cpl. Ryan help me with Cpl. Pyne's body"Screamed Lt. Webster as he ran to the spot where Cpl. Pyne lay. He saw Cpl. Pyne laying there dead, with melted armor plates and burnt skin all over his body. Cpl. Ryan and Lt. Webster lifted his body and climbed onboard the Pelican.

İİİİİ"Hold on Marines, this is gonna be a bit bumpy"Yelled Yankee-723 as the pelican's bay door closed. Lt. Webster looked at his marines. They were all tired and hurt in some way. Sgt. Griffin was comforting a marine who was wounded. The squad's medic Pvt. Mackenzie was tending to Pvt. Sinclair's wounds. Lt. Webster patted Cpl. Ryan on the back as he walked towards the cockpit of the Pelican. He climbed up and sat down in the co-pilot's seat. Lt. Webster saw at least 4 squadrens of Longswords fly past the Pelican heading towards the area where he had just been. Rose was fighting with the controls as another flight of Longswords cut it close and almost collided with them. Soon the Pelican left the atmosphere and a UNSC carrier was visible directly ahead of them. "That thing sure is a beauty , isn't it Cory"Rose said without looking at him. "Yes that thing is like heaven for me because there is at least 4 meters of metal between me and the Covenant"Lt. Webster said while sighing. Rose used the Pelican's COM and called the Carrier "UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger this is Yankee-723, requesting permission to land"Rose said into the COM. "Yankee-723 you are cleared to land, dock in landing bay 3."Replied the Devil's Messenger.

İİİİİThe Pelican landed and was cycled through the air lock. The Pelican came to a stop and the bay doors opened. Lt. Webster's squad proceeded to depart the Pelican as medics rushed in and tended to the wounded. Lt. Webster and Rose got out of the cockpit and walked out. "I'll see you later"Rose said the Lt. Webster as she begain to talk to the mecanics. Lt. Webster thought he was going to have a nice sleep when his COM went off. "The 117th squads COs report to the briefing room, ASAP." Lt. Webster cursed to himself and walked to the lift where he was joined by other COs of the other squads.

The Briefing Room Onboard The Devil's Messenger In Orbit Above Epsilon 2

İİİİİLt. Webster and seven other COs from the 117th were sitting down in the briefing room waiting for Captain White and the 117th's Commanding Officer Major Bryant. Someone yelled "Attention On Deck" and everyone stood as the Captain and Major entered the room. "At ease" Said Major Bryant and everyone sat down. "Alright lets begin. At 13:45 this ship recived a message from EARTHCOM. The message had orders for this ship and us marines to proceed to the colony on Saturn's moon Titan in the Sol System. Marines, Titan has broken away from the UNSC. We are being sent into the colony to retake the colony. The Colony has an unknown number of marines."Said the Major. One CO raised his hand. "Sir, if the colony has an unknown number of marines and we are sent down there, we could be outnumbered 5-1."

İİİİİ "We know you can be outnumbered but we have one advantage. The Titan Marines are armed with MA3Bs and your armor can stop most of the rounds impacting it. You will have to battle the and kill all the Titan Marines. Then your squads will proceed to eliminate the Titan leaders and take control of the colony. We can not destroy the colony because we do not know if any of the cilvilians are still siding with the UNSC. After you have taken control of the colony EARTHCOM will send in a leadership and more marines to take over your positions in the colony. I know you will be asking this question so i'll answer it right now. You will not be the only marines being sent in, there will be seven other UNSC ships with marines including in this assault. You are dismissed and get some sleep you'll need it."The Major told the COs.

İİİİİThe COs and Lt. Webster got up and left the Briefing room. Lt. Webster proceeded to his quarters to sleep for a very long time. He decided that he would tell his squad later about this and let them get some sleep. Webster reached his quarters, opened the door, and collapsed onto the bunk.

The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger Proceeding Out Of The System

İİİİİ"Lt. Davis prepare an randomized nav vector into Slipspace in acordance with the Cole Protocol for a day and then reorient and proceed to the Sol System."Said Captain White. "Sir, randomized nav vector in compliance with the Cole Protocol."Replied Lt. Davis. The Devil's Messenger accelerated outsystem and prepared to go into Slipspace. "Approaching saturation velocity, Powering Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Generators"Said Lt. Davis. Light boiled around the Devil's Messenger and then the ship dissaperaed into Slipspace.