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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 5
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 11 April 2002, 11:08 am

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     To my horror I saw a pelican literally falling out of the sky. It was on fire and it crashed into a pelican that was landing. There was at least thirty five banshees flying around up there. Alex was taking shots at the banshees trying to hit one of them. I saw in the distance a group of marines making a run towards a damaged pelican that was taking off. Five banshees flew over firing their fuel rod cannons at the marines. Not one of those marines were alive. Alex took another shot and to my surprise a banshee fell out of the sky. I was reloading my MA5B when something jumped out of the bushes, it was a marine. He was holding a Jackhammer. "Wait a minute we had jack-hammers why didn't we use them against the conveant at the structure??" "One because I couldn't fire it because it was jammed and the L.T. told me to save it for when we needed it and im glad I did because I think we need it"

The marine was from my squad and he had a bunch of pistol clips on him, I guess that he had been using his pistol the whole time. Another shot fired from Alex's sniper rifle and this time it hit a elite on a ghost and it swerved out of control and hit a bunch of grunts who were to stupid to get out of the way. We were just about to move to where the pelicans were landing when one of the pelicans unloaded a squad of marines. I was really glad to see reinforcements but as soon as they were all out all of these elites, hunters, and grunts with needlers popped out of the ground. They were probably hiding in holes. "Oh my god" I heard Alex say as the conveant slaughtered the marines, I watched a marine take a fuel rod cannon shot to the head (which was not pretty). The marine next to me steadied the Jackhammer and fired a rocket into the conveant who had slaughtered the marines. Four grunts and a hunter were killed instantly and Alex fired a couple sniper rounds into the heads of elites whose shields were weakened. The marine fired another rocket into them.

Just after another explosion happened and the pelican which had unloaded the marines exploded taking two grunts who were firing at the pelican's cockpit (from the inside). Two more pelicans landed unloading two more squads of marines. But this time conveant popped out of the ground and started firing as ten banshees flew over strafing the marines with their plasma cannons and fuel rod cannons. "Ok people we need to move towards the pelicans, it might be our only way out of here so lets get going". Alex and I picked up the wounded marine and we started moving towards the pelicans through the smoke from the downed aircraft. The other marine with us was firing his pistol at anything that moved (he was a really good shot but that doesn't matter). It seemed that we were the only marines from our four squads that made it. While we were moving I fired my MA5B at a ghost that was heading towards the other marines. I had damaged it but it kept going and the elite's shields held until the marine hit him in the back of the head three times with his pistol.

I though we would make it without being spotted until a banshee flew over and shot at us. We took cover behind the smoldering ruins of a banshee. I kept firing at it and the marine and Alex fired their pistols at it. The banshee made another pass and fired a fuel rod cannon blast right at the place were we took cover. After the smoke cleared I saw the other marine lying on the ground dead. "Crap Alex this isn't very good, I don't we are going to make it to the pelicans and we can't hold our own for long here" "I know J.D. but don't give up hope we don't know how many pelicans are coming with more marines, but one thing though they should at least send some Longswords". I had an idea to try to radio any USNC units in the area, but all I got was static but there was some mumbling on it I couldn't understand. I amplified the sound and it sounded conveant, but it was on our frequency. I couldn't listen any more because Alex was yelling at me to fire at a group of conveant that had spotted us.

I raised my MA5B and fired into them trying to stop the elites coming, I didn't care about those grunts running at us Alex was taking care of those. There was at least seven elites about 213 yards away running at us. I threw a grenade into the grunts that were shooting at us. It got about 97% of them and the rest ran away. I dropped down to change my clip and plasma shots were flying by our position. When I looked up three of the elites had fallen and the other four were running at full speed towards us, well a few seconds later there were two when me and Alex threw our last grenades into them. Two of the elites were left and the first one reached Alex with a plasma sword activated. I shot at him but to my horror the other one was right on top of me.

The elite swung its plasma rifle at me and missed. I hit him in the side of the head with my MA5B. Right then I heard a shriek and I saw the other elite shove the plasma sword right through Alex's chest. That really pissed me off, I felt a burning inside me. The elite swung at me again with the plasma rifle and almost hit the unconscious wounded marine under a part of the banshee. I shoved the barrel of my MA5B with all my strength into the elites chest, which didn't do much until I pulled the trigger and blue blood splattered all over me. I turned and fired at the other elite who wasn't paying attention to me until I shot him. He moved when his shield dropped but I knocked the sword out of his hand.

When it ran up to me I swung my MA5B and its head and barely missed only cutting up part of his face which looked like it was going to leave a scar. I swung again at the elite's gut. The elite grabbed my MA5B and smashed it into my gut. "Holy crap that hurt" I sputtered out before it smashed the MA5B into my shoulder breaking it and it then lifted it up and I knew this was it. The elite swung and hit me in the left side of my head, cracking my helmet open. In the background the last pelican out here exploded. All I saw was a bright white light then nothing but darkness.

Something happened which must of been a miracle because I woke up in a hospital bed. A nurse standing by my bed went wide eyed and hurried out of the room. I had a horrible pain in the left side of my head, my ribs were broken, and my shoulder was shattered. A doctor walked in the room and sat down next to me. "You know you are very lucky, we thought you would never wake up again because you have been unconscious for thirteen days. You were found on the battle field seven days ago when we staged a large attack on the conveant at the structure. A squad of marines spotted something moving, which was the wounded marine near you. When they checked the pulses of the bodies which weren't hit with plasma fire in the head or chest. They found you with your helmet in two pieces and dried blood staining the left side of your head." "All I want to know doctor was what is the structure, and I need to tell you that I heard conveant on our radios". "Im cleared to tell you this is listen Pvt. The structure was an old communications station we used to contact USNC units on this planet. This was used before our marine units had the same communication abilities as it. We abandoned it when the conveant landed on the planet and we needed more marines in the fight.". I was shocked that they sent us in without telling two of the squads what was going on. "And Pvt. I really don't want to tell you this but I have to, the planet you were from New Epsilon was glassed three days ago."

I didn't know how to react to that, I had already lost someone a few days ago. The doctor told me good bye and just got up and walked off. The wounded marine that had survived the encounter, I found out that we were both being transferred to another squad. I thought to myself quietly as I fell asleep "really what I am fighting for now"

Continued in Part 6
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