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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 3
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 30 March 2002 4:57 am

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We had been in the air for only a few minutes when a flight of banshees blew one of the Pelicans out of the air. The crash killed everyone on board. The banshees took off and we neared landing. The pelican shook as we landed. We were sent out here on a mission to protect a structure, but we didn't know why. "Alright you grunts Bravo squad will enter the structure and my Alpha squad will defend the outside." "Geez can't he go any faster" I thought. "Delta and Echo since you still haven't gotten full replacements you will be securing a perimeter around the structure, you will have 4 warthogs at your disposal you would of had another but Charlie unit isn't with us any more, move out" my commander sent me to be the gunner on a warthog "Why the fuck do you want me on this??" "Because I know you can't run very fast so get on" As I walked past I saw Alex with camouflage on walking towards the forest.
İİİİİAs I got on the I noticed the gunner's bucket was covered in red stains
İİİİİ"Well this looks encouraging I know im gonna die today" "No your not your being driven by me, hi im Jake" "hi im J.D. have you been driving this thing long??", "Ya I have well lets get moving" Just as we started to move a marine jumped in the shotgun seat and cussed at Jake. As we drove on I just couldn't help thinking why the hell were we sent out to investigate a structure. I guessed that only Bravo and Alpha squad knew. As we drove on we passed a warthog going really fast and firing at something behind them.
İİİİİWe saw 4 ghosts chasing it. Jake hit the accelerator and we drove and made a shortcut pulling right next to the ghosts. "Hey blue bitches looking for something". I fired the Chain Gun right into them and the marine in shotgun laughed as he fired his AR. Immediately after we opened fire 3 of the ghosts blew up and the last one fired at the other warthog and rammed into us, exploding instantly. I was tossed off the warthog and into a tree. Three minutes later I woke up slumped over a branch. "Geez did you get the number of that truck" I dropped out of the tree and walked over to the warthog I was on. There was pieces of it everywhere. I found pieces of the marine all over the place. When I bent down I had a tremendous pain in my chest. I guessed I broke a few ribs and when I moved the plate on the ground I found what looked like Jake. I walked and found the elite who was driving a ghost still alive on the ground. I spat on him "Burn in hell" I grabbed a Grenade from my pocket and tossed it on him and walked away.
İİİİİI felt the heat from the explosion and blue liquid sprayed everywhere. I found the warthog the was being chased. It hit a tree and was still smoldering. The gunner was slumped over the chain gun and the driver and the and marine in shotgun hit the windshield and the driver's head was through it. I checked the computer on the warthog and the Captain was calling all units to the structure. I flipped on my H.U.D. and checked where the structure was and started walking. Another warthog drove by and stopped to let me on. "Can I get a ride my warthog was trashed" "Sure jump on" I hopped in the shotgun seat. The warthog drove off and I saw in the distance there were explosions and blue balls of energy.
İİİİİTo be continued in Part 4