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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 10
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 8 May 2002, 11:55 pm

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     After awhile of looking at the blood stained floor and hoping the marines would come down here.   My motion sensor started going off and I guessed that it must off been the marines but my HUD showed that there were five contacts moving in and they weren't human, they were Covenant.  I knew I would have to fight them so I started getting up by pushing myself against the wall till I was standing up.  I checked what I had which was my M6D with two clips and my combat knife.  I slowly walked to the brig door hoping only to find some Grunts.  I looked around the corner and saw the dim glow of a Jackal's shield.  I stood there and counted how many were there and there was two Jackals and three Grunts.  The Grunts by themselves might be a challenge but against Jackals that might be a slight problem.  

     I kneeled down behind the wall to think of what I was gonna do.  I saw a grenade on a dead marine's body and I grabbed it.  That would come in handy.  The Jackals and Grunts were eating the dead bodies and one of the marines who was still alive was moving.  They fired at him and killed him instantly.  One of the Grunts proceeded to eat his body and I took aim.  I aimed directly for his head.  I fired two rounds and blew out what was supposed to be the brain.  The other Covenant saw and fired at me.  The wall in which I was hiding behind was burned and the plasma shots almost hit me.  I fired back and my bullets bounced off the Jackal's shield.  A Grunt tossed a plasma grenade at me and it landed on my helmet.

     "Holy Shit"I said while ripping off my helmet and tossing it at the grunt.  The plasma grenade exploded and ruined the Grunt's day.  Plasma fire erupted all around me and I ducked behind the wall.  I picked up my grenade and pulled the pin out.  I tossed the grenade between a Grunt and a Jackal.  The explosion killed them both but there was still one Jackal.  I spent a clip trying to kill the Jackal but the shots kept hitting the shield.  The Jackal charged at me plasma pistol blaring.   I was hit in my shoulder by plasma as I was changing clips.  The pain was intense but I didn't care and I fired again.  My shots weren't doing any damage and by the time I had two shots left the Jackal was really close.  I moved behind as the Jackal moved around the wall and jumped right in front of me.  I fired my last two rounds into the shield which was no effect against the Jackal.  The Jackal aimed it's plasma pistol at me and prepared an overcharged plasma shot.  I was just about to give up hope when the sounds of gunfire erupted and the Jackal was hit by a hail of bullets.  The Jackal was still moving and fired off its overcharged plasma at the people shooting at it before it was finished off.  I looked up and saw four marines toting MA5B's.  I was really glad to see fellow soldiers still alive.  

"Sir, are you okay??"said one of the marines who was walking over to me

"Yes Pvt. im fine, I was wondering when you were gonna come down here" I told the marine and winced from the pain.

"Well it took us awhile to get down here, the Covenant are all over the base, we're all that is left of our squad.  Everyone else is dead including our CO's" Said the marine while helping me up

"Thanks and  well I lost everyone in my squad except for her"I said pointing to the unconscious Sarah

"Well Sir, I guess you are the highest ranking marine here.  So what do you suggest we do now"

"So lets go find some more marines and kill some Covs.  But first can one of you marines help her up." I said to them.

"Ok im Pvt. Stevens, thats Pvt. Lopez, Pvt. Jamison, and that is Pvt. Walker"The marine said to me as we started moving.

"Ok im Cpl. Andrews and that is Pvt. Sheffield"Said me.

     I reached down and picked up some pistol ammo from a dead marine.  Pvt. Walker helped up Sarah who was conscious again.  We headed to the stairs not wanting to go back up the maintenance hatch again.  There was Covenant in the area and I hoped there wasn't any near because they could get an easy head shot on me.  Pvt. Stevens was leading the rest of us.  He peered around the corner and looked back at us.  "There are five Jackals over there and they looked pissed off about something.".  The marines looked for any Fragmentation Grenades on themselves  but no one had any.  "I've got an idea.  One of you go back down and look for any plasma grenades.  We'll use those to take care of the Jackal Pvt.Lopez ran back down the stairs and five minutes later he came back up with five plasma grenades.  

     He handed each of us a grenade except for Sarah.  Pvt. Lopez  walked up and leaned around the corner and was hit by five overcharged plasma bolts.  There wasn't mush left of the his burning  corpse.  The marines and I rounded the corner and opened fire.  Our rounds bounced off the shields but we got lucky and hit one of the Jackals.  I tossed the plasma grenade and to my satisfaction, it stuck on a Jackal's head.  The Jackal tried to get it off and took another Jackal with him as he exploded.  The three other marines chucked their Plasma grenades and killed two more Jackals.  The last Jackal started to retreat while firing wildly at us.  We took cover as the Jackal fired an overcharged shot.  The blast hit the wall above Pvt. Stevens head and melted a hole in it.  When we looked back the Jackal was gone, which was strange.  The Covenant never pulled back like that before and then I guessed that the Jackal must of went to go get his friends.  

     We went the opposite way the Jackal did and we came up on what used to be the gym.  We moved in slowly half expecting to be ambushed.  There wasn't any Covenant living  but there were a few dead ones and a hell a lot of dead marines.  If we got into a fight we wouldn't last very long.  One of the marines with us had been hit in the chest twice by plasma bolts but it didn't seem to hurt him that much.  We moved near the other exit and found something that made me sick to my stomach.  There were several half eaten marine bodies on the floor and seven Grunts still eating them.  The Grunts shrieked when they saw us and reached for there plasma rifles.  The three other marines fired their MA5Bs in a full-auto fusillade cutting down the Grunts.  I fired four shots from my M6D into a Grunt and killed him.  We checked the Covenant and marine corpses for grenades and there weren't any.  A lot of these bodies were ODSTs and they looked like they were killed just as easily as any another marine.

"Oh my god, those Covenant bastards"Said Pvt. Jamison

     I went through the door first and peered out.  I saw something that would kill us all there were two Hunters standing right there.  We wouldn't win a fight against those two so I told the rest of the marines with me to go across and I'll cover them.  The marines moved across as I opened fire with my M6D.  I used the 2x scope and hit one of them in the open spot on their neck.  The other one turned and fired his Fuel Rod Cannon.  I jumped and rolled across before the bolt hit.  All there was  where I had been was smoke and a Giant hole in the wall.  My body hurt so badly after that maneuver I had a really hard time getting up.  Pvt. Stevens and Pvt. Jamison helped me up.  The Hunter was still there but it knew only of me and it thought I was dead.  We slowly walked farther up the corridor because of my injuries.  We rounded a corner at came apon the entrance to the remains of the  hanger and saw Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters firing on marine forces outside the building.  I saw a group of marines blown apart by a Hunter.  Other marines were firing at it in a rage but the bullets bounced off their armor and it didn't stop the Hunter from killing another group of mainre  I checked how many clips I had left how many bullets in them.  I had three bullets in the clip I was using right now and one other full clip.  Pvt. Walker set Sarah down and took aim at the covenant.  Pvt. Stevens and Pvt. Jamison did the same.  I switched the clips and saw Sarah aiming at something in the hanger.  "Geez she's one stubborn person, she doesn't know when to quit"I thought quietly in my head as I aimed for the back of a Jackal's head.

     "Alright lets help out those marines, take aim . . . . . blow the shit out of those bastards"I screamed as I pulled the trigger.  The Jackal I aimed for head exploded and it's blood sprayed all over it's shield.  Two Hunters were hit in their open spots and were taken down.  Pvt. Stevens's clip ran out of bullets after killing two Jackals and countless Grunts.  He and the other marines switched to shredder rounds and tore up the Grunts leaving only a few Jackals and Hunters left.  The Jackals made a mistake and turned to face us and were killed by the other marines.  One of the Hunters turned at us and fired.  Most of moved out of the way but the blast hit Pvt. Jamison and burned away the upper half of his body only leaving a burnt lower torso and legs.  I aimed for the Hunter and blew out his neck with three rounds.  The other Hunters started pulling back and were cut down by marines from both sides of the hanger.  We paused to switch our clips and a plasma blast hit the wall above us.  We turned around and saw eight Jackals aiming at us.  One of the Jackals was our little "friend" from earlier.  We were dead, we couldn't do a thing against them.  The Jackals didn't get the reason why Pvt. Stevens, Pvt. Walker, Sarah, me started smiling and even chuckling a bit.  By the time they realized it was too late.  There was a squad of ten ODSTs standing right behind them.  The ODSTs opened fire and the Jackal's blood sprayed everywhere.  The ODSTs cursed them and spat on them.

"Thank you Sir we needed some help"I said smiling while trying to salute

"Don't worry Corporal we weren't gonna let the last of the marines here get wiped out"The ODST said looking at me.

     They were about to walk over when a Jackal moved and aimed its plasma pistol at us.  The Jackal pulled the trigger before the ODSTs could kill it and I took a plasma bolt in the chest.  I was knocked back a couple feet and I was starting to block out.  All I remembered was hearing some ODSTs cursing and Pvt. Stevens trying to look at me.  Sarah was trying keep me elevated then I collapsed.