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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 1
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 11 March 2002 5:05 am

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As I look over the rock and having human blood spraying all over you isn't fun especially while selling people you know and love being blown to bits. Having Conveant firing at you grenades exploding all around you its hell. Im Pvt J.D. Andrews and this is my story.
"This all started when my brother was killed in a fight onboard a UNSC Cruiser against the Conveant Fleet and after my sister Jamie Andrews joined the marines. It took me a few months to join because my mom was a little paranoid and she didn't want my sister to leave either. I finally convinced her to let me go. Well actually I ran while she drove after me and I had ditched her.
When I finally got to basic my Drill Instructor was a pain in the ass. I made a new friend named Michael who was in the same bunk as me, he was a nice person but he always tried to get any girl to like him which usually got him slapped, kneed, kicked and punched in the face, but he was always there for you ok sometimes. There was a girl I liked she was a really good shot and but a badass. At the firing range she had a better shot then the Drill Instructor and one guy fired his Assault Rifle at the other trainees and the Drill Instructor enjoyed ventilating his head.
Near the end of basic the Drill Instructor told us some info "when we will be going into battle during heavy fire fighting the Conveant. You will have armor plating but it will not doing anything to the plasma weapons that hit you. You will be shipped off in a few hours good luck" "J.D. if you really like that girl you have to go talk to her man"Michael said "all right" I walked up to her after we had got my squad assignment "Hello my name is J.D. what's yours" I had asked her "My name is Alexandra but I like being called Alex im in Delta squad what about you?"she said "im in Echo well I have to get to my Pelican my friend is calling me" I looked at Michael waving at me but he looked at a girl and talked to her she slapped him upside his head "well goodbye J.D. nice meeting you"she said "You too" I walked over to Michael and picked up my stuff and went to the Pelican. She watched as the Pelican lifted off and walked off.
As I took my seat Michael pushed me over to get the better spot "Man I just made friends with a sniper""Ya its good to have good relations with snipers wait is it a woman" this is the pilot we will be flying over some enemy territory so it might get a bit rough and don't blow chunks on my deck"Ya hey aren't you going to tell me anything""I know what you are talking about and no im not going to talk about it" just then I heard a loud engine noise and I saw holes in the wall appearing Everyone hold on we are being attacked by banshees, god there is so many of them ahhhhhhhh the ship shakes and flames come out of the cockpit "Everyone hold on we are going down and get ready to move out when we crash"my L.T. screams at us. I look around seeing friends and team mates then I hear a loud noise and a large jolt. I wake up with a piece of the ship through my left leg and blood from the marine sitting next to me all over me. "Michael man are you awake"I look over and he's slumped over with part of ship's wall shoved through his chest "Pvt are you ok im going to get someone to help you up" my L.T. is standing above me and next thing I know blood spatters all over my face as a blue ball of energy hits him in the chest and in the distance I see a blue figure outside the hole. I pick up my Assault Rifle and point it at him "Hey you mofo this is for my friends and my L.T. eat this"I fired at him after he looked at me the bullets just bounced off this transparent wall around him he lifted up his plasma rifle and fired at me I was hit in the arm and chest "Crap at least I have my nade to kill something" I tossed my frag at him and it killed him and I glanced around for a minute and everything went black.
At Delta squad's base the Pelican that came from basic landed and the squad got out. Their L.T. greeted them "I am your new Squad Leader you will listen to me, my name is L.T. Jamie Andrews and you will address me either by ma'am or L.T. is that understood marines""Yes Ma'am""Ok children get your things stowed in your bunks and report to me in 10 minutes is that understood""Yes Ma'am""Good fallout"
Alex walked off and dropped off her personal items at her bunk and get settled and reported back. "Alright children here are your Assault rifles, you us them to fire at things not for decoration threat them with respect they will save your butt from something very painful does anyone have any questions" Alex and 2 other people stepped forward "Ma'am I am wondering can we use a sniper rifle instead of the Assault Rifles"
"Yes you can only if you prove you can aim better then most people can with the Assault Rifle then ill considerate it Pvts" Alex lifted her AR and aimed it at the L.T. and fired one shot blowing off a spider on her shoulder "Is that good enough for you Ma'am"she snickered "Well that is a damn good shot but if you hit me I would of killed you, come pick up your Sniper Rifles and you other 2 shoot at the target 5 times and ill see your accuracy" they fired at a picture of a conveant elite hitting it between the eyes 5 times "Nice here you go, alright people we will be leaving in a few minutes in our pelican towards the front lines"
Just then a corporal runs up with a message the L.T. takes it and reads it "Change of plans seams that the conveant shot down a pelican heading towards a battle near the front, seams that some conveant got past the lines and shot it down we are going in and getting the squad out and also to eliminate any hostile forces there do you understand me" "Yes Ma'am" "good everyone meet at the pelican in 5 minutes. Alex walked off wondering if it was anyone she knew was sent out battle ready from basic. When she got on the pelican it hit her she knew people on 2 different pelicans who left, it was me and a person who came from her town.
The pelican shuddered as it landed and the squad exited into a forest heading towards the downed pelican. They moved in closer only to find that there were some grunts outside it and 1 elite standing around a crater where she saw the remains of an elite through her scope. Just as she was about to fire they ran inside. Out of nowhere she heard gunfire and the sounds of plasma weapons firing. "Ok lets move it there is some people still alive and I hope to find them alive when I get there" the marines started running and made it to the pelican.
"Hello out there we need some help we have many dead people and wounded" the squad walked in seeing 2 marines lying dead near the elite and marines standing all around and there were bodies slumped on the seats "Excuse me im just wondering what squad is this ?" my sgt answered "we are echo squad Ma'am my L.T. is dead he was shot twice by the dead elite outside who was killed by a pvt with a Ar and a frag he was hit twice including the wound he sustained from the crash, im not sure if he's dead one of my snipers who has training in medical things is checking him out. Alex who was standing in there shuddered when she heard it was echo and looked around for me " a couple of my men where blown out or disintegrated when the fuel rod shots hit" Alex looked at the sniper who was looking at me and she noticed that my body looked familiar
I woke up seeing a woman sniper with a med kit looking at my wounds "How bad am I?" "Good you are awake I thought you were dead you are Michael's friend right??" "Ya I am are you the sniper he told me about" "Yes I am" I looked around at the marines and saw that there were people I had never seen before and then I saw Alex standing there "Hi Alex what's up" she looked at me and walked over "Hi how are you doing, ouch I didn't see what happened to you were you the guy who took out the elite outside" "Yes I was that's how I got shot" just then a blue orb attached to a marine outside and exploded killing 2 other marines with it. "Holy shit" was repeated through out the cabin as we saw a lot of grunts and elites.

Continued in Part 2 to find out what happens next post
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