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Beginning of the Crusade: Chapter 1
Posted By: James<neme188@hanmail.net>
Date: 4 October 2004, 9:27 PM

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Chapter1: First contact

(0300 Hours. The 201st U.N.S.C Battle Fleet, near planet Harvest.
Aboard flagship 'Cold Metal' Atlantic class Destroyer.)

"Anything on the radar?" the Admiral O'Connell asked Radar Operator as he drank
last sip of his coffee from his cup.
"Everything's clean sir." RO replied.
"Sir! We are receiving emergency transmission from 109th Battle Group!"
"This is Admiral O'Connell. Go ahead."
"Admiral! This is Captain Brook. We are under heavy attack! Repeat! We are......"

The screen flashed in white then went out.
"Captain! What the hell is going on?!"
"Sir! 302nd Battle Group and 219th Battle Group is under attack!"
"Bogey detected! Incoming projectile!"
"All crew brace for impact! Combat alert Alpha! All ships return fire!!" Admiral O'Connell shouted at the intercom as a volley of blue plasma balls came to devour them.

"Sir! Fairway, Riverwood and Deep Ocean is returning fire! "
"Sir! Impact in 20 seconds!"
"All crew brace for impact!"

Moment later, several huge shockwave shook the ship. Most of everyone fell on the ground and electronic equipments sparked.
"Goddamn... Report damages!"
"Shields at 30%! Moderate damages throughout the ship!"
"Report from Fairway sir! Shield at 25%! Light-medium damages throughout the ship!"
"Report from Riverwood sir! Shield at 5%! Moderate damages!"
"Report from Deep Ocean sir! Shield at 10%! Light damages!"

Reports came in from entire fleet as volleys of Hellflame missiles from Cold Metal and other ships in fleet went flying across the space to unknown enemy space vessels.

"Missile impact on targets in 30 seconds!"
"New targets sir! Coming from 11! We are being overrun!"
"Projectiles detected! It looks like boarding crafts sir!"

"All ships! Prepare for internal and external contacts! All marines, proceed to your
"Sir! Missiles impacted on targets!"
"Enemy boarding crafts will impact on ship in one minute!"
"Fairway is engaging enemy within the ship!"
"Incoming enemy fires! Impact in one minute!"
"Deep Ocean and Riverwood is firing second volleys!"
"Sir! Enemy boarding crafts will arrive in 20 seconds!"
"All crews brace for impact!"

The Admiral shouted at the intercom as unknown enemy boarding crafts impacted and dug deep into ship's hall.

(1800 hours. 15 hours after first contact. U.N.S.C 121st Battle Fleet.
Aboard flagship RED SEA, a Pacific Class Cruiser)

"Admiral. We are receiving transmission from U.N.S.C HQ."
"This is Admiral James Parker. Go ahead."
"This is U.N.S.C HQ. Admiral, we lost contact with 201st Battle Fleet near Planet Harvest. Also, we lost contact with Harvest itself. Your fleet is the nearest Battle Fleet in that sector. Set your course to Harvest and find out what happened."
"Roger that. Set the course to Planet Harvest."
"Course set. Sir."
"This is Admiral Parker. All ships set your course to Planet Harvest and prepare for hyperspace."
"Admiral, ready for hyperspace."
"All crews, prepare for hyperspace in 20 seconds."

The fleet got into hyperspace formation and moment later, each ships jumped into hyperspace to Planet Harvest.

(0755 hours, next day. Planet Reach)

Planet Reach was busy was ever than ever before, as the Spartan-II Project was 99% completed since Mjolnir Armour Mk-V was completed and ready for action and Spartan-II soldiers were going through their final trainings, and because of this, Planet Reach's orbital defense lines were defended by the third strongest fleet in the United Nation Space Command, the U.N.S.C 3rd Space Battle Fleet. This fleet consists 4 Halcyon Class Frigates, 4 Atlantic Class Destroyers, 2 Pacific Class Battle Cruiser, and one Armageddon Class Space Carrier.

(Aboard flagship Phantom, Armageddon Class Space Carrier.)
"Sir, they are transporting 4 Spartans fully equipped for combat to our ship. They are requesting permission to dock."
"Okay. Let them in."
"Yes, Admiral. Pelican-Delta 416, you are clear to dock in Docking Bay 1-03."
"Roger that Phantom."

(Docking Bay 1-03)
A Pelican carrying one squad of Spartan readied for combat action slowly entered the docking bay and landed, and four Spartan came out from Pelican with full armour on them.

"Sir! Longsword Omega squadron founded one of our ships! They are telling that they are from 121st Battle Fleet. Receiving transmission, I'll patch you through."
"This is Atlantic Class Destroyer Redeemer. We're from 121st Battle Fleet and the ship sustained collateral damages. Requesting docking permission in your space station over."
"This is Admiral Stukov. You are clear to dock in Repair Bay 3-01."
"Roger that. Thank you Admiral."

As the ship got closer, everyone could see the damages on the ship, and the damage was so collateral that the crews were wondering how they got back. Admiral Stukov got the damage report from the Redeemer.
It says that their generator was heavily damaged, shields malfunctioning, weapon systems down, navigation system barely working, heavy internal and external damages, and the overall damage was 97%.

"What the hell happened to them?"