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yound spartans at reach ((REDONE))
Posted By: jake dove<jakerools@blueyonder.co.uk>
Date: 11 April 2007, 2:42 am

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i have re-done the story because of the amount of spelling mistakes i found. please post comments.

1045 hours, May 11, 2522(military calendar)Epsilon eridani system, planet Reach, spartan training excercise

James cursed under his breath. he should have been much more careful than this, Tango company weren't as green as the spartans had thought. James covered the rest of the team with a sniper loaded with narq-darts, he didn't like being sniper, this was Linda's job but she was on the other side of the valley covering the team from there. The young spartans had been told to ambush a convoy and steal the contents. thats all cheif mendez had told them to do, he had'nt told them about the counter snipers which the spartans had neutrilised, he hadn't told them about the lotus stun mines that grace had stepped on and been stunned. he hadn't told them about the small trapdoors hidden on the top of the valley of which were loaded with five of tango comapanys best soldiers. one of which crept up behind james and planted a heavy smash to the back off his skull.

the next thing he knew he was in a dark room with gray walls, grey floors and grey ceilings. a man stood leaning against the wall of the room, james accesed the situation as he had been taught by CPO mendez, the only escape route was though a tough metal door to the left of him, the man was watching him he had a stun dart pistol holstered and had his hand resting on the holster with the other hand he used his personal radio, "sergent-he's awake" the officer gave james a look that could melt titanium-b battleplate. "roger private im on my way" replied the voice.

james should have been smarter than this he should have reqested a spotter to acomany him but he was too arrogant for that why hadn't he-
"your pals got away with that ambush by the way"
james turned to the man "but we got you thats sumthin, now mendez won't let them go home until they rescue you" he laughed so now the freaks are gonna try another assualt" the laster few words were said queiter than the rest as if he was afraid.
just then the door to the cell smashed open and in strode the sergent. he ignored the privates salutes walked briskly over to the chair and landed a heavy blow to james stomach.
he immediatly doubled over wheezing for breath,
"tell us the frequency your team is operating on or this will be the start of the interrigation.
interrogation? thought james were they allowed to do that? james replied to the sergents request with a wad off spit on to his face.
"very well private bring the interrogation equipment in"
"yes sir" he said with a wicked grin, james knew they were going to torture him they were going to beat him to a pulp james also knew that he was'nt going to break

john-117 did something he didn't usually do;he frowned, as he looked through the ominoculars at the small croncrete bunker this was useless as he had observed the bunker several times now and he hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary but he still wanted to look, he and all the other spartans had been throwing rocks at the bunker doors for the last 6 hours so that when the actuall assualt came the occupants wouldn't hear anything and if they did they would presume it was just more rocks. when the ambush was pulled off the whole of the guards had been nutrilised, it was then he did a standard head cheak and counted one less spartan than he should have. cheif mendez had then radio'd john to tell him the news; they weren't going home until james was with them. they then scouted out the whjole forest for james and five of tango companys missing soldiers. sam had then found this bunker 7 hours ago. soon john and his team would make a frontal assualt he had to get james out of there. they would be trying to find the spartans radio frequency, he had told them to stop using their radio's just in case but if the other team had got their radio freq then the mock battle was over, he had to get james out of their before he cracked. "we smash the door down and throw five stun grenades in, they would then rescue james unconcous body.
simple thought the cheif, little did he know the bunker was just the entrance to a very large undergroundmine withlong twisting corridors to create wide open skirmishes there were only 5 guards in there but they wern't going to bother with narq-darts they were going to use their assualt rifles