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Wandering Beasts
Posted By: Jahan<jahanandish_sam@hotmail.com>
Date: 24 December 2002, 5:18 am

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Disclaimer- Halo belongs to Bungie and Microsoft studios. I claim no ownership of Halo or any of their respected characters or icons.

Angels sent from heaven are forced to become wandering beasts

      Firefights echo throughout the hallways of the UNSC Assault-Carrier Chimera. Marines fire upon invading Covenant troops. Greenhorns are having their first encounter with alien life forms.

       Pvt. Jalin dodged a column of fire erupting from a black-clad armored Grunt as it let loose the fuel-rod cannon. The bulkhead behind him becomes a charred twisted wall of molten metal.

      He returned fire toward the Grunt; a three-round burst from his AR silenced the antagonist. Several more appeared from the lifeboat entrance. A standard tactic of the Covenant was to enter disabled UNSC warships via docking and life-pod bays.

      Pvt. Jalin let loose a fusillade of gas-powered bullets that report to the idle Grunts, dropping them all. An azure-armored Elite took several hits and its shield dropped but it rolled behind a nearby bulkhead. It responded with several blasts from its plasma rifle. The plasma bolts melted and twisted the support beam into golden/red columns of slag.

      Jalin rolled away and emptied the remaining rounds into the Elite's chest; the Elite dropped to the ground with an agonizing growl of defeat. Blood poured from nearly a dozen wounds on its sternum.

      Moving forward, he tripped over the dead Elite's arm, tripping to the ground. Two yelps of fear could be heard from the Covenant boarding craft. Quickly regaining his bearings he rushed into the boarding craft and fired a round into the yellow Grunt's skull. The clip drained of ammo he simply crushed the Grunt's windpipe. It would die after several agonizing minutes of asphyxiation.

      He could hear an intense firefight ahead of his position. Peeking around the corner, he could see that roughly thirteen marines were engaging a dozen Elites. One of them was covered in crimson armor.

      A marine was caught off-guard from one of the Elites and was killed by a large volley of plasma raining down into his armor, one of the blasts must've made its way into a partially exposed under-cloth and it instantly was set ablaze. The marine screamed as his body erupted into flames and he hit the ground with a dull thud. The fire still licking at his body or what remained as charred bone and tissue flesh.

      Pvt. Jalin sneaks quietly toward the remaining dozen of UNSC marines by sticking to the shadows and darkened alcoves. Tapping on the shoulder of the highest-ranking marine, he was informed from a *Lieutenant Rommel* that they were engaged in clearing the Covenant forces from decks 23 through 18. They were currently on deck 22, alpha section 2.

      "Aww shit, your telling we have to fight for another five decks just to make it to the lifeboats?" replied Pvt. Jalin sadly.

      Rommel answered casually, "Of course, you wouldn't think otherwise would you? We're the bad ass elites of marines, we don't crap form even the ODST."

      Both turned the attention back to the Elites and their temporary conversation was stowed away before they once again fought the Elites. Ballistics and Plasma weaponry erupting from both sides toward the other.