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Posted By: Jägermeister<kablam@edmail.com>
Date: 21 January 2000, 4:09 p.m.

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I've been rooting around through Covenant data banks with a false image of myself, and I think you might be interested in some of the tidbits I've dug up, surrounding them.

The first member-race of the Covenant got their extra-solar technological start around a thousand years ago while doing archealogical research around one of their religious shrines. What they thought to be a monument built by the their gods (the Jjaro) was actually part of a huge abandoned underground research facility...so much Jjaro tech was found intact (I gather that the facility was vacuum-sealed by the Jjaro before they left) that it GREATLY sped up the pace of their developement...within just a few years, they had already used the principals and technology presented by the "knick-knacks" they'd found to leave their own starsystem.

They found another race in their own system that had been slightly more developed than them BEFORE the Jjaro tech-find, but also seemed to worship the aliens as gods, and upon seeing the first member-race, viewed them as prophets sent by the Jjaro, and quickly joined them. The third and final race to join the conglomeration may have joined originally for tactical purposes, rather than religious...but by now, the original reason has apparently been forgotten, and they have become as religiously dedicated to the "cause" as the other two groups.

Around 2122 AD, Solcore time, the Covenant encountered the Pfhor during a regular religious "trek." They noticed similarities between their own technology, and that of the Bugs, and must've assumed that they were as zealous as their own grouping, so they offered the Pfhor a chance to join them. The Pfhor replied that they were not interested, and were more concerned with trade and slave-trade. The Covenant were clearly angered, because they delivered attacks on a few nearby Pfhor Occupied slave worlds, quickly decimating the populations. Fortunately for the Pfhor, the Covenant were no where NEAR any of their core, or even any of their colony worlds, and this gave the Pfhor enough time to recognize the Covenant military prowess before it did any real damage.

The next move the Bugs made put a quick and decisive end to the war. Earlier, they had had a lucky strike: They'd managed to track the Covenant back to their homeworld, and apparently had slightly more effecient FTL drives. They sent a small warfleet to the Covenant Homesystem (4 core worlds housing the 3 races; an estimated Covenant population around 35 billion), and launched the Noht'ta'Nahk (a Covenant word that translates out roughly to "Solar Expander-Destroyer"...in other words, the Pfhor "Trih'Xeem").

The entire system was obliterated, and the Covenant called off all plans on any attacks on the Pfhor. The Pfhor must've decided that the Covenant were still at least a BIT of a threat, because they didn't go from there and try to enslave the entire group of races as they usually do (there was still one remaining Covenant "Core World," remember...the third member-race's homeworld): They instead negotiated a border between the Covenant, and agreed all trade relations and even contact, if possible, between the Pfhor Empire and its slave races, and the Covenant would be nullified indefinetely. Crushed, the Covenant agreed to the terms, and have avoided the Pfhor ever since (after looking through religious scripts, I think the Covenant believe the Pfhor are a prophecied punishment sent by the Jjaro for some reason, which would explain why they have yet to try and attempt to strike back).

So you're probably wondering where we all fit into this. Since they could no longer expand beyond the border of the Pfhor Empire, they had to go the other direction, and unfortunately for us, Terran worlds fall RIGHT in the area they were trying to colonize. Furthermore, the Covenant view humans as a religious plague to be wiped out, which is compounded by our use of "holy technology."

The Halo is also hollowed ground to the Covenant. I believe that's why so many of them followed us here. Now that we have forced them to land on it, they know there is more Jjaro technology here, and they want it.

We must gain control of whatever secrets the Halo holds. It is the Human race's, and my, only hope.

Go now. To this location. I will contact you there.