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A John Before Halo: Part 15
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 November 2003, 5:33 AM

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1000, December 21st, 2436, Inside a rebel base, Sigma Octunas IV

       John just stared with cold eyes at the life-less bodies of his fallen squad mates. John felt his heart spilt in two and now upon checking the conditions of the bodies, they would not be able to be cloned. "Goddamn it..." said John. "Son of a fucking bitch, goddamn it..." John walked out of the room, into the stairway, when he heard some banging on a higher level. "Shit we have to go!" John yelled. But ghost (Sarah) just stood by the stairs. "No" She said. "We have to go, now!" yelled John. "I will stay and avenge my fallen. John you must get out of here, I can buy you time, just go!" said Ghost. "I can't afford to lose you, goddamn it Sarah." said John, a tear falling out of his eyes. "John, I cant afford to lose you either which is another reason why you should go. Besides I'm an ex-ONI assassin, remember? I've been in worse situations then this..." said Ghost. "Then I want you to have this," said John. He pulled something off his neck; it was a pure Jade pendant, and inscribed on it was ancient Chinese. "No I can't accept it," said Ghost. "I don't know what the writing means but it has always brought me good luck." He handed it to Ghost. "Thanks" She read the pendant (she was trained to be able to speak a whole bunch of languages... It read: Fear not, for I am the First and the Last, the giver of death, and the destroyer of life. I hold onto me these truths which are self evident, in which I shall destroy the enemies of Humanity and so shall my children, for I am the guardian of humanity in itself, which upon the orders of heaven, shall strike down at any evil and which the guardian has to have been born upon it...

       Ghost just stared at John and repeated those words to him, she give John back the pendant and said "there isn't much time left, you must go now!" John kissed her on her lips and said 'I shall always love you, Sarah." "And I shall too." An explosion accrued and John was off, and Ghost drew her sword and put herself in a fighting stance, the Rebels came down and stairs and as one clashed into another, she threw her sword down upon there heads...

       Meanwhile John was bolting down the stairs as fast as he could. Soon he approach a door and opened it, he was on a balcony and below him was a huge hanger that opened up onto the surface, maybe he had just gone down a cliff or a hill? Below him was a thousand Rebels, watching someone deliver a speech, luckily the balcony was 350 feet up and the Rebels backs were turned, across from them was another balcony with a radio room on it. "Sir, request permission to go to radio room." said Kelanix. "You know that's a suicide mission, right, you would have to climb down this ladder, sneakily go across the damn floor and climb up another ladder to get there?" said John. "Yes sir" said Kelanix. "Request accepted" said John, "you go and tell the outside world that there's a whole bunch of Rebels here, maybe a couple of regiments, k?" "Yes Sir" and kelanix was off...

       Meanwhile Ghost was hacking and slashing. She danced with her sword movements with a certain grace that could only be told by watching it itself, "I hope John is alrigth" she thought. The rebels stopped and fell back, and then Ghost decided to find a way out of here.

       Kelanix was on the floor, crouching and trying not to make any noise, He had successfully go to the ladder when he coughed, "ah shit" he said. Then he bolted up the ladder as far as he could. John watched "shit, covering fire!" John ordered. Soon John and the rebels were exchanging fire at intervals. Kelanix gad made it to the top. He got to the radio. "This is Kelanix-Easy 117, can anybody hear me?" "Roger, what do you need, Kelanix? over" "we are stuck inside a rebel base, Garrison possible 2 maybe 3 Rebel regiments, over." "K, I need co-ordinates to get you out of there, Kelanix, what's your position? Over" Kelanix found a Map on the wall. "I'm in grid 10,13, sub-grid 43,12, Co-ord is x-ray, tango 9023391 within the sub-grid over." "Roger, don't worry we have rescue on the way, just on for 10-15 minutes over." "WE WONT SURVIVE 15 MINUTES! WE NEED YOU HERE NOW!" "I can get you some light reinforcements, maybe a company in 5, but your gonna have to wait 15 for the whole package, over." "Roger, Kelanix out."

       Kelanix had moved down the ladder and was sprinting across the floor, when somebody noticed him and fire a 10 round burst to his chest. Kelanix fell back and stared out into the sudden emptiness and saw another muzzle in his face, and saw the man on the other side, pull the trigger and that was the last thing Kelanix ever saw...