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A John Before Halo: Part 14
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 25 October 2003, 6:21 PM

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0830, December 21st, 2436, Ardonian Forest, Sigma Octunas IV

       Lots of things has happened in such a short time. The 117th regiment (re re named from the 305th) was supoosed to invade Cote D'Azur but 2 day before the operation was supposed to start, the rebels abondoned the city for the UNSC to takeover. But on december 16th at 0700 hours, the 10 rebel divisons that was protecting Cote D' Azur were found in the Ardonian forest, which looked a lot like the Ardennes forsest from WWII. Now these divisons breached the UNSC line, and was heading for the Port of Drokan, 80 km away. Between the two was the town of Bastane, which was 30 km away from the Adronian Forest. Now this port was very important in the capture of the planet.

       So 35,000 UNSC soldiers were against 10,000 Rebels, and they were only 10 km away from Bastane. Now John's sqaud was on the frontlines, then on the 21st, at 0630, John found out that half of his sqaud was missing and only a faint blood trail was the key to founding out were they are. Now only John, Alpha Lance, Ghost, VManJr, and Helljumper were the only ones not captured and were following this faint blood trail...

       John raised his fist. Everyone stoped. "Theres a sniper tower, and the guy is facing us, dont move" John whipered. "How are we supposed to get by him then?" ask Alpha. "Wait, I will throw a rock to his right, and if he falls for it he will turn around, when he is facing away from us, Ghost will shoot him in the head, and since you have a laser ont heat revolver ghost, it shouldn't be a problem." said John. "Ready?" asked John. "Ready" said Ghost.

       John picked up a rock and threw it to his left, the rock hit a tree, causing the Sniper to look to his right. Ghost turned the laser on and looked threw her scope, she aligned the laser witht he snipers head and pull the trigger. The 440 magnum bullet hit the sniper in the back of the head and exited right above his right ear. "Nice shot" said VManJr. "Thanks" said Ghost. They walked on for what seemed like hours, but it was only 30 minutes, until the blood trail stopped, John looked up.

       John was facing the right side of two guards guarding a bunker, what amzed John was there weapons. "Thats a goddamn MP40 and a Thompson" John whispered. (those are weapons from WWII). "Alpha, Helljumper, I want you to sneak up behind them and slit em, V, you provide cover fire while we cover our backs." said John. Alpha walked up behind a guard, crouching and pulled out his knife. Alpha lept up, grabbed the man around his chest and slit his throat. The other guard was turning around when Helljumper tackled the man witht he MP40. They wrestled while V was trying to get a clean shot.

       The guard tried to flip the knife around, then Helljumper was on top and the knife slowly entered the guards chest. Suddenly the guard was pleading in German for Helljumper to stop. "Go to sleep" said Helljumper, when the knife entered the heart of the Rebel. Then the rebel died. John then walked up to the bunker's door and opened it.

       John went in, and was crawling along the walls. Soon he was on a corner and looked around. A bunch of rebels were coming. John drew his AR and whipped around the corner. His gun was on full auto and he fired. The Rebels were taken by suprise. John whipped back to the corner and reloaded. Meanwhile VManJr. had covered John. The 9mm bullets coming out of the AR's were cutting the rebels up. Soon all 20 of them were dead, but then Johns nightmare came alive: Klaxons starting blaring. "Shit, someone set off the alarm. We got to hurry!" Yelled John.

       Rebels started to run out of doors like wasps. John had disturbed the hive. John sqaud was running intill it came to a door with "Interrogation" on it. The door was locked so Ghost came around and picked the lock. "Cover me!" She yelled. Rebels were coming from behind and John was low on ammo. The door opened and everyone went inside.

       Only to find Kelanix strapped to a table. John had locked the door on the rebels. but they were starting to get through. John unhooked Kelanix from his straps. "Where is everyone else?" Asked John. "I dont know." said Kelanix, John handed Kelanix his AR with his remaining 2 mags. Joh opened a door on the other side of the room and it lead to a bunch of stairs. "Come on!" said John. John had closed the door, when the rebels from the other door had came through. John locked this door, and ran down the stairs.

       John quickly came to a door and opened it. What he saw before him was horrifying. What was Johns Squad was hanged with shackles on there arms, and bullet holes through there heads. "They're dead" said John...