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A John Before Halo: Escape (Part 13)
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 17 October 2003, 2:49 AM

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Note: sorry i made the last part short but i did it for a reason. you see part 12 is what i like to call a bridging chapter. It basically is a small event connecting 2 large events. well I just hope you enjoy this one :)

December 7th, 2436, time unknown, place somewhere on sigma octunas IV.

       John awoke. He was straped to a chair in a white room. Next to him was a table, with surgical instrutments on it. "Shit" moaned John. He reached over to cut his bonds with and did. Right before a Man in a white lab coat came in. "Hello there..." He took a look at a clipboard in his hand, "Spartan." "Hi, doctor, what are you gonna do to me, eh?" "Well I'm gonna get infomation out of your head, if you dont. I will torture you as you can see on the table." John started laughing. "Whats so funny?" asked the Doctor. "The look on your face, when I do THIS!" John sliped out of his cut bonds and punched the doctor in the head, knocking him out.

       John grabbed a scapel with a inch blade. He slowly opened the door in which the doctor came from. There were 2 guards standing on each side on the door with AR's. John put his scapel into the left guy's chest and pulled it out. The right guy was turning around to fire. John had no time to pull the scapel out so he tackled the guard. They were wrestling over control of the AR. John kicked the guard in the groin. Allowing John to get the AR and John pumped a few rounds into the guards head. John took reloads for his AR, a 9mm Pistol with reloads and 2 combat knifes form the dead guards. John crawled on the wall down the hall, then looked around a corner.

       On the opposite wall, was a open door and inside John saw 2 lab coats fiddeling around with John's squad's weaponry. John slung his AR and took out the knifes and crept up towars them. He then threw 1 knife into the back of one lab coat and John ran and stabbed the other in the chest. John then took a second holster around his left thigh and put Ghost's revolver in it, and took a scabbard (a swords steath) and put Ghosts sword in it. He took 2 speed loaders and traded the 9mm for his standard issue 10mm Pistol and accedentally put down the reloads for his AR on the table. He left going down the hall.

       John went down some stairs into the Jail cells. There were lots of guards down there and John opened up, being careful, not to hit anyone in the cells. He ran over to a pillar for cover. He leaned around and fired. The screams of the guards filled the room with sound. John reached for a reload for his AR and found none. "FUCK!" he yelled. He then took out his pistol and killed some more. When he leaned around he found his sqaud mates, but ghost wasn't with them. John had turned around with his back on the pillar to relaod, when a shot from an AR was heard, "Put down your weapon, Spartan or the woman dies!" John leaned around and there was a man holding ghost with an AR to her head. "That wouldn't be a good idea." said John. He took out the revolver and found a hole big enough for the muzzle to fit in. He look through the scope and Fired.

       BANG! The guy fell to the ground with a 44. mangum bullet in his head. John holstered the revolver and took out his pistol and cleaned up the rest of the guards. He found keys and give back Ghost her stuff. He opened the door. "Is there a way out of here?" John asked. "I heard the guards talking about a dropship on a landing pad outside." said Jakason. "K, lets find some stairs." John went up and found some. He went up a few flights and opened the door at the top. He was outside, and there was an alarm blaring. John was greeted by a lot of Rebels. John fired his pistol. Pistol = Dead Rebels (lol). John walked on a walkway. Running. He was desperate to get out of this place. He found the dropship with a big guard detachment on it. Ghost took out her revolver and sniped 7 rebels. She was reloading while the squad provided cover fire, and soon ghost was out but the rebels kept coming. John then ran back a few feet, found a grenade on a body and primed it. "Fire in the hole!" He yelled.

       BOOM. 10 Rebles flew up in the air in pieces. John ran over and yelled "COME ON!!" The squad ran. They all got into the ship while John powered up the ship. Ghost was an expert flyer, so she was in the cockpit. John cloed the ramp. Then John hold out a button and pressed it. BOOM! The whole complex exploded. John Grinned. "What was that, SIR!?" Asked Chrono. "I also found some C-9 in the place where our weapons were and set all of them around the base." "Ok". They all laughed while ghost flew them back.

       They eventaually arrived at alpha base. The commander came out. "Holy Jesus, I thought you were gonners for sure." "No sir" said John. "Come with me to debrief, then the brass wants you on a special mission." "Yes Sir" said John, as he walked out and into the base...