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A John Before Halo: Defense (Part 12)
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 October 2003, 6:16 PM

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this chapter is dedicated to the 101st Airborne, 506 regiment, E Company.

0900, December 2nd, 2436, Cote D' Azur, Sigma Octunas IV, Sigma Octunas system.

      By now 1/3 of the planet had been under UNSC control, and things were going mostly well, except witht he 2nd MR. In one week they had lost 85 percent of their men and women. John's regiment had been renamed the 305th, because that regiment was destroyed and brass liked the name. Only D, E (Johns company), and F companies were left in the regiment, (300 officers and enlisted). But since the UNSC forces wanted the war to be over by chrismas, the brass had sent the 305th to scout Cote D' Azur, the planets capital.

      So far John had counted 13 divisions of rebels protecting the city, including 5 armored divisions. John's orders were to scout out the city, then call for attack. The main force attackignt he city would be 6 armored divisions plus 1 support division. John wanted to get out of the foxholes in the jungle surrounding Cote D' Azur but there was something that was strange, John was looking for that. He sensed that there was something wrong. 'Why 13 divsions?' He thought, but sense he was just a marine grunt, he wasn't supposed to think, only to obey.

       John hated being ont he front lines, especially when there was no backup or resupply of any kind. He only had 3 more days worth of MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) so he wasn't about to stay in, much longer then he needed to be. Every now and then a Rebel patrol would come within 20 meters of the Recon Line, But since the 305th had lots of camoflauge on them and their foxholes, they couldn't see them. Untill on 0900 on their 2nd day. One rebel triped over into a foxhole and both forces were suprised, then the 305th's cover was blown and Rebels would soon be swarming them.

       "This is Spartan-Easy 305 to 6 tanks CDA HQ, we need you guys here now! and some pick up too, we are being swarmed, we wont be able to last long, come over to us ASAP!" Shouted john sweat forming on him, '13 divisons?' He thought, 'we are SO dead.' "We are coming but it will take time, ETA will be 6 hours but we have just contacted Evac. for you. Just stand there for 15 Minutes and you will be fine, 6 Tanks out" Johns face was almost drained of color. "Shit, 15 minutes, oh well." He got into his radio. "Spartan-easy 305 to 305 hq, Our cover ahs been blown, evac is on way, 15 to 30, pack up and defend till then sir, out." "Roger Roger"

       John could see a whole lot of Rebels coming, over the rice paddies that stretched for a mile between CDA and the 305th's position. "Snipers, take out anyone you can, primarily officers, all right." "Yes Sir." The Snipers readied their rifels and looked into the scopes. BANG. Someone lost his head. Now the Rebels thought that, there was a 3 divisons, because all the snipers in the 305th started firing and Rebels were dying fast. Then everyones nightmare started. A large BOOM was hold and a large whistling sound got larger. "SHIT, ARTILLERY!!!!" shouted someone. BOOM BOOM BOOM. 3 105mm holes appeared around the Recon Line. "Keep on firing!" Shouted John.

       10 minutes had passed and the rebels were now 50 meters away. The Snipers had ran out of ammo long ago. Explosions happened on both sides. The artillery stopped around the same time the snipers did. Luckly the armored divisions were being kept back along with 3 other divisons, so 5 divisons were heading towards them. (50,000 officers and enlisted). John kept on firing, shouting "reload!" and someone would cover him and he would do the same. This created a constant rate of fire, but ammo was draining as fast as morale was. John Shouted "Fire in the hole!" as he tossed a fragmetation grenade into the enemy lines.

       John was out of AR ammo, and He switched to his Pistol. The Recoil felt smooth in his hands. No matter how hard John tried the enemy kept on coming. Then he heard the whine of dropships, and miniguns. Troops were coming off the dropship, the 305th were staying. But at least supplies were too.

       The UNSC lines were breaking apart, but soon the first tanks and humvee's came in. The UNSC had now stirred up a hornets nest. John was soon fighting hand to hand. With his knives, but he kept looking at Ghost, her technique with a sword was nothing short of beautiful. Of course the people that got in contact with the sword didn't became beautiful, they ethier became dead of deformed. She brought her sword up in a diangonal cut, going up and a Rebels chest burst open. She Turned and brought the sword down with strength and sliced another man almost in half.

      Meanwhile the Rebels had penetrated through. Soon the UNSC would be surrounded, but John Kept on. Killing with all there might. But something hit John hard in the head and he fell and blacked out...