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A John Before Halo: Mass Death (Part 11)
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 October 2003, 12:15 AM

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Note: I forgot to include some members of johns sqaud in the planning for this assualt to get home base for the UNSC on SO IV, Johns Sqaud is: Rambo and JB, while Ghost's team was Helljumper and Alpha Lance, just forgot to put that in.

October 4th, 0640, 2436, Sigma Octunas IV, Sigma Octunas system

Ghost was driving the Advanced Humvee, towards the right flank of the base, Explosions from artillery was shooting up soil on both sides of the Vehicle. Then an 105mm round hit 6inches in front of the front-left wheel causing the vehicle to turn on its right side for 20 meters and for 20 more meters the Humvee flipped over into its back then the front where it skidded to a halt. Nobody moved.

John saw the Humvee "crash" and he got into the radio and turned the vehicle around towards the "crash" site. "This is Spartan-Kilo 117, One of my vehicles has 'crashed' and we're pulling off to see their status, requesting medevac on yellow alert!" yelled John Sweatting. "Calm Down Marine, Medevac on yellow alert." (yellow alert is getting ready, but not executing.) John got out and ran over to the site. "Shit" He said. Everybody had blood and dirt on them. "This looks bad". He ran back to his humvee. "Medevac on Red, I repeat, Medevac on Red!" "Roger, ETA 11 Minutes, Control Alpha Out."

"This is Spartan-Kilo 11 to AirCav.-Kilo 11, we have a damaged vehicle with 3 of our Sqaud in it, medevac's on red, our you guys ok?" "Negative! We are recieving heavy enemy fire! Shit, What is your position Sir!?" cried a frantic Nova. "We're in sub grid 23 by 43, Over, hike your asses over here on the double!" "Sir, Yes, Sir!" "Rambo and JB, you go out and cover them, I'll remain here! Take the Humvee, I got enough!" "Yes Sir!" Rambo drove the humvee over, while John Scanned the area for Hostiles, none so far. He checked the radio of the crashed Humvee. It was in working order.

The ETA of the Medevac was 3 mintues away. John got into the radio, "This is Spartan-Kilo 11 to Rambo-Kilo 11, hows yur situation?" "We got them, but there wounded bad and we're receiving heavy incoming fire from everyone...SHIT!!" Then there was a scream and white noise. The Medevac came. John ran over, "I need you to take me to sub-grid 36 by 36 alright, when your done." John said Calmly but his voice was shaking, 'Why does all the worse shit have to happen to my on this god-forsaken planet?' He thought.

The medevac was done with the First Site and John was onboard to the second site, John was horrified as he got closer: The Humvee had taken direct hits from 2 88's and an 105, and John cried when he saw the wrecked bodies of his sqaud, He lept out and ran over towards the humvee, tears flowing out of his eyes. He ripped open a door and got Nova's body on his shoulder, "Get the bodies!" He yelled. Soon all 6 bodies were on and the airlocks closed. The Medevac was going to the "Profane God" and He was even carrying the stretchers to the ER, the Only thing that scared him was that an ONI guy was there too but John didn't focus on that, only on the well-being on his squad.

John was pacing around for hours, the blood of his squad still on his uniform. Finally after 8 hours a surgeon came out. "Ghost, alpha, and helljumper were able to make it, but everybody else died before they even got here, it wasn't your fault" and then John Collasped, and He broke right then and there. In the middle of the busy ward, nobody noticed John on his knees, his face in his hands, breaking apart, as war does to anyone, nobody who, you always break, Even it if you can Tolorate a level of war, there is always the level in which you break apart, then soon after, you become stronger then you ever was, fueled by the passion of the dead, angry at loss, But you fight back and when you do, You fight back with a die-hard vengance...

John visited the beds soon-there after to see his remaining sqaud. "Thank you, Sir." said alpha Lance. "Its all in a days work, lance."

November 1st, 2436.

John was practicing when an ONI guy came in and spoke to John, "Spartan, I want you to come with me, I have something to show you." John walked with him into a private space on the other side of the ship. When the doors opened, John saw his dead Teammates, all lined up in a row. 'But how can it be?' he thought. As if the ONI-spook was telepathic, he said "for years we have been trying to clone human beings, perfectly and without incident, now Here are the first sucessful clones..." They had new Code-names too: Archon was Jakason, JB was Chrono, Nova was still Nova, Mayo was now BlancoGato or just Blanco, AirCav. was now Heavy Hitter, Kelanix was still Kelanix. "But where's IceMan and Rambo?" asked John. "Well we couldn't clone them they failed and you can only use a tissue sample once. But we were able to resserect one more guy. VManJr. you can come in..."

John wa shocked to see VMan come out and he said "being dead sucked ass sir, so I decided to come back." John laughed. The ONI-spook spoke, "Thier just like the oringinals in every way, the only way you can tell there clones is that they have a tiny mound of flesh, behind their ear." John went up to Vman and looked behind his ear. There enough, was a tiny button shaped flesh thing. It was hard to see too, so that didn't pose a problem to John. John got back together with his squad...