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A John Before Halo: Part 10
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 3 October 2003, 3:32 AM

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Note: Hell Yeah! 10 parts in this series and many more to come and forget the rape part in my last chapter, thatt was really dumb of me to do, so I made a new reason why Ghost joined the UNSC Military. read on...

October 3rd, 2436, 2nd Marine Recon HQ, Reach.

"So Ghost," said JB. "Why did you join the military?"
"Long story but I'll tell you anyways, On Tarus IV, in '27. I was 14, and my town was atacked by the rebels, ansd my father was an ex-marine and a tgief, so he tought me and my little brother who was 10 at the time to survive right? So the Rebels come in, pillaging, raping, you name it. So My brother and I, we had a trapdoor under the kicthen floor and we hid out there as my father tried to fight them off, I saw him die, froma headshot. When the rebels left, I came out and with what we were able to get: a pistol and some food, and about $30,000 in a hidden safe. My brother and I left and left for the nearest town witha spaceport and we were able to buy our way into a evacuation ship. we were sent to Reach and My brother in still in the Academy." "shit" said JB.

Meanwhile John was in his Humvee looking for another recriut. The Man he was looking for was code named Alpha Lance, from Bravo Company. His was a Lance Coporal. He was 22. He was 6'7, and a Mean Mofo, but an honorable one at that. He was an all-around assualt guy. His CSV was impressive. In 4 years of service he's been in 40 serperate ground engagements, has over 1000 confirmed kills, and has been awarded 13 Medals. His most recent heroic duty was running into a bunker saving POW's and walking out with Rebels dead, and UNSC POW's saved.

John walked over to the B. Company HQ, 3 bolcks away from his. He went up to the Admin desk. "Yes, Im here to see an Alpha Lance?" "He's in the gym" "okay, thanks." John walked over to the local gym, another 3 blocks away. He went in and saw Alpha Lance, using the punching bag, He had at least a couple of inches on John. John looked up. "You must be Alpha Lance..." He looked down and seeing Johns rank, He snapped a salute. "At ease, You wanted to join my sqayd, Lance?" "Sir, yes Sir." "alright, I got some forms for you, and I need to have a talk with your superior." "alright then, sir." 2 hours later Alpha was in Johns squad.

"this is the men and women of my unit, Alpha, we got: Rambo, a Big guy who is not a guy yu ever want to mess with; Archon, A stealthy guy who can stick an AR in your face without you ever knowing; AirCav, my leading sniper and vehicles operator; JB, who can blow shit up and amke it stylish at the same time; Mayo, another sniper and a joker; Nova, another sniper but he's sneaky; and our newest recriut Amazon Ghost, ONI-trained assasin" "Damn, you got one hell of a squad sir."

0630, the next day

"All right, people we're going back to sigma octunas IV, I want you guys out the door in 10, aand packed" 10 minutes later, the 2 Humvee's were going out and moving towards Edward Fitzgerald Air Force Base. They took a Shuttle to the "Profane God" A destoryer of exaxtally the same model of the 'Silent Slayer'. They moved into slipstream and arivved in system 3 weeks later.

They landed with the rest on 2nd MR and walked into a familiar scence: total chaos. AA flak and explodsiens were already happening. They landed and got out. John rolled to the left and covered the southeren approach. There was a series of 'Clears!' and they moved out in 2 humvees in the back of the dropship. John turned on the radio and drove towards base camp, 2 miles away. On the team-freq John Spoke "All right people, we're gonna approach from the right and lay down some covering fire for the main Recon attack force, I want Snipers to go into the hill to the right and left and back of the base. We'll drop you off, Alpha team will be Rambo, Ghost you get Bravo team, which JB will be in. I'll take the left flank while, you take the right, all right?" "Sir yes Sir" came out of all of them...