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A John Before Halo: The End Of VManJr. (Part 8)
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 25 August 2003, 11:05 PM

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note: if you want to become a character on my stories then you can email me at gjm_25@yahoo.com and describe the character and tell me what his/her two specialties in warfare are. Ex: Demolitions, Assualt, stealth, Sniping...

2100, September 17th, 2436, (Military Calander) onboard the 'Silent Slayer'.

Due to the lack of UNSC reinforcments, most of the ships left in the Sigma Octunas system. Rebel reinforcments had taken over all of the ships except the Silent Slayer, which only held John's Squad and a dropship with its crew. John had decided to abandon the ship and use the dropship to leave the system. John held up his AR and fired at a trip of rebels who tried to stop his plans, they all ended in a bloody heap. VManjr. was at the back of the squad due to his injuries, he held a crutch in his left hand and a pistol in his right. John and everyone else except for VManJr. had gotten into the dropship, VManJr. was still 35 feet away, when a six-fingered (right hand) rebel sargent and his two bodyguards put up there AR's and fired 3-round bursts into his back.

"NOOOOOOO!" yelled John. VManJr. was hit in the back with a bunch of rounds and he spun to the ground. firing his pistol at the rebels. The Sergant moved away. "Cover me!" yelled John as he dashed out of the dropship towards VManJr. Bullets zoomed and hissed past him. He Got to the still-alive body. "Hang on man, your gonna be all right, okay." said John. He ran back to the dropship, the Body over on his right shoulder, right before he entered the dropship, a bullet went through his right ankle but he didn't notice. He droped the body softly on the cold metal floor. JB slamed his hand on the pilot's door, "get the fuck out of here now!" The ramp closed and the dropship went out of the airlock. "Dont you die on me you son-of-a-bitch." said John sobbingly. "Tell my family that I was a good soldier, sir." said VManJr., blood coming out of his mouth. "You well tell them yourself, VManJr." Said John. "You all of that bullshit about a light and a tunnel. I cant see shit..." said VmanJr. and then he stop moving, eyes still open. John kiss him on the forehead rather roughly (like when wyatt's brother dies in the movie Tombstone) and shut VManJr.'s eyelids. Mike A.K.A VManJr. was 20 years old when he died, he had lied about his age and had joined the Marine Corps at the age of 16. Only John had known that and his real first name. With a last thought, John thought 'May his soul rest peacefully in the eyes of god...'

1030, September 20th, 2436 (Military Calander) A remote home on the outskirts on Dolas City, Tantulus IV.

John had the unfortunate job of telling the news about VManJr. to his family. He got out of the military Hover-car and walked up the front stairs of the house. John was in his black dress uniform with a Marines Cap on. He knocked on the door, and his mother walked out and her face was filled with grief when she saw him, but she tried to act like she didn't notice. "Yes?" she said. John told it to her. "Your son was a good and honorable soldier in the Marine Corps Ma'am, but he died an honorable death on the battlefield." John didn't want to tell her that he died in his arms on a captured ship. She fell on her knees and John knelt down next to her. "Im so sorry about that I said this to you, but you needed to know." said John. "I was there when it happened Ma'am, I was his non-com, and I am proud beyond words and honored to fight along side of your son." "Thank you, Soldier, may I have your name?" she said shaking. This was out of protocol, but VManJr.'s mother should al least have this. "My name is John Ma'am.

The funeral happend the next day and the flag of the UNSC was given to his mother, and his meadls for sevice in the Corps. He was the first person to be awarded the congressinal Medal of Honor posthumanly since the Sol wars of Earth versus Mars (I might descirbe that war in detail in later stories or make a side story about it) in 2134. After the funeral, John whispered in VManJr.'s ear, "I promise that they will pay for what they have done my friend"...