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A John Before Halo: Part 7
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 August 2003, 6:35 PM

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note: some things will be different about this part...

1700, september 17th, 2436, (Military Calander), confrence room B onboard the "silent slayer"

BOOM! The doors busted inwards, and Rebel troops poured into the room. Captain Shane was the first to die, followed by Commondore Jeff, and Leiutanant Carl. John sprang out of his chair, and drew his M6A Pistol and fired at the Rebels. The Rebels retreated into the hallway, and John took cover behind the left wall overlooking the right side of the Hallway where the rebels retreated. He leaned out a little bit, and a bullet whized pass his ear. "Son of a Bitch!" he yelped. He checked his clip, 7 bullets remained and he had 2 extra clips in his pocket. He counted to 3. "one, two, three!" he counted slowly, and on the three, he leaned out of his cover, and fired the rest of his clip into the remaing rebels. Then the intercom spoke, "The ship is being boarded! this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill, all UNSC personnel to battle stations!" yelled someone over the intercom.

John was on the 2nd floor of the 8 floor frigate. His squad was most likely in the weapons locker B, because it was nearest to the infirmary were VManJr. lied on his bed. John needed to go down three levels, so he went in search of a lift...


Rambo and Helljumper were in the mess, when the alarm sounded. They were on third floor. They Jumped off out of there benches and ran towards weapons locker B on the 5th floor. "c'mon, lets hurry!" yelled Rambo, sweat poring down his face. They ran out of the door into the mess, drew there pistols. As soon as they exited the door, They ran into a squad of rebels. "Holy shit!" one of them yelled, before a bullet went through his neck, The rebel died grasping for air. The leader of the squad tried to fire his AR but it was jammed. Rambo double-punched him in the face. The leader was on the floor, he tried to get up, when Helljumper tackled him, then the leader ounched him in the stomach. Rambo had pulled out his pistol but he couldn't get a clear shot. Then Helljumper, kicked the leader in the chest and he staggered back. That was all Rambo needed, he fired his pistol. The 10mm slug went throw the kevlar armor that the Rabel was wearing and went inside his chest, intill it came into contact with his heart. The heart then exploded inside his chest cavity, and his life ceased to exist. "Nice shot" said Helljumper, amazement in his eyes. "c'mon, we need to find a lift"...


John had picked up an AR from a dead Rebel and had found a lift, when he went down one floor, the lift pinged, and the doors opened, he leveled his rifle at the door, but he found Rambo and Helljumper on the other side. "Christ, sir, can you put that thing down?" said Rambo with his hands raised. They got to the 5th floor only to find a firefight between 20 Rebels and the rest of Johns squad. John raised his AR and fired the whole clip into the rebel's sides. o most of them died clutching there sides. They all proceded to weapons locker B where they all got there primary weapons, save for the snipers and the Demo. guys, who took, ethier shotguns or AR's. John's squad had set up barrier so that no Rebel could get near the infirmary.

Continous assualts happened fora straght 30 minutes. John eyed the hallways littered with Rebels bodies and shell casings. No enimies to be found. His Mike clicked. A scared voice came on the line, "Hello? is there any UNSC on the fifth floor?" John answered "This is coporal Spartan, my squad has set upa perimeter and a causilty collection point at the infirmary near weapons locker B, which direction are you coming from?" "The east" "Okay, men hold your fire to the east, friendly coming this way." said John patiently. The man came running down and jumped the 3 foot high barrier. "Sir, Private Evans reproting for duty!" Yelled the Marine. The Marine had an medic insignia on his helmet. "Get inside and help the wounded." said John eyeing the hallways. "yes sir!" the marine ran off into the infirmary. 80 percent of the ship was under control, and john waited around for more orders, then on his Motion tracker on the little blue screen over his right eyes, a bunch of contacts appeared...