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A John Before Halo: Part 6
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 31 July 2003, 10:08 PM

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1230, september 7th, 2436 (Military Calander) on the outskirts of cote d' Azur, Sigma Octunas IV, Sigma Octunas system.

John's Squad and the Bomb Squad Elite were halfway through the 13 kilometer trip to Cote D' Azur, when they exited the jungles and entered the rice paddies. John fell to both knees, hard of breath. Hundred, if not thousands of dropships were droping Rebel troops into the city. "Jesu Christe" said JB. HIs eyes stareing out at the city. John Clicked his mike "I need to talk to the commander onboard the destroyer 'Silent Slayer' now!" he yelled into the mike.
"This is Commander Shane of the destroyer 'Silent Slayer', what is it?"

"What the Fuck is going on sir?!" Yelled John.

"Three hundered plus Rebel ships have pulled into the system, and have set up a blockade over the planet, we have pulled into the edge of the system." said Shane trying to be sympathic.

"How many troops do we have? How many Rebel Troops are there? And where are they?"

"We have ten-thousand, five-hundered troops in there and the Rebels have thirty-five thousand, the Infantry have pulled back to the wharf, and the Armor has pulled back into the residential system." John didn't say anything for for a few seconds.

"When can you pull back into the system to pick us up?"

"We have fifty-five ships, we can break through the blockade for twenty minutes, after that we are leaving the system. If u can Put back together the seperated troops we can get them all out of there."

"Thank you sir, SPARTAN out." John said, "we're going to the wharf, thats where the infrantry is, BSE, if you want to get the Armor back, you can go to the residental section of the city" said John. "K" said Fresh77. "Come on Squad, double-time it now!" Snapped John. They Ran towards the city.

0200,september 7th, 2436, Cote D' Azur.

They had arrived on the edge of the city. They went in. They walked for 5 minutes in the direction of south-east, because that was where the wharf was. Then they ran into a few Marines pinned down by a platoon of Rebels. "Sir, glad to see you, sir, where the hell is everyone else?" said the Marine as he fired a few random bursts at a nearby window and heard a scream of pain coming fromt the window. "most of the Marines went back to the wharf and the armor is in the residental section of town." said John.

"okay, sir, my squad is pinned, can you give us cover fire, so we can get to you?" said the scared Marine. "sure, squad get ready to throw some cover for the Marines!" ordered John. "Now!", John's Squad whipped out of there cover and fired at the nearby rebels who occupied the windows, the Marines ran towards John, and the Screams of many damned Rebels could be heard.

"Private what's your name?" asked John. "Private first class Muzodia, sir." said Muzodia. "follow me, Marine." said John. They walked and saved a few more squads of marines, along with lots of dead Rebels. They finally arrived at the wharf to see a bunch of Marines firing at a solid wall of Rebels. John clicked his mike. "SPARTAN to fresh77, are you there?" asked John into the mike. "SPARTAN, we have got the Armor and are coming to your position even as we speak." said Fresh77.

"Double-time it plese, we're getting hammered over here, SPARTAN out." John want over to a Lieutanant, "Sir, may my squad join you?" asked John sarcastically. "Sure Corporal, we need all the help we can get." said the lieutanant in a serious voice. John walked up to the front lines. "well, what the fuck are you waiting for, an ivitation? Kill them now!" yelled John. John Took out his AR and begin firing and blowing the chests and heads off of any Rebel to get in his way.

Half an hour later, John heard that familiar noise of a bunch of tanks. A second later, platoons of Rebels exploded as the tanks fired at them. John Clicked his mike, "Sir we are reayd for pickup at the Wharf." "roger that, SPARTAN, we're coming right now ETA, twenty minutes."

John and the rest of the Marines cleaned up the rest of the rebels that tried to get into the wharf. And everbody was picked up and sent to ships, brefore they entered slipstream, John and other commanders were pulled into the very large conference room onboard the "Silent Slayer." Halfway through the meeting the entarance exploded, inward....