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A John Before Halo: Part 5
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 26 July 2003, 10:25 PM

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Revised ranks: just imagine everbody is one up, like L. Cpl. "SPARTAN"
note: carriers can drop 500 people at once, destroyers 200, and frigates 100.

0700, september 4 2436 (Military calander), Dropships procedding to cout d' azur.

The dropship was rumbling a lot as it entered the atmoshpere of Sigma Octunas IV. Anti-Aircraft guns were going off throughout the city, as Rebels prepared for the invasion, the 117th was to secure a large rebel base 10 KM away. After that they had to hold it intill 0200 when more UNSC ships would arrive. Right now, only 5 Regiments of Marine Recon, and 2 Armor Regiments (5200 men and woman plus tanks) would be in the city and the surrounding 13 KM.

The bay doors opened and the troops came out. Rambo and VmanJr. were going after seperate AA guns with 10 garrison troops each, the rockets made short work of the guns and the troops, John ran for the walls, and shouted "Men, I need a hole in the wall ASAP!" JB fired a rocket a blew a 15 foot hole in the wall. John went in the fired 3-round bursts at a nearby rebel. His chest exploded in gore and his heart fell out. "Shit" said John.

VManJr. had broken off from Rambo and was firing so much so fast his wrists were starting to hurt, when a Grenade expoded 3 meters away from him and he blacked out.

VManjr. awoke in a Medibay on a Destroyer, "eah... what happened?" He said slurly. John and the rest of the squad was right next to him. "Well, a grenade exploded 3 meters away from you, your lucky to be alive from being that close, well let me start telling you what happened to you, your left shin took too much sharpnel and the bone broke in 12 places so you wont be able to fight intill... april, and the force of the explosion knocked you out..." said John. "Fuck!" yelled VManJr. "Your going back on shore leave to Tantulus four" said John. Rambo looked angry. "I swear VMan. Those Sons-of-bitches are gonna pay."

"Well VMan. Would you like to meet the person who pulled you away from the battle?" said John, "Sure". A man walked in, who was 24, but looked battle-hardened. "VManjr. I would like you to meet Corporal Ryan of second squad in our platoon, or you can call him 'HellJumper' (The ODST Unit didn't exist yet)" "Hi" said HellJumper. "Hi" said VManjr. Hell turned to John, "Sir, everybody in my squad is dead sir, request permission to join your squad sir!" "Granted" said John.

Truth was, nobody else in the company made it, but John's squad, and the "Bomb Squad Elite" Lead by the lengendary "Fresh77" , he was the best person in the regiment who could use demolitions, one rumor was that he had built a atom bomb was he was 7, but nobody knew if he did.

Johns Squad and BSE had teamed up for the next mission, while the the Large Rebel base was still in the process of being secured, The Team had to go to a smaller base right on the beach 3 KM away from the other base, and they had to destory it to prevent reinforcements from coming in. The Squads were there in 45 minutes and they soon saw that the base had large amounts of armor guarding it, BSE would make short work of them, while John and his Squad short work of the infrantry. "Fire at will" Shouted Fresh77. 10 rockets went off destorying 10 tanks, BSE would also would have to make short work of the Humvee's, John went in to find everybody massing towards the armory, "JB, can you fire a rocket into that armory?" said John. "Yes, sir" said JB. He fired. BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM. The following explosion was so big, it knocked everybody off there backs, and killed 65 percent of the garrison, but the job was not done yet. John looked around the corner of a nearby building a fired at 8 Rebels running up the street, wondering what had happened, John unloaded his clip on them, and painted the wall with red paint, and pink chunky stuff.

Fresh77 heard a bullet go by his ear, he turned around and drew his pistol and ran towards the bastard who almost killed him, he fired and fired and fired intill his clip was gone, "Don't mess with the Bomb Squad Elite, cause, you always find a rocket up your ass!" Soon the Base was conquered. Just then, John heard a crackle on his radio. "Somethings...pening..need..forcement...grid twenty by thirteen." "Shit, thats downtown, we need to leave now and reinforce downtown, c'mon some shits, happening!" yelled John, not knowing what was about to happen...