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A John Before Halo: Part 4
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 24 July 2003, 4:36 AM

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Note: to whoever read my last version of part 4, it is a better version with no True stomach hurling gross-out stuff in it.

0830, September 2nd, 2436, (Military Calander) Huna III, Grid 13 by 24

7 regiments of Marines had been sent to help clean up at the General's base. Meanwhile the 117th were too check out grid 13 by 24 for enemy activity. The General had been taken to an orbiting ship for itterogation.

John had been walking for 15 minutes when at last they came to the grid. He looked around a small waterfall to his right and bushes and trees to his left, if he wasn't fighting he would've just sat down and relaxed, but he couldn't so he stayed focused. Nova was shaking, "Oh shit sir, we have contact lot's of contact!" "Get ready marines!" John yelled. A wave of Rebels come out of the thick trees. "Fire at will!!" John yelled, firing his AR on full auto because there was so many of the Rebels in front of him. John fired a clip, just moving his AR from side to side. The Demo. Boys had taken out there Rocket Lauchers. and fired blindly, killing many. John caught a round in his neck, luckly it passed his Jugular vein by a millimeter.

John yelled "Throw grenades and fall back now!" They threw some nades, and fell back to the grid starting point. "Wait sir, there going back into the forest, they're likly to come back in a bigger force." said Nova. John clicked on his mike, "Hello SATCOM, yes this is Spartan of the 117th Marine Recon regiment, we need reinforcement at grid 13 by 24 on the double, repeat on the double." "Roger that Spartan, we are sending you two regiments of Marines, over and out." said a voice on the other side of the line.

They arrived right when the new bigger force of Rebels who tried to fight to the death. "Hold the line!" John yelled. A squad of them tried to flank John. "Fuck it, kill 'em all!" siad John. War cries came from the others and the Marines charged into the Rebels and total chaos insued. A Rebel shot JB in the leg, "You fucked with the wrong Marine pal." said JB right before he killed him with a 10 round burst to the chest. John ran up to one and and stabbed him repeatedly in the chest untill he went down. A Marine caught 3 in the chest by a Rebel and the Marine took out his knife and cut his leg off, and took out his pistol and put him out of his misery before another Rebel shot the Marine in the head.

Nova had spent his sniper clips and just ran in with his knife slashing at any Rebel unlucky enough to get in his way. The Demo. guys had ran out of RL ammo and had switch to shoutguns a long time ago, but they two were ruuning out of shells. A grenade exploded, right next to a squad of Marines killing them all. John was angry, too many of his brothers were dead, "You're gonna wish you were never born you pig-faced, ass nosed, mother-fuckers!" He was dancing away with his knife. SLASH. a Rebel with a slit throat. SLASH. Another Rebel with his head missing a an arm. Meanwhile, a platoon of Marines had thrown grenades and was weakening the Rebels a lot.

15 minutes later a bomber came by with a lot of ordinace, leaving no chance of escape for the retreating Rebels. John looked at the ground, and and only thing he saw for a long way was the bodys of Rebels and a squad of Marines here and there, John felt that right now, he was trying to save what humanity was left in him, he sat down on a nearby rock, and thought deeply about all those lives wasted. Then a transmission came in, "Spartan, dropship wing 64 is going to pick you up and take you straight to the Destroyer "Stomper" to be de-briefed." "Roger that" said John. 'Well' He thought. 'At least I've have time to think on the trip back.

John's Squad was selected to go on a mission. The interrogation of the genenral revealed that the current home base of the Rebels was a Star System 4 S.S. away called Sigma Octunas, The H.Q. was Sigma Octunas 4, and a Small-task force made up of 6 frigates, 4 destoryers and 2 new carriers were going to invade the capital city of Cote d' Azur...