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A John Before Halo: The Invaision Begins (Part 3)
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 20 July 2003, 1:49 AM

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note: I would like some feedback if its possible, thx a bunch...

0530, September 2, 2436, (Military Calander), Huna III, Grid 20 by 40

The large Rebel base had a garrison of 35,000. The 117th Regiment was attacking any minute now. They had formulated a good attack plan: All snipers would take out the guards in the towers for 10 seconds, then anyone with an RL (Rocket Launcher) would blow a large hole in the wall, allowing assaualt teams to fight the garrison, while that was happening the people certfied with vehicles would go into the armory's and hangers and steal vehicles, while that was happening the people certified with stealth would sneak in the back way and try to capture the general and sabotage anything. But, to make sure that Rebel reinforcements wouldn't come, AirCav. (The best sniper in the 117th) would empty his 8-round clip in 5 seconds into the center of the radio dish, which was a feat by itself.

"Waiting for signal, sir" said AirCav. John waited 5 seconds. "Go, go, go!" he yelled. 5 seconds later, there was a minor explosion. "Radio sattilite destroyed sir" said AirCav. BANG BANG BANG BANG. A bullet entered a rebels chest. "What the f**k?" he said, and then blackness come over him. Rockets then fired. BOOM. In the 35-squared K.M. base a kilometer-long hole appeared in the west wall. The assualts teams went in. The two sides ran into eachother and a great massacre happened. John took each his AR and killed a Rebel with a 3-round burst to the head. The H.W. twins (rambo and vmanjr.) took out there shoutguns and fired buckshot at everything. Archon and Nova, and everyone has with stealth went in the back door to the south (they had set out beforehand at 0430) and nobody even noticed them, they went to a nearby bunker and blew out the hatch with C9 and went in.

A Rebel looked at Nova, right before Nova killed him. "let's go" said Nova. "Affirmitive" said Archon. They went in deeper and soon came to a ladder. Archon went down first. Then the same with Nova. A squad of patroling Rebels walked down a hallway to the left of them. Archon and Nova turned around. "Drop the weapons, and dont move" said Nova. "No please, by all means move" said Archon with a grin on his face. The Rebels dropped the weapons. and continued down the hallway and 10 minutes later came upon a hatch. "Blow it" said Archon. Nova set up the C9 and set a 15-second timer. They went back down the hallway. BOOM. Nova took out his sniper rifle and fired his clip out. Archon ran up to the door and killed the rest of the people inside except for one man. He was inside an underground control room, to his left were TV moniters showing the Mayhem up on the surface. To his right was the General and consoles. Archon pointed his pistol at the general. "Your're coming with me." The General mouthed the words 'f**k'.

Meanwhile on the surface, IceMan had entered an armory and found a M1A1 Tank. 'Sweet' he mouthed. He got in and rolled out. He started running over Rebels, when he heard someone nearby yell "Watch out!" "Fuck" said IceMan. The Rocket hit the tank. BOOM. Iceman was killed. John Heard over the radio "IceMan down, I repeat IceMan down." These words struck him with anger. He Collasped, and he saw a Rebel point his gun at him. Then Kelanix Came and tackled the man, And then drew out his pistol and killed him. Right then and there and Rebel had drew his knife and ran up behind Kelanix. "NOOOOO" yelled John as the Rebel killed Kelanix. John got up and drew out his AR and pumped a whole clip into him. "You son of a b**ch, you took another one of my squad members away."

Archon called on his radio, "General captured, mission accomplished." John heard it, and said "Roger that, Archon, IceMan and Kelanix are dead, this is a no-s**t assesment, John out." "F**K!" yelled Archon. John drew AR and fired screaming "Motherf**ker, B**tch, what you want, you f**king piece-of s**t!" A Rebel turned around and caught three in the head. Another one caught ten in the chest. Johns Rampage had began, feeling no remorse for anything, all that was on his mind was the death of every single Rebel, because this was the first time he had lost someone he knew very well. Then Dropships where starting to come out of the sky. "The Invasion of Huna III has begun" John said...