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A John Before Halo: Part 2
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 12 July 2003, 7:04 PM

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Note: Im not going to repeat all of those schmatics so if u need them to fellow the story then just print out part 1.

0300 September 2, 2436. (Military Calandar). Huna III. Grid 16 by 37.

Rebel reinforcements had somehow came to the fort. There was more then a thousand of them surroinding the Marine Recon forces. John clicked his mike in his helmet. "This is Spartan. I need any UNSC forces to come to a Rebel fort along the north-eastern edge of grid sixteen by thirty-seven." A voice on the other side of the line said "All companies from A to E in the 117th regiment are coming to you, Spartan wait ten minutes please." "Roger, Spartan out." He suddenly heard a loud voice "lower your weapons and surrender, UNSC scum! This is Major Kilvon of the 34th Rebel regiment." "F*** you, I would never go so low as to surrender to a piece of s**t like you" said John as he pulled out his AR, checked that he had 15 bullets left in the clip and pointed it at the Major's head.
"Then I'm just going to have to kill you and your men" said the Major. "Wrong! I have fifteen ten millimeter bullets left in this clip and all I need is a millisecond to put 'em in your stupid-a** head b**ch" said John. His squad-mates looked at him, they had never seen Joh like this before, then John gave them a hint of a wink. They gave a hint of a nod to John, they understood, John was buying time for UNSC reinforcements to arrive.
"Men keep your weapons on him" said the Major. He pointed to John, but he was very nervous and tense. John heard a another loud voice say "You are surrounded by the UNSC, surrender now and drop your weapons and we will not harm you." The Rebels dropped their weapons and raised their hands. Then a huge number of dropships came, and UNSC MP's came out and started to cuff the rebels, they were now P.O W's and the Major would probaly be interrogated.
"Thanks for rescruing my men, sir" said John to a Sargent. "Sure, we're a family, when one's in trouble the rest of the family come to help." "Ok men saddle up, we have to keep on going" said John to his men. They started walking north. 15 minutes later, they heard gunfire. Nova scouted ahead. A little bit later he returned. "Sir a bunch of Marines are being fired apon at such intervals that they cant fire back." "Nova, Mayo, and AirCav. see if you can snipe them while the rest of us flank them, ok, let's go" said John.
They sniped at the Rebels. Some of the Rebels turned around, but then John and the rest of the non-snipers flanked them from the left and right. Then the Marine Platoon were able top fire back. A bullet caught John in the stomach, but it didn't hit anything vital. Kelanix got hit too in the left chest but fortunatly again din't hit anything vital. When the skermish was over, there was a couple of wounded marines and a bunch of dead Rebels.
Then Rambo heard the sound of a couple of rebel tanks. "Oh f*** me..." John heard it too, "Everyone hit the dirt!" The tanks came out, they look like antique tanks for old Earth, it was a 5 M1A1 Abharms. Rambo, VManJr., IceMan, and JB took their RL's and fired at the tanks scoring direct hits and destroying them but leaving one tanks left. John got an idea. He quickly got up, popped the pin off of a Frag Grenade, and ran up to the tank, he threw the Grenade inside the viewport in the front, and dived to the right of the tank, 15 ft away. BOOM! The tank blew up but it tossed John 15 ft away. "F***, Im ok!" he said.
The leader of the Marines that were traped said to John "thanks for that, man we needed it." "Sure, you just go along now and finish your mission" said John. John looked at his watch, it was 0430, two hours before the main invaision began.
John walked north. 30 minutes later, Nova raised his fist. The group stopped. Nova went ahead. He returned a little bit later. "Sir, there is a large base ahead with factories, and it looks like that there's a whole bunch of other stuff, and it also looks like a general is running the base, we should assault it with everything we can get.
John clicked his mike, "This is Spartan, we have found a very large base with factories and a general, we need anything you can get for us, we are at the center of grid 20x40. Spartan out." That same voice on the other sid eof the line said "Damn Spartan we're sending you the 117th regiment to you."
"Looks like we are going to f**k up something big" said John.