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A John Before Halo: Part 17
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 15 May 2004, 1:23 AM

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Note: well I'm back from my stuff, and I'm promising to go on a speed-run of writing so to say, so you can expect a lot out of J-117 these next coming weeks. This is a bridging chapter, and now without further comments, I present to you Part 17.

0900, December 23rd, 2436, Ardonnes Forest, Sigma Octunas IV, Sigma Octunas system

      Sarah was running with all her might, down the eight kilometers to the UNSC base, she had a kilometer to go and she was exhausted from running at her high speed. She thought about John, who she loved with all of her heart and soul, the very thought of anybody hurting him made her run faster then she ever knew.

      Soon she was in the UNSC base, and she ran towards Easy Company HQ. Sarah threw open the door to the building, and ran down the corridor into the Captain's office. She went in, and panting, she said:
"Sir, I need help relieving my squad from the Rebel base that is eight klicks out of here."
"Ok, Ghost, but I need some time to assemble the Company."
"Hurry!" yelled Sarah as the Captain ran out the door.

1000 Hours, December 23rd, John's position

      John brought up the butt of the shotgun that he 'stole' and rammed it into a Rebel's face with such a force that John snapped the Rebel's neck. He then shouldered the shotgun and fired directly into another Rebel's chest, making him fly back from the buckshot.
       "I'm out!" John yelled as he found out that he had no spare shells left.

       "Use your knife, sir!" said Helljumper as he executed his '5 Point Knife Kill.' He hit the back of a Rebel's head with the butt of his knife, stunning him. He then used the momentum to slash down diagonally, cutting the Rebel's throat. He then brought the knife back into the Rebels throat; he ripped the knife out and stabbed the Rebel in the side, puncturing his kidney. Finally he forced the knife upwards while he was still in the Rebel's body, puncturing many organs and sealing the Rebel's fate.

       "Your going to have to teach me that sometime." said VManJr. bending over to catch his breath. All three of them were exhausted from this endless fighting, but they still had the hope of killing one more enemy before they find themselves six feet under. Suddenly a low rumble was heard, followed by war cries.
       "Well I'll be damned." said Helljumper, as he turned around and look at the entire 117th regiment, as it charged the Rebel's. A Humvee pulled up next to John and his two comrades.
       "Never leave a soldier behind." said Sarah, grinning.
       "My god, Ghost, what did you do to get the entire regiment to save me, eh?" asked John, still surprised by the size of the rescue crew.
       "I ran as fast as I could and told the Captain, and he convinced the Lieutenant Colonel to bring the entire regiment, seems like your worth more then you think you are." said Sarah, still grinning. John, Helljumper, and VManJr. got inside the Humvee and Sarah drove them back towards the base.

1200 hours, January 5th, 2437, briefing room, on board the UNSC destroyer Predator, in orbit above Sigma Octunas IV, Sigma Octunas system

      A lot had happened over the past couple of days. UNSC forces were winning the battle of Ardonnes Forest, and with only 3 towns left to occupy, the UNSC would have no trouble to rid the forest of Rebels. Sensing an end to their fight in the system, the Rebels had started to evacuate Sigma Octunas IV, but the UNSC blockade destroyed many ships that tried to escape, though few got out.

      John was in the briefing room aboard the Predator. He was talking to his teammates, when General Kemper came in.

       "As you know, since the Rebels are losing the planet, they have evacuated, but they are leaving some men behind to have a guerilla war with us to give the Rebels time to evacuate. Now the Rebels that were left behind are using any dirty trick they can to stall us, that's where you come in. Now my Daughter joined the 324th medical corps, to help the war effort against my wishes, but 6 hours ago at 0600 Standard Military Time, her convoy was attacked, and she was kidnapped, now all I know is that the UNSC go off the planet or else she dies. Now I want all of you to kill every Rebel that ever even saw her. She was last seen in this point here." The General turned on a holographic map and showed John and his squad the position: 100 miles east of the current front lines, in a huge camp.

       "Now, we'll have a dropship fly you over the camp at 1000 feet where you will do a LOLA jump (low opening, low altitude). There I want you to begin your search for my daughter, and o yeah, if you succeed, I will put you all in for promotions and some shore leave, dismissed."