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The Siege of Beta Centauri XVI (Part II, Chapter II: Ambush in the fields)
Posted By: Insomnia<sjp0131@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 November 2004, 12:34 AM

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Here, Chapter V...

Part II: Landfall
Chapter II: Ambush in the fields

Ninth Age of Reclamation, Infidel CenterEn route to Teremeaqs CityHuman Epicenter of Beta Centauri XVIBeta Centauri System

      The Creep Transports progressed to the capital of the contaminated planet. Around five Banshee craft patrolled the upper area, protecting his squads convoy into the deep realm of the planet. Shadows, the new vehicles, patrolled the right, with Ghosts.

Angry wisps of clouds formed overhead, with sinious bands of sinlight parting them somewhat, leaving the smoky cooling down to a vivid pink.

Whirlwinds of smoke-like clouds also clouded the top, bellowing beams of cloudy sunbeam, forming a charcoal film that looked like the exhaust that was left behind of the human projectile launchers. This cast a shadow on the sun, somewhat. He could still see the while fireball streaming through the clouds overhead.

He glanced at his Plasma Pistol, which needed recharging, so he entrusted it to his belt, and pulled up a Sniper Rifle, or course of their kind, not that projectile throwing version the human crusade possesed.

Something shook the ground. It did not sound too pleasent, and visibly, dirt started to erupt from underneath the cobblestone.

He alerted the squad, who sprang up on their feet in the interior of the Creep, making it very crowded and cramped, because the Hunters took all the room.

They picked their weapons again, when the earthly mass shook more violently than the last, slightly bumping the bus that hovered above the ground.

The exaggerated shaking started again seriously, and, 'Omnamamee looked out the window. He saw enemy tanks were trying to aim and bombard the convoy, and the Banshees started in attack formation, and so did the rest of the protection.

He would much rather die on his feet than in a vehicle, so he got off the bus, and leveled his sniper rifle. An interesting view creeped into his eyes, through the sensor attached to the weapon that allowed him to see far distances.

The Banshee fleet, mini at that, broke up and flanked the enemy. He now saw that two enemy recon vehicles were now in view.

The vehicular battle bagan. He saw the air being peppered by the enemy guns attached to the enemy recon vehicle. One Banshee fell, it was struck in its fuselage, but the vehicle collided into that recon vehicle, and both of them erupted underneath a flaming, smoking fire.

He saw the Banshees fire their fuel rod weapon, and kill off another enemy four wheeler, under the impact of multiple devastating, sickly green blows. The impact sent the drivers of the vehicle flying in vast directions. The vehicle itself was propelled into a tank, and it shrugged off the damage.

The Shadows and Ghosts attacked the tanks. Multiple turret rounds were projected from the Shadow gunner field, and the armor protecting the tank melted away. He saw this happen countless times aboard the Ramadan, when Ship Master 'Eneremee enforced this tatic. It was usually followed by disatrous results.

The tank however kept on coming, and launched a round right into the hide in between the Ghost the Shadow. The soil native to the planet was propelled up into the sky ten units, followed by both vehicles exploding, and the pilots that drove both deceased. This enraged 'Omnamamee, but he could not do a thing.

Something caught the glimpse of his vision, an enemy dropship. 'Omnamamee grinned broadly. His fellow soilders would be avenged. The dropships turned from ants into larger, more bulbous specks.

He annouced to his team, with an etitaph of revenge for the deceased soilders dotting his voice. He spoke loudly. "Fellow Legions, I will annouce our triumph when we are through with this world, this sickening, disgusting root of filth tossed on us. We will destroy this pathetic attempt to retake the fields, and I promise, we WILL triumph!"

Every Covenant Member, shouted, screamed, and roared vengeance. This human squad would easily be dealt with, and they are the Covenant's best, they are the guardians of truth and integrity.

So be it. 'Omnamamee thought. Let them come, they will only be DESTROYED.

He leveled his Sniper Rifle, and shot a pelican window, that covered the cockpit and shot it twice. The window vibrated the first time, and the second time it shattered, the purple stream if plasma hitting the pilots throat. It made a sickly gurgling noise as blood spewed out of his throat and clouded the area.

The rush of air into the cockpit, sucked the pilot further back into the dropship, where it was unable to reach the controls. It struggled and struggled until he gave up, or death reached him, from the shrapnel hitting him. The dropship did a nose dive, and exploded into the ground, sending clouds of blood flying and explosions furiously dotting the area. Still, four ships remained, and he had to conserve ammunition.

He turned and faced the incoming enemies. A perceptive gleam reflected off of their silver hides.

The dropships landed, and spewed their troops to the suface of the cobblestone ground. They wore black helmets, their speacial forces. It did not scare him one bit, but it may have been the fight that might not have been so easy he was predicting.

The troops advanced, shooting 'Omnamamee's troops, who in turn, ignored the pain, even the grunts did, since they avoided most of their bullets.

Lancing Plasma Streaks that glowed green and blue started for the team of crack forces. They came closer and closer and were soon met face to face. A bloody fight with multi-colored clouds of fluid appeared. A Banshee from off in the distance appeared, and gave air support.

'Omnamamee continued to pick off the battle hardened soilders with his energy sword, and bullets continued to bounce off of him, as he rolled and avoided most.

He met a trooper, and it fired a burst of projectiles into his abdomen. One of the bullets however, surpassed the shield, and du into his liver. He howled and his faced grimaced with a mixture of rage and pain as the red-hot searing point in his body burned like a coal. He took the sword and sliced the soilders head, accompained by the helmet off cleanly. He ignored the pain, and he could do it forever, but it could kill him if it was not treated.

He slaughtered each trooper as the blood around his stomach snaked around his legs and dripped into the ground. He looked over and saw three Grunts, and two Jackals go flyin in the midst. A fragmentation grenaded collided and destroyed them in the fury of it. He growled in defiance.

He looked over at Aemdaues, who was riddled with bullet holes, but none touched a vital part of his body, so the Brute could ignore the pain much better than 'Omnamamee could.

Multiple plasma mines exploded and the enemy was sent amidst into the sky. Around fifty soilders were propelled, and around forty still remained.

He pictured the Grunts and Jackals dying, and the pilots. He took off his helmet and it clattered to the ground as he growled in his gliteral, warbling tongue. He raised his sword high, and brought it down on a human, who was bisected vertically.

The fight started to die down. Smoking corpses lay about on the field, and only a few of his own were there. He left them, since he could not take them. He kneeled down in prayer to his fallen comrades. He spoke with sympathy and dignity.

The fight wrapped up, and a Seraph fighter screamed across the atmosphere, dropping plasma bombs to disentigrate the bodies and kill off survivors. Amist in the blinding, deafining noise, he saw his dead coherents dissapear, and soon they would reunite in the heavens.

He picked up his fallen helmet, put it on, and boarded the Creep, and the now ended battle loomed in the distance. Unlike before, the convoy was not well protected like before, and they proceeded down the battlefield. The squad was now more alert than ever. A Grunt on board treated his wound, but he had a feeling he would have to live with it during the struggle for Teremeaqs City. It was bold, and daring, but it was his duty, and he had a duty to complete.

Slowly the convoy of Creep Transports filled with battle-torn troops proceeded into the battlefield that was Teremeaqs City.

To be continued...