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The Siege of Beta Centauri XVI (Part I, Chapter II: Tatics and Destruction)
Posted By: Insomnia<sjp0131@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 October 2004, 12:28 AM

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Greetings. It has been a while and I apologize. Here you go:

Part I: Orbital Control
Chapter II: Tatics and Destruction

Ninth age of Reclamation, Infidel's PrescenceIn gravitational realm of Beta Centauri XVI, Beta Centauri System

      The Ramadan entered the normal space region localized by Beta Centauri XVI, along with sixty one other fleet members. 'Omnamamee sat in a meditating stance, cross-legged on the alloy that made the control room solid, and 'Ama 'Eneremee was the one to assume absolute command of the vessel, as well as the rest of the fleet.

Stars winked into existence around the fleet as they entered the boundaries of normal space. The planet also winked into view, as did sixty four primitive vessels waiting for them, complete with a primitive piece of alloy, one of their "repair" stations, and was ten terraunits long, being used a sacrificial shield.

"Ah, the interlopers. We have located the interlopers. Find out what arsenal they have in their primitive hands, and report that telemetry to the rest of the fleet. Warm a plasma discharge."

The Covenant AI named Dekanta replied in a cool, slender voice. "Yes, your excellency. Fleet consists of normal human weapons, as well as the orbital defense platforms used at the battle of Reach."

'Eneremee replied, harshly. "This cant be! The humans may have a small advantage over us." He added after cooling off. "No matter." 'Eneremee spoke as he flicked his hand over a holographic control that pulsed red and initiated a view of the obsolete arsenal that lay before him, while clicking his mandibles in curiosity.

The Covenant fleet gathered in flank formation, as per his orders. They warmed their opening salvo of plasma torpedoes, ready to obliterate the planets defenses, while Ramadan gathered a blanc white beam that was ready to protrude in a gleaming death ray that had the potential to destroy five enemy ships, as he saw happen before.

The Super MAC orbital defense platforms were at attention, as they gathered a yellowish beam and gathered protons to accelerate at a extraterrestrial high velocity using the magnetic coils that supervised this seamless process.

The enemy fleet accelerated in a tight formation and fired its opening salvo of MAC rounds and Archer Missile pods. Around five rounds hit a fellow ship, the Perseverance as its sheilds flickered and collapsed under the tremendous impact. The archer missiles made contact and hit the tritium reactors that diffused and exploded in a rainbow of colors mixed with the charcoal exhaust left of the Archer Missiles. Under the impact, it was eradicated.

"NO! I will NOT allow this! Fire the plasma discharge now! And let the gods cleanse their filthy souls!" 'Eneremee roared, his face covered by his gold helmet that was interlaced with the laden rage he was feeling at the present time. 'Omnamamee sat perfectly still on the deck, praying to the gods.

The Ramadan shuddered as the triple shielding dropped for a split second as a white beam that crackled with overloaded plasma mixed with EMP energy protruded from the hull.

The white beam arced and severed the enemy ship that tried to evade the attack. It was severed, bisecting the ship cleanly, chaining a nuclear disposition in its reactors, setting off a mighty nulcear explosion. The explosion spread like a forest wildfire, taking out two ships on each side with it, canceling the fight they were about to put up.

The other destroyers and frigates in the Covenant fleet lurched as they fired a tidal wave of plasma torpedoes, arcing and zeroing on their designated target. It boiled away countless amounts of Titanium-A battleplate. The ships that survived struggled to put out the fires engulfing their ship, and prevailed at the cost of the men below decks.

"Launch a plasma torpedo salvo from all turrets while the discharge recycles. Set course for zero-nine-zero-five, a low planetary orbit. Collide with all objects that obstruct or get in our way except projectiles." 'Eneremee ordered, somewhat satisfied at the burning vessels.

Before his triumph could be celebrated, the Super MAC guns fired - and launched five projectiles that was followed by fellow vessels being torn apart.

"No! Push the reactors to overload, starboard thrusters to align our course. NOW!" 'Eneremee hastily said without a trace of fear in his voice.

"Yes, your excellency. Reactor meltdown in three minutes." Dekanta's ever slender voice reminded him.

The Ramadan's engines vibrated half a kilometer below decks as five more shots rang past the ship, which were satisfied by five more fellow ships being destroyed.

"Reactor meltdown in five, four, three, two..."

"Shut down all systems except life support. Fire thrusters to align our course. Fire Plasma Torpedoes at the first three platforms. You do the guidance." 'Eneremee spoke, glancing at 'Omnamamee, who did not care what was going on as he conceived prayers.

Eight laser fine beams zeroed in on the targets as they scarred the vacuum of space with red. They finally impacted, arced and detonated. Three orbital defense platforms fell and burned up the atmosphere in a shower of sparks. The Ramadan hung in low orbit, so the MAC guns could not see the vessel.

"Power up all systems. Give me undercarriage camera." 'Eneremee ordered.

The tiny camera zoomed in on the battle. The Forty two remaining Covenant ships focused all their frontal fire on the docking platform, while ships hung back, waiting for the platform to dissolve so they could ambush the remainder of the forces.

The platform bent to the side in unnatural directions. Holes appeared everywhere, including where the bridge was. The armor boiled away, condensated then left a obscuring cloud of vapor where the repair station was. The fleet opened fire on the human vessels, while MAC rounds penetrating 'Eneremee's allied ships and destroying them while Archer Missiles finished the work.

"Radar contact. Its a Super MAC round!" Dekanta yelled, but without any fear in her voice.

"Now what?" 'Eneremee thought.

To be continued...