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The Siege of Beta Centauri XVI (Part I, Chapter I: En Route)
Posted By: Insomnia<sjp0131@hotmail.com>
Date: 2 October 2004, 4:49 PM

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Part I: Orbital Control
Chapter I: En Route

Ninth Age of Reclamation, Relic of TruthIn Genosyncronous orbit over Brigade intellegence center "Khalid"Sanctum of the Hierarchs.

      'Ama 'Eneremee tapped the holographic throttle control as the Seraph-Class fighter he was piloting burned and made way out of "Khalid's" atmospheric ozone layer, just as it kicked speed around Mach 30.

"So 'Omnamamee, is there a problem with destroying another installation colonized by the interlopers?" 'Eneremee queried.

"No Ship Master." He spoke softly as he leaned aginst the back wall of the Bluish, hard alloy making up the interior of the Seraph cockpit. "I simply am pondering the idea why the holy one himself would not let the Ramadanjoin the Covenant fleet convoy heading towards the primate's epicenter, "Earth" and instead ship us and 61 others to a small world that is of not much relivance to us, even though it is still human." He sat in deep thought, wondering why this is the case. Is there an artifact or Relic from the great ones to ensure victory on "Earth?"

'Eneremee waited a full 3 seconds to process this data that was of relevance and was full of curiosity. He then spoke. "I beleive this is one of the "Doorstep" worlds to "Earth." Intellegence refers that this world is a major intellegence for the infedels, and it is one of the first worlds added to the UNSC government colonization. The Engineers also say that there is a strong radio signal interface that blocks us from transporting into slipspace with those exact coordinates. These signals scramble the Slipspace timeframe, causing it to send you to another portion of the galaxy." He finally finished.

'Omnamamee replied. "You speak with wisdom Ship Master. I now understand what this is about." 'Omnamamee finished his statement and sighed and leaned aginst the wall of the Seraph.

"Good. We now enter our ship." 'Eneremee spoke and gazed around as the Seraph got closer to the immerse flagship.

Ramadan was a Flagship that dwarfed the Medium-Tonnage standard fleet vessels that mark the Covenant standard ops in an Isolated orbit. However, this ship was equipped with more technology than many other ships in the Fleet. Ramadan was equipped with not only superheated Plasma Torpedoes, but the newest weapon in Covenant technology.

A Discharge laser, the newest interface in Covenant technology. In one shot with its devastating white beam, it can detonate and destroy any of the obsolete vessels the Interlopers use, and can recycle within 45 seconds. Also, the Plasma Torpedoes have been rearranged so that the booted new system used EM pulses per priori to alighn the stochastic motions of the plasma atoms, herding their trajectories and eleven degrees of electronic freedom into a laser fine columnated beam within a microsecond.

Also the ship sported 50 Assault boats, a Squadron of Seraph fighters, and of course, The best Covenant the Heavens had to offer.

The Seraph fighter verred into a steep turn, then entered the illuminated docking bay of the Ramdan. 'Omnamamee stepped out onto the firm alloy making up the interior of the flagship, and looked at the Countless Seraph fighters and Dropships being refitted by the best Engineers. It would be a shame to lose this ship.

"Come, overseer. We go to the control room now." 'Eneremee said in a pleased voice.

'Omnamamee didnt say anything. But he had a feeling that those filthy infedels would put up a fight this time.

0240 Hours, October 26, 2552 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Destroyer-class vessel Emerald, military staging orbit around Beta Centauri XVI

"Status of the ship?" Captain Kaleb barked. Captain Kaleb was a very hasty officer, assigned to the Emerald he was very rushed to do things. He was ordered security head of this Planet. He thought it wasn't worth it. But now that the Covenant were coming, it didnt make a diffrence.

"Sir, all hands at battle stations and MAC gun capacitors charging. At 75 Percent and climbing." Reported Lieutenant Williams.

Emerald was the Capital ship of Beta Centauri XVI. It was a gleaming destroyer built by the best technicians the UNSC had to offer. It supported dual MAC Guns, around Ninety thousand Archer Missiles, and of course, nearly 3 meters of Titanium-A Battleplate. It was one of the finest and most proud destroyers in the UNSC.

"Sir, long range radar contact." said Lieutenant Adrian as he spoke with a trembling voice. "Matched with Covenant ship specs. Sir, there are 62 of them."

"No. This cant be happening. Alert Planetary COM channels of this, and to arm the Super MAC Guns, and the rest of the Fleet. We have got them this time."

Beta Centauri XVI was surrounded by 10 Super MAC Guns, enough to blow Covenant ships to molten slag and burn them up in the Planet atmosphere.

Ninth Age of Reclamation, Infedel PrescenceEn route to Filth carrier's Planatoid "Beta Centauri XVI"Beta Centauri System

"Ship Master, I need to know when we will be there." 'Omnamamee spoke, impatiently.

"Indeed 'Omnamamee. We will arrive within Six MicroUnits. Please, relax." 'Eneremee spoke in a cool voice.

"I needed to know for your sake Ship Master. I will make prayers during the space battle to relax myself and ensure victory groundside. You have control of this ship until the space battle is over."

'Eneremee was shocked on how much 'Omnamamee was devoted to the Gods. Maybe it was how he was such an Elite fighter. But 'Eneremee would not ask that question. It would be partially treason. "Yes your Excellency."

Ramadans control room was very big, around 30 units high. It was thick with Imperial Elites,Brutes and Jackals. Unlike human ships however, This ship didnt have a bridge crew. The Elites, Jackals, and Grunts were for Maintenence and protection. The "Crew" was Ship Master 'Eneremee and the AI "Dekanta."

"Arm Plasma Torpedoes and Pulse lasers. Send this order to all ships." 'Eneremee spoke. He pushed a holographic control that flicked red and warbled twice. "Arm Over Sheilds. This will be one more step to the end of Human kind." After he said this, he gave a short chuckle.

To Be Continued...