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The Siege of Beta Centauri XVI (Prologue)
Posted By: Insomnia<sjp0131@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 September 2004, 8:27 PM

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NOTE: I am dropping my War of Seriachs Series...

In the far reaches of the inner colonies, The Covenant bypassed a world known as Beta Centauri XVI for their attempt to obliterate Reach. The Covenant will soon attempt to take this world as well...

Ninth Age of Reclamation, The Relic of TruthCovenant Base and Rendezvous center "Khalid"Sanctum of the the Hierarchs

      'Ala 'Omnamamee stepped on to the firm soil of the Planatoid and Information Center of the Covenant Legion Brigade "Khalid". A horde of Skyscrapers of a Bluish/Purple Color were present in the Black, Star dotted sky with a sanctity of Floodlights on the city floor. The Skyscrapers were Riddled with Holy markings and lexic, and therefore inside them, the Engineers were at work, making probes and enhancing Technology. This is also known as the Covenant technological center of the heavens.

'Omnamamee approached one of the skyscrapers, and a Servant of the Prophet of Ceremony, Greeted him.

"'Omnamamee, Your excellency. You have been summoned here for what is known as the breifing of the absolute destruction of a Human world we bypassed when we took Reach."

'Omnamamee replied, simply. "My assistance is needed for what reason? We have enough forces in the brigade to storm any Primate world 'Greteresee."

'Greteresee replied generously. "The Prophet of Ceremony is certain that any human world can go down faster with you and your squads assistance, and I assure you, the Filth in this universe that is accompanied by those primates can get scrubbed away much quicker than you thought possible with your help your Excellency. Come. Let us go into the Human Worlds database."

'Omnamamee was very pleased. If they need me this much in the heavens 'Omnamamee thought, Then why would the holy one himself send me to this small human world instead of the Primate's Epicenter, "Earth?"

'Omnamamee approached a Guard Jackal, who requested Identification from both of them. In turn, he simply turned around and showed the Jackal his Holy marking embedded in a 1mm area around the top part of his back* that the Prophet of Ceremony engraved himself. The Jackal was stunned, and immediatly admitted his entrance.

Inside the great building, a light at the top glowing a bright blue illuminated this great structure. 'Greteresee led him to a door, in which a tired and overworked Jackal stood guard over this.

"Please insert your hand into the DNA Tissue Reclipitatcor." The Guard Jackal said.

'Omnamamee banished the pain quickly, something he learned to do a long time ago, when he was still a Imperial guard for The Prophet of Ceremony. He saw his hand encompassed by the Space Black armor he wore, being scanned under the green light.

"DNA Confirmed. Please, go on. The Prophet of Ceremony is expecting you." The Jackal spoke.

Unlike others, he was an Overseer, so he was permitted to carry his entrusted Silver Plasma Pistol into the Meeting area.

There was a podium, where, clearly, he was expected to stand, walked up to. The Prophet, in Silver/Black Robe was hovering in midair, and along with him, The Ship Master 'Ama 'Eneremee of the Ramadan, the ship that him and his squad stayed on. He was a good friend of 'Omnamamee's and enjoyed long conversations together.

"'Omnamamee, you are hear for the breifing of the Mission to erase the filth that the infedel's have enscribed in our prestigious universe. The world is known as Beta Centauri XVI, a primitive name of a sort."

A screen appeared with a world of lush jungles and rainforests, swampy and thick marshlands, freezing tundras, endless plains,and trackless desert. However, in orbit, 64 UNSC Warships were in orbit, a Snag.

'Omnamamee spoke. "How many will we take with us for this destruction, and how long are we expected to be there, Holy one?" 'Omnamamee queried.

The Prophet was very calm, but sharp. "Patience. We just discovered this world. We will be taking 61 ships, minus yours. The pestilence is easy to outwit, they are not intellegent to any degree. You are expected there for 128 Units, and if you do not prevail, there will be Prescence of immerse punishment on you shoulders."

"Yes, holy one. Do not worry about punishment, it will not happen. I expect this world to be glassed?" 'Omnamamee asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"Of course. Like many previous occasions, this world will be irradicated." The Prophet spoke, irratated.

"It will be my pleasure to lead the ops in space." 'Eneremee finally spoke.

"Well, lets not waste any time. Board the ship, and jump to the centauri system. Immediatly." The Prophet said, feeling like he was surrounded by imbasulls.

'Omnamamee spoke again. "The pleasure will be mine to obliterate the Primate's again. It is almost becoming as fun as any game."

To be continued...

*-If you kill an Elite on Halo, Gold or Camoflauged after they reappear, you will notice the forerunner symbol. That is what I was referring to exceot it glows Red and it was done by The Prophet of Ceremony.