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The War of the Seriachs Part II, Shakedown
Posted By: InSoMnIa<sjp0131@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 September 2004, 3:03 AM

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After hearing his long and tedious report, 'Omnamamee coasted back onto his flagship that wasnt his to control, but he was in charge.

He returned to his quarters to poilish his most prized and trustworthy weapon, A handcrafted silver Plasma pistol that had its own interlacing network, and could effeciently recycle plasma effective enough so it could fire 3 plasma discharges without recycling simateaneously.

He stared into black slipspace as his ship was making its way towards the edge of the tight secured Heriachs system, when a brute, in Black/Red armor, one of his own stepped in the room.

"Permission to enter, overseer?" The brute, named Aemdaues queried. 'Omnamamee said in a cool voice. "Come in Aemdaues. I need to talk to you." 'Omnamamee sighed, and began telling the brute what this race was all about, and finished.

The Brute looked eager to fight and tear these "Predators" apart. "Your excellency, you are needed on the bridge." 'Omnamamee spoke. "I will be there. Tell the ship master I will arrive in 2 units." The Brute bowed. "Yes excellency."

'Omnamamee thought to himself. Was there more to this pathetic, primitive race than I thought? I wonder what the ship master has to say.

'Omnamamee began his way towards the bridge, deep in thought, ignoring the deep bowing and respect others gave him. He looked down from the balcony. He was overlooking the docking bay. In this 10 story high room, a squadron of seraph fighters were on the bottom, docked, and being refit by countless engineers. He continued on.

Soon he entered the control room, a large 70 unit high room that had a holographic control center on an upraised platform. Since he was the ranking solider on board, he did not bow, and instead, the ship master bowed to him. 'Ama 'Eneremee was one of his close associates, and him and 'Omnamamee dicussed issues together.

"Welcome Overseer 'Omnamamee." 'Eneremee spoke, giving him a warm welcome. "I sent Aemdaues to get you because this is a large manner. Get aft viewscreen online."

Sure enough, there was a planet, that was a bluish color, and magnified, it looked like a swampy methane planet, like the grunt homeworld, but instead of marshland, it was blue like grass and smog dampened in vapor of an unknown substance in the planets atmosphere. And in front of this planet, was a billion purple fragments floating in midair, the result of a self-destruction.

"This poses a major problem. If that ship was invaded by simply getting close to the planet, we should stay out here." 'Eneremee remarked. 'Omnamamee propsed a logical solution. "The ships sheilds were down. There were probably invading craft. Keep your sheilds up no matter what ship master."

"Yes your excellency. The Prophet wanted you and your squad and around 10,000 Other ops to go and repel groundside forces to keep them from sending boarding craft. Then, we gather ships and glass the planet."

'Omnamamee paused a full 5 seconds, and remarked. "I understand the content of this situation ship master. If we need reinforcements though, give it to us, no matter what." 'Eneremee nudged his head, a signal of a yes.

The Black dropship, along with 3 others and almost 600 purple dropships and escort Seraph fighters, descended towards the strange planets atmosphere. All of his squad was with him, Grunts, fellow Elites, Hunters, Jackals and Brutes accompanied him and pursuing forces into the planet rapidly descending at a velocity of Mach I.

Both Black Dropships and several others had Banshees on the grav beam to rail down and use aerial insurgence aginst these aliens. In case things got bad, he could call in Backup seraph fighter support.

The 602 Dropships touched down, leaving a perciluar dust in the air. 'Omnamamee quickly got in a Black Banshee, his strong suite and his personal aircraft. He tapped the engine start and COM Link was established, both with the ship and his squad mates.

He took off, and circled the air twice. It was so dense and foggy, he could not make out everything as well as he normally could. around 30 other Banshees took off, and were busy getting used to and policing the enviroment.

"Establishment with COM is green. Stay on lookout, and move out. Stay in a pack." 'Omnamamee barked these orders out from the Banshee he was in, to the 10,000 or so troops and the 30 other Banshees in the air. Slowly the huge file of covenant made its way through the cragged grass and through dense fog.

'Omnamamee spotted his squad, which he decided to cover along with his other partner, 'Qerenemee, that was also Airbourne. His squad was located at the very tip of the insurgence, on the right.

They made their way through this harsh world some 80 Units later when contact was made. Through the fog, 'Omnamamee couls barely spot it though the dense fog.

The Grunt Wawakz, along with many others of his kind, saw the beast, a Black hind legged alien with razor sharp teeth and claws that look like they could penetrate any kind of sheild in one strike.

Its foamy mouth was the last thing he saw before its tail mashed him on the ground and ripped the grunt to shredds and Hundreds and Thousands of Aliens made their way through the fog and started tearing through Elite sheilding like ripping swiss cheese. Guts of alien and acid flew everywhere as the fireparty began.

Up 300 Units, the fog was clearing as he saw the fire action. Thousands of plasma bolts were streaking through the air and fuel rod rounds obliterated the enemy. Perched on a high hill was 10 Wraiths, and a split second, opened fire on this new threat.

Hundreds of the aliens were eliminated as the Covenant took on the opposition. But as per karma, the Aliens ripped though the Covenant opposition and sent chunks of Elite and Grunt alike fliying in wild directions like Covenant plasma boiling through Titanium-A battleplate. Even the mightiest of the Brutes and Hunters could not take the overwhelming alien force and paid for it with their lives.

'Omnamamee spun his Banshee around and fired a Fuel rod round. A horde of aliens were chucked up high and landed on the odd grass. Dead.

As the Airbourne insurgence continued overhead, 'Klerenemee, an Elite armed with an Energy sword and a member of 'Omnamamee's squad, sliced through the alien horde as if it was moldy paper. The energy sword kept lashing out and killing Hundreds of Aliens, but he did not know how much longer this would go on for.

They kept pouring into the battle as if it would never end. A fellow elite, 'Welelemee, was ripped and bisected by the aliens claws and the bits and sharapnel of his guts and bone were propelled back several units, and in rage 'Klerenemee howled. "You pests will not do this to us!" As he stuck his energy sword into the aliens backside.

"Its getting hot down here, ship master, I need a Plasma strike now! I cannot fail this mission!" The COM immediatly replied to 'Omnamamee. "The plasma will be there soon Overseer." and the COM was cut off. A Seraph fighter apeared streaked a loop in the fog and was firing a type of plasma to hold back the intruding alien forces. "FALL BACK AND TAKE SHELTER!"

'Omnamamee roared to the Covenant forces via COM. He initiated the Banshees Sheilding system radiation protection, a speacial feature that his had, and so did his partner.

Out of nowhere,a Seraph fighters engine screamed as it made a loop from low distance to back up into the exosphere. And accompained by that 3 seconds later, traditional timing for a plasma grenade, A destrucive Blue/White Blast that oblite rated everything within 10 miles, including the aliens, and the covenant that couldnt fall back.

The blast was followed up by a crackle of EMP Lightning that washed over his Banshee's personal sheilding system. When the blinding blast finally cleared, nothing moved, except the remaining 30 Troops of his squad, his partner still in the air, 'Qerenemee, and a few other banshees and a few hundred out of 10,000 covenant forces had survived.

A squadron of dropships arrived, and the survivors were flown back into the ship, along with the remaining Banshees and Wraiths.

'Omnamamee climbed out of the cockpit to find the ship master waiting for him and The Prophet of Soceity. He kneeled immediatly to his superior and reported what had happened.

"9,803 ops were lost in this insurgence, and you managed to get your mission accomplished. Well done. The Planet will be glassed momentarily. We will need to combat this force with more ships, and Ops. This is turning very serious."

'Omnamamee glanced up wearily, and spoke. "Your excellency, analysis reveals that this is not the only planet. There are dozens more littering this system. And we still have not fought these "Predators" yet". The Prophet paused for a moment, and replied to his statement. "Yes Overseer, this war has just begun."

To Be Continued...