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Epitaph of Destruction, Prologue
Posted By: Insomnia<karsinogen@gmail.com>
Date: 5 June 2005, 10:49 PM

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Epitaph of Destruction Prologue

Ninth Age of Reclamation, the Great CleansingOn Planet "Earth", destroying final remnants of the Human Race

      The orb of destruction latched and adhered itself onto the Human's Epithermal tissue layer. A bone chilling scream emanated from its mouth as it desperately tried to pry the grenade off, but it was quickly silenced as the ensuing detonation consumed and ripped apart the human in gore covered chunks of flesh and bits of carbonized bone, that rained asunder to the ground in wet, squishy plops.

      'Xafomee brandished his weapon as four more interlopers approached him. They made a desperate attempt to kill him in valor of their fallen comrade. One threw a fragmentation grenade, and if it hit, it would blow him apart.

      The Sangheili quickly jumped in a rebounding leap as the chemical weapon detonated and left a charring, smoking crater in the concrete where he stood only seconds ago. He took his Carbine, and aimed squarely at the primate that threw the explosive device. He triggered the zoom facility, and fired.

      The purple rifle spat out kiwi beams of lancing energy at insane speeds. The trio of shots entered in-between its two bulging eyes, and out through it's cerebral cortex. The Radioactivity that existed throughout the projectile made it all the easier to hit and penetrate the bone underneath, sizzling its insides as the Human fell to the ground in a crumpled heap, a hole burned through the center of its head.

      The others started to fire. Their high-explosive rounds were rebounded and absorbed by the coat of blue shielding that 'Xafomee possessed on his armor. However, his shield was dropping too rapidly, and if it went out, he would die very quickly.

      He began a sprint towards the first one. He quickly grabbed its head, and violently twisted it to a one hundred and eighty degree angle. It didn't make a sound as it died.

      He used the body as a shield to approach the second interloper. He threw the carcass onto the Human, knocking him face flat on the hot, black asphalt. He screamed his pain, noticing a piece of glass lacerated the right side of his face. He was still alive though, and he could watch as 'Xafomee took a scalpel and slammed it into his right eyeball and through the socket, ending the creatures suffering.

      The third Interloper yelled something incomprehensible and fired, athirst for 'Xafomee's death. But 'Xafomee, a quick thinker, kicked the second dead corpse to the right at a good speed, and knocked the next one off balance. He yanked the weapon out of the creatures arms and saw something white and sharp come out of its arm socket, a bone going the opposite direction, penetrating his own skin.

      He took the primitive rifle, and fired a trio squarely into its face, and blood oozed out of the newly established wound.

      The fourth interloper, who had been watching, dumbfounded, watched as 'Xafomee came up to him, mandibles snapping. He grabbed the creature by its throat, and lifted it in the air. He squeezed as hard as he could, his slender fingers wrapping around the circumference of the creatures tan skin. His keen hearing sensory not only heard a sick gagging and strangling sound, and saw the blood foaming at its mouth, but heard, and felt its neck snap.

      He took the now-corpse and threw it to the asphalt, face-first.

      This is Zurr 'Xafomee, Captain of the Guardians of the Covenant, rank of Black Field Master and interlaced with irony. He is one of the greatest warriors of the Covenant when he would prefer to be in a quiet sanctuary and meditate. His excellent leadership skills and superb tactics make him a skilled commander when he would rather follow orders. His prowess and implacable swordsmanship with the Energy Sword makes him a superior at close range combat, but he would rather use stealth and take enemies out, one foe at a time.

      This Sangheili is calm, quiet professional, and tackles any mission with expert skill, risking his life in thousands of sorties as much as being a front line Unggoy. He is easily the best warrior to befall the Covenant since the founding days.

      He stared at the dead Humans with absolute pride, and knew he needed to rendezvous with his team. He would have walked out of the street to the base without a hitch, if his leg did not explode. He fell to the ground face first, scratching his polished black and red trimmed armor.

      He fell into shock almost immediately. His senses buzzed with extreme pain, as if he could feel nothing more. The pain would not stop, and he groaned in desperate protest. Grayness dimmed the corners of his vision as he saw another human, carrying one of their 'Sniper Rifles' stepped up to 'Xafomee, aghast. The astringent pain started to take over his mind, and vision, when something inside of him sparked.

      His mind buzzed with activity as he tried to muster the strength to attack the human, to spill its blood, when a Plasma Grenade landed on it from behind, and it was obviously devoured by the blinding flash of EMP.

      An Unggoy in Ivory-Clad armor approached, with a triangle of black clad Unggoy holstering Fuel Rod Cannons guarding his rear. He looked at him, eyes wide, for if they lost him, it would not be good for the Covenant.

      'Xafomee did not even know what was causing the pain until he saw a puddle of his own indigo blood seeping towards him. Even though the Unggoy spoke loud, he could barely hear him.

      The Unggoy said, "We will get you back to ship now." when darkness took him.

      "Our Seraph Squadrons have bombed every major metropolis in the area. Other than a few skirmishes two hundred kilometers south, there have been no other humans sighted in the vicinity." The Sangheili Field master Ver 'Kateramee said. His Gold and black trimmed armor bristled against the wind, filed with dirt, that dusted his highly polished armor. The orange landscape, the black typhoons of destruction that waged overhead, had all been completed thanks to this Sangheili. He bowed low to none other than Overseer Ala 'Omnamamee.

      The Platinum armored Sangheili nodded. "Well done, 'Kateramee. Get the Seraph Fighters to perform one more bombing, and let them recon for the next two units. In the meantime, I think it's time we bring this world to an end. It has caused enough grief to our soldiers to find such a weak and small world. Evacuate all remaining ground staff, via Phantom, or Shadow. Also, round up all remaining turrets and vehicles, including the Scarabs. We leave to the Instrument of Retaliation in one full unit. Understood?"

      The Sangheili Field Master bowed low and nodded. "Yes, Excellency," And walked away, his armor glinting amidst the wind as he directed his personal staff to evacuate everything.

      'Omnamamee looked around and surveyed the area. Tendrils of black clouds swirled in raging hurricanes. Lightning flashed and crackled. He felt the ground underneath him shake as the thunder came around.

      He focused his attention on the nearby Metropolis that the Humans called "New York," and watched as a duet of Scarab Walkers, accompanied by a legion of Wraith Mortar Tanks on the ground, destroyed a skyscraper. It collapsed on the ground and sent clouds of brown dust sky high. The ground rumbled and shook violently, as an after-effect.

      He directed his lower staff members. "Bring a Phantom here to get me back on my ship. Tell Fleet Master 'Eneremee I will be arriving momentarily."

      The Gray armored Field Apprentice nodded. "Of course excellency."

Ninth Age of Reclamation, the Great CleansingAboard Covenant Flagship (Dreadnought-Class) Instrument of Retaliation, In Geosynchronous orbit around Planet "Earth"

      Overseer 'Omnamamee stepped onto the bridge of the Gargantuan Covenant Dreadnought, the Instrument of Retaliation. The design of the Covenant Dreadnought was almost congruent to the a Covenant Carrier, but the ship was around six kilometers long, bristling with eleven plasma turrets and a particle discharge cannon that was propelled at the speed of light and had the potential to bisect any unnatural thing in space.

      The Bridge was filled with interlacing intricate designs forming complex geometric patterns and designs along with exotic plants in orderly rows. The room was about five hundred units long, wide, and height was around forty units.

      Fleet Master Ama 'Eneremee stood out on the elliptical epicenter of the bridge on the raised platform. Holographic panels buzzed around him, and he touched a display. It hummed as it cooled to a brilliant blue. His White and Gold trimmed armor made the Fleet Master look like a god on the bridge, directing his subordinates to do the work that was a necessity to keep the immense craft afloat.

      The Fleet Master noticed the Overseer almost instantaneously. A warm welcome emanated in sangheili dialect. "Welcome Overseer. I presume everything went well on ground?"

      'Omnamamee was quick to respond. "Of course Fleet Master. Would I have come back if I had not done my work?"

      'Eneremee's mandibles parted into a smirk. "I presume not, for the Prophets decree that any failure that jeopardizes the stabability of the Covenant means your head on a silver platter my friend."

      "Of course Fleet Master. Tally up all remaining ground staff, and those that are missing and dead. I want a ratio on how many of our soldiers died compared to all that lived, plus one on how many of our forces survived for each Human killed."

      The Fleet Master replied. "On it, Excellency," and then he barked the orders to his subordinates.

      A pause followed, and 'Eneremee told 'Omnamamee the results, happily.

      "For every one of our troops killed, five of theirs deceased, but some unggoy squads from the medium tonnage assault cruiser Joyous Proclamation were decimated. Also, two phantoms were destroyed by enemy single-ship fighters. Also a Guardian was wounded."

      "A Guardian? Which One?" 'Omnmamee inquired. He was concerned. The guardians were the best warriors in the Covenant, heads of the Special Operations. If even one Guardian died, it could be trouble. They also maintained order and diplomacy throughout the empire, but recently they have been guards for extreme ranking beings. Their elite group was hand-picked, by 'Omnamamee himself, and they were seasoned veterans, and each had a special profession. Theyu were also as sacred to the covenant as the arbiters.

      "Zurr 'Xafomee, the captain of the ten guardians. You will be pleased that the ships best physicians are working on his wound now. Half of his leg was torn off by a human sniper round."

      'Omnamamee pondered the situation. "Alright. Proceed with normal operations, and may the gods help he lives. Also, inform the fleet to prepare for our glassing phase."
'Eneremee replied. "Yes Excellency." He directed the lesser beings to comply with his order.

           'Omnamamee looked at the Fleet Master. He was indeed brilliant, and his hard won victories in the Beta Centauri System and in the Draco System won him the rank of Fleet Master. He was the youngest Fleet Master to befall the Covenant since the Age of Conflict, at least a millennium ago. Not exactly your ordinary prodigy.
      The only reason he was not an Armada Commander, or a Naval Commandant at that was because the Council of Masters did not allow it, even with 'Omnamamee's orders. They thought he had to wait at least a decade before he reached that kind of maturity.

           'Eneremee was finally done with his assigned task, and asked the Overseer a simple question. "Would you like to say some things to the fleet before the planet is glassed?"

           The middle aged Overseer spoke, with a smirk tugging his mandible. "You know, I could save this for my sermon at Esymarco, but I minus well say some things now."

      The Overseer walked up to the Fleet Masters platform, and talked into the COM Frequency that was directed to all of the Covenant Ships.

      "Creatures of the Covenant. You are about to witness the destruction of the final redoubt of the Humans. Long have they evaded our forces so cowardly, and now, they will be wiped clean off of this universe, and a clean slate will start with everyone. Watch the destruction of this planet. That is an order."

      After saying this, Hundreds of thousands of Plasma Torpedoes emanated from the six hundred Covenant Ships. Red Fingers of Superheated gas impacted and soil evaporated almost immediately. Charring Craters were left in areas where trees burned down instantly, and mountains collapsed, their snowcapped tops melting to steam. Oceans evaporated in steaming geysers, and septillions of particles of salt cluttered the atmosphere, mixing with the gas, deoxidizing the atmosphere.

      Chemical reactions ensued when the Plasma hit active volcanoes, blowing up everything in unimaginable radiuses. Buried Nuclear warheads and mines blew up, destroying everything all over. What would have normally took days worth of bombardment took thirty units, thanks to what the humans did to their planet.

      It was done, and the crew gave a hearty roar comparable to thunder, and even the Unggoy seemed overjoyed. Fleet Master 'Eneremee, more than happy, called out "Rejoice, rejoice! The last of the humans have been obliterated!"

      Overseer 'Omnamamee smiled gallantly. "Take the fleet back to Esymarco, and let the Prophets will be done."
In a flash, the six hundred covenant warships disappeared from normal space.