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The Lone Survivor: Chapter 1, Survival and Discovery
Posted By: The Iceman<theblast00@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 April 2002, 11:15 pm

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"It is gone... The Chief did it..."

This is what Lieutenant Jack Malone slowly thought to himself as he looked out the window of the Covenant Dropship. It wasn't easy but he had been able to kill the Elite guarding it with a well placed frag grenade. Overhearing the "Monitor," as the Covenant had said, he had quickly learned of the impending destruction of that artifical world. Using the lone translator Alpha Squad had left, he had been able to read what was happening on the Covenant Battlenet.

"It had to be done," Jack muttered to himself, "it was the only way."

Hundreds of fellow Marines had been killed, as well as his Captain, Jacob Keyes. The thought of all the death and destruction made him hug the M90 Shotgun closer to his chest. That was the only thing that allowed him to break out of that death row the Covenant had set up for them. With the shock of that new alien species attacking in the forest, he and his fellow Marines had been able to retrieve their weapons and fight their way back out to the dropship, only to see it engulfed in what the Covenant were calling the "Flood." Lucky for him, he saw that lone Elite guarding the Dropship from the Flood and made short work of him. Sadly, he noticed that he was the only one not infected.

"Someone else had to get out as well..." Jack thought

Sensors told him that no one had, but their was a possiblity that they got out just as the ring exploded and that the scattered waves of energy were interfering with some of the sensor's accuracy. Suddenly, a loud beeping noise drew Jack's attention to the small monitor on his right. Using the translator, he realized what it meant.

"Something has survived..." Jack muttered.

Quickly glancing at the monitor, the sensor sweep showed an unknown ship appear from the space behind him. Somehow this new ship was traveling faster then the Dropship was.

"That's impossible, " Jack assessed, "must be a malfunction."

Suddenly, he felt a loud smashing sound as the ship behind him latched onto the the hull. He toward the status screen and saw that the bottom doors were opening.

"Well it isn't human, but it isn't Covenant either," Jack Pondered. "I guess I better get ready for the worst."

Jack quickly loaded his shotgun and pumped it once. He pulled out his pistol as well, just to make sure that it had a fresh clip. Glancing around the bridge, he noticed a small cabinet on his left. Using the butt of the shotgun, he broke the lock and found a fully charged Plasma rifle in it. Putting the shotgun on it's strap, it hung at his side as Jack turned on the Rifle. It sprung to life and shined it's blue energy. Glancing at another monitor, Jack noticed what was coming onto the ship. Three full grown Elite started to come out but they didn't look right.

"Oh my god... They are infected..."

Jack ran through the sliding doors and rushed to greet his new objectives. Launching his final grenade at the blast doors, Jack opened fire and knocked the three back towards the grenade. He leaped back out of the sliding doors and heard the deafning explosion. He slowing walked into the room and saw the three infected Elite laying on the ground. Two of them had been blown into pieces while the other lost it's head. Jack breathed a sigh of relief and dropped to the ground shaken. Suddenly, the headless Elite arose and started to run towards him. Thinking quickly, Jack unslung his shotgun and fire a quick round right into the center of the infected Elite sending green blood in all directions. Jack quickly readied the shotgun for another Flood member but none had come. Jack slowly backed into the control room to make sure nothing had been damaged. Once everything had been set, he grabbed his translator and walked back towards the part of the hull which had been opened. Looking at the part of wording visible on the door frame, Jack said the word the translator gave him.


Checking to make sure this new ship had a breathable enviroment, Jack picked up the Plasma rifle and made his way towards the inside...