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Urban Warfare Ch. 8: Wait, It Gets Worse!
Posted By: hunter_that_dances<industrial.avatar@gmail.com>
Date: 15 December 2004, 5:43 AM

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Urban Warfare
Ch. 8: Wait! It Gets Worse!
1500 hours, October 2, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)onboard Unidentified Covenant cruiser
Author Note: I'm a little rusty from all the schoolwork I've been doing. This is as a polisher, but still into my series. Enjoy! (Also, I'm changing the storyline a bit to match Halo 2. The only big change would have to be no Spartans. That's it, and the rest are little tweaks.

      "Maintain Radio Silence, team"
       15 acknowledgement lights winked on Pierce's HUD, and a series of clicks as the team shut down their COM equipment. Although small, the older Type 54661 COM packs used a lot of energy, nearly 25 % of the M-943's energy reserves. The Street Punks moved stealthily toward the Bridge, unaware of the lone Covenant Brute following them.

      'Ika 'Nacktnech stared out of the bleak prison cell that held him and 2 Grunts prisoner. The rest of his loyal crew-the ones that followed him in the Great Revelation-also sat, dome sleeping. A pair of Hunters, Okuru Pato Naktu and his bond brother, Kipa Fato Rotu sat, their white Queik forms exposed, which were normally covered by the enormous fuel rod cannons they carried. He sat dejectedly, and took off his elongated gold helmet.

      "Wait, stop here" Martha told Pierce, "I've been monitoring Covenant chatter. Apparently the Elites, Grunts and Hunters have broken away from the Covenant and the Covenant is engaged in a civil war. If we can get the Elites and company on our side, we can win this war."
      "Any idea on how we can do that?" Pierce asked.
      "We can start by releasing the prisoners stuck in the Brig. It's not far from here. Uploading Nav point to your HUD."
      "Okay. Listen up team, we're going to make a prison break. Apparently the Covies are busy killing themselves right now, but the Elites on this ship are prisoners. Let's bust open the box and rescue the chickens."

      'Ika heard the doors open before the Brutes did. So, the Jiralhanae quad dropped, 2 of them headless. After a moment, one of the Human prisoners yelled "Hey, about time you came to bust us outta the joint", and a human walked up the brig controls and set him free.
      Immediately the Hunters rushed forward to charge the Humans, but 'Ika immediately halted them with a loud grunt. He walked up to Pierce, and shook his hand..
      Thank you for coming to rescue us. I have long held a suspicion that this war was not worth the price. Seems now we are at civil war because of it."
       Me too. Pierce's the name, and we'll intro the rest of the team later." Pierce handed 'Ika a plasma rifle" Right now it seems like we have to get you your ship back." Ika nodded, turned his rifle to the doorway, and fired a three round burst of plasma. The burning blue bolts hit the face of the Brute that had been spying on the 'Punks, and killed it instantly.
      "You can pay that debt later."

      After the Hunters had their fuel rod cannons reinstalled, the prisoner Marines given shotguns and SMGs, and the Grunts armed with weapons from a crate in the brig, Ika took an Energy Blade from the Brute captain.
      "I shall take my group to the bridge. You must lead your ban to secure the engine complex. Otherwise the Brutes will sabotage it. We must keep those areas under control until you can get reinforcements." Ika informed Pierce.
      "Sure, and you'll have to get me one of those butter knives."
      Ika grinned and led his troops out of the Brig.

      Surprisingly, there was no resistance on the way to the engine room. But once there, however, the 'Punks had more than enough to deal with. Drones buzzed around the huge reactors, and some were stationed at stations monitoring their status and Jackals patrolled around the Control Center, while Brutes worked on lifting some damaged parts for the Engineers to repair.
      Will took the initiative and sniped three Brutes with some steady *crack*s. The rest of the Covenant-minus the Engineers-were startled by this, but the ODSTs already engaged their active camouflage. Jackal throats were slit, and Drones seemed to slam into walls, until the camo shorted out and the humans had to deal with the rest of the Covies the hard way.
      By now the Jackals had realized this onslaught and formed a defensive ring around the control area, and the Brutes took positions behind them, while the Drones stuck to the walls of the reactors. As soon as Antonio fired a burst from his Battle Rifle, which hit a Drone squarely in its furry head, the real fight began.
      Across the chip, at the bridge, 'Ika blew the doors to the Bridge, and activated his Energy Blade. The Hunters bashed through the crates blocking the doorway, and covered their weak areas with their enormous shields as a barrage of plasma hit them. Their Fuel Rod Cannons sparked green, and incinerated rows of Jackals and a Brute. Ika grinned.
      It was payback time

To Be Continued...

Oh, yeah, if you need to find Chapter 7, i posted it under the name "htd"