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Urban Warfare: Ch.7: Pushin em Back
Posted By: hunter_that_dances<poop@poop.org>
Date: 10 August 2004, 5:34 PM

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Urban Warfare
Ch.7: Pushin' em' Back
1435 hours, October 2, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)onboard UNSC battleship Thor, en route to intercept CCS Battle group, codenamed Gamma-3
      "Okay, Chief, what's this meeting for? You know we ODSTs don't like Spartans, but were an exception." Santiago asked patiently.
      "You people have a new mission. One that will hopefully end this war for good." Admiral Hood told Santiago "Admiral Chavez here is going to explain it"
      "Thank you Admiral. Now, as you may recall, you have captured a Covenant Prophet before. Well the intelligence gathered from him was very helpful, and we even got grav technology from his throne. Now, the Covenant have not agreed to a truce, and those Covenant leaders are dumb enough to deploy all of their troops-save a guard-from their home world. You people are to accompany the Spartans in capturing-alive-all of these Prophets, while we hold our ground here. Because they fear injuring their leader they will not attack immediately. This will hopefully secure a cease-fire and peace negotiations, ending this war."
      "This mission will be divided into four phases."
      "Phase One: The Thor will intercept and disable all of the ships in the Gamma-3 CCS Battle Group. We will then launch two dropships with you people in them."
      "Phase Two: The Spartans will board one ship, and capture it, 7th Platoon the other. The last ship will be captured together, and then Cortana will signal for the Thor to return. We will then send over Engineers and reinforcements, to repair one ship, using parts from the others if we have to."
      "Phase Three: You will take the ship to Covenant space and toward their home world.
      "Phase Four: The capture of the Covenant leadership, and the pressurization of the Covenant to stand down and negotiate peace settlements. Any questions?"
       "Sir, will Lieutenant Chang be accompanying us?" Pierce asked sternly
       "Sorry Corporal, Chang is in rehabilitation for his wounds. Because of this, we have promoted you to the rank of Sergeant." Admiral Chavez replied, as he handed Pierce two bands "Congratulations, Sergeant Pierce."

      "Sir, we have intercepted the Covenant battle group." Martha told Admiral Hood.
      "Good. Bring the MAC guns online, and unlock the new plasma weapons system. And bring the experimental shields up. I want to give those bastards a taste of their own medicine. And Martha.."
      "Yes, Admiral"
      "Send over the Jack-o-Lanterns"
      I've already begun."

      "Sir, you better see this" Ensign Tawley told Lieutenant Hayes, as the small screen in front of him flashed the words" Fire the dud"
      "Okay, send over the virus"
      "Yes sir. Unzipping files. Beaming over in 5..."

      "Bring her to starboard, and fire the Plasma cannons!" barked Admiral Hood as the shields dropped. Although the Thor had shields and Covenant weapons, it was still weak against 3 Covenant cruisers.
      As the Thor maneuvered away, five Plasma Bolts streaked toward it and....missed.
      "Barrington, give me 110% power to the engines now!"
      "Aye Sir!"
      "Martha, calculate a trajectory for 2 of our plasma missiles-impact them directly into the second destroyer's aft turrent."
      "Aye Sir."
      The Thormaneuvered towards the second cruiser as the first disabled cruiserfloated lifelessly past. Martha calculated the trajectory perfectly-the first missile downed the already weakened shields, and the second blew the turrent to smithereens.

      "7th Platoon, this mission will test you all. We are notSpartans, and we never will or want to be. These Covie bastards found Earth, and Those Prophets are so willing to rip it from our hands. Well, I don't care if these "Prophets" aren't sons-of-bitches, they are goin down! We will rip the heads off anyone or anything that stands in our way, and use them as bowling balls to knock those Grunts off their tiny little feet! Am I right, 7th Platoon?!" Pierce bawled out.
      "Sir, Yes Sir!" 7th Platoon shouted in unison"
      "I knew I was right. Now get to those Pelicans and get gear stowed in two minutes, 'cause today is payback for Chang."

      "Okay Spartans, we've had this mission scrubbed before, but this is it. We've been together since we were kids, and I know that we will help save her. Sergeant Johnson will be accompanying us, as I have requested. Get ready for boarding action-and remember, for every Spartan that fell in battle, we will make the Covenant pay with a thousand of theirs." The MC said solemnly.
      "Damn right Master Chief!" Johnson applauded.
      "Now I want gear stowed in 30 seconds, and we'll be heading to the Pelican in 3 minutes."

      "Sir, all Covenant craft are disabled. The teams are in the Pelicans and are waiting for confirmation to launch."
      "Launch them, Andrew"
      "Aye Sir"

      "You know you don't need to shake like that, Pierce. I can't process properly with you shaking you're ass off." Martha teased.
      "Shut it Martha, I think the Chief is having a better ride than us. Marcus and Marcus, get that cutting equipment ready."
      "Yes Sir!"
      The ODSTs entered the fallen cruiser's hull, into the demoralizing darkness. Little did they know that they had taken the bait, and the Covenant were reeling it in...
To Be Continued...
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